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 Episode 46  

(Indoor Games)

**CeCe's pov**

After a few days, it was a holiday today. We were in the indoor games room playing snooker. "Hahaha, I told you I am awesome at this," Hans said. I stuck my tongue out to him.

"Hey, I'm actually okay as a beginner." I sat down on a chair and exclaimed.
Others were playing different games like Chess, Air Hockey, Ping Pong, and other games.

We had homework and chores to do but everyone wanted to spend some good time on their holiday.

"Okay, your turn," Hans said. I bit my lip as I tried to adjust myself to shoot the ball towards the hole.

I got the stick and positioned myself so that stick was near the ball, ready to be hit.

"CeCe, you're doing it wrong," Hans said. I frowned.

Hans came towards me from behind, supported his body on my back lightly, and put his hand on my hand as he guided me to where the cue stick should be.

**Meanwhile Matt's pov**

"Hey, have you seen Hans?" I asked Colby.
He shook his head and told me to try in the Indoor Games room as he heard everyone was going to play games tonight.
I sighed.

I needed help with my homework and I was trying to find where Hans was.Where the hell is that guy?
Obviously, Hans will be where CeCe is.
They both have been spending time a lot with each other these days...I was walking down the hall towards the Indoor games room.

Soon I reached the room but I heard someone talking from inside. I walked in and I saw CeCe and Hans playing snooker. 
She was focusing on her white pool ball aiming it to shoot the other colored balls. 
Looking at her carefully, she was holding the cue stick a bit weirdly.

 "CeCe, you're doing it wrong," Hans said. I was about to say something when Hans reached towards her back and put his hand on CeCe's hand. I couldn't say anything. I was feeling a bit weirdly. I saw CeCe's cheeks, they had a slight red shade. Was she blushing by his touch? She didn't act like this when I touched her. 
Why did she let him touch her?

All I knew was that I was very confused with my feelings. I really don't know what to do with my stupid emotions.

Suddenly I felt a soft hand on my arm. I looked down and saw Amber trying to snuggle with me? Oh, f*ck!? What is she doing!?

She looked up and stared into my eyes, I looked away instantly.
"Matt~You also came to play~~? Come with me Matt~~Let's play Air Hockey together~~" she said with her sweet voice which weirdly rang in my ears?

"U-Um, Amber I have to do my homework and a few other works, I just wanted to ask for help. But it's alright you all enjoy." I said and turned away to leave from there.

Suddenly, I felt a pretty strong tug, I turned around and saw Amber pouting.
"Matt~Do your homework and other things later, come play with me~~," she said and started pulling my hand.

I reached the Air Hockey table, I looked at CeCe and Hans again, they were acting pretty intimate with each other, but it's none of my business.

Amber and I started playing Air Hockey. 
After a while, I was having quite fun playing with her. She was pretty good at it. 
In between she was giggling and trying to distract me so that she could win but I didn't give her any chance, I won at last.
I looked at Ryan, he was playing chess with Luna. Soon Ryan made a frowning expression, and Luna exclaimed "Checkmate" means she won. Heh, interesting.

Hans was still helping CeCe with the cue stick, but apparently he is good at snooker, so he won at last.
Amber pouted but still smiled at me as she had fun playing with me.

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