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Episode 45  

(CeCe vs Amber(2) 

I didn't expect him to be here...

Why is he here!? Ugh..now I have to listen to lectures again.

God, can I ask you just one question? Why is my life so miserable?? Have I done some kind of sin in my past life? Why am I the only one who gets into trouble or trouble comes running towards me?

I really wish if I can get answers to these questions...but I can't right?

I saw him glaring at me and Amber.
The food tray which Amber threw towards me, hit his stomach and went sliding downwards staining the clothes and fell down at last.

Mr. Rupert. Can't believe I offended him again...can someone tell me if I have even 5% chances of survival??

Erm...I don't think so.

Mr. Rupert adjusted his glasses and stepped forward towards our table. He placed his food tray on our table and instantly took out his phone. He dialed call to someone and said,
"I believe that I am not disturbing you Sir?" he asked and paused. "If you don't have anything to do right now, it won't hurt your legs if you come to the cafeteria right now? I have something 'important' to discuss with you." he added, emphasizing the "important" word.

He hung up his call soon, grabbed a chair from the table sat silently there, staring ahead at nothing in particular.

We all were standing, we all could sense the cold and terrifying aura he was emitting. I strongly wish if I could dig a hole for myself and bury deep into it. 

Wouldn't that be a great option? See am so smart...but dumb enough to dodge that attack...I shouldn't have dodged, it wouldn't have reached this. I glared at Amber, when she noticed my glare, she stuck out her tongue and smirked mischievously.

Yes, I know what she is trying to convey to me, she means..that she is new so she won't bear many consequences whereas for me...I don't know what's gonna happen to me. I somewhat know that Mr. Rupert called my dad...Oh speaking of the devil oops I mean dad, he's here.

He's here and I am gone. Gone where?

To hell.
The story ends here.

Eh!? No, no wait I don't wanna die so soon. 
Let's just wait, I was just preparing myself for my memorial ceremony.

"CeCe...is it you again?" my dad asked with an upset expression.

"Mr. Cecil, I know she's your daughter, but you know we have our limits too?" Mr. Rupert exclaimed with his stern and cold voice.

Whereas Amber looked shocked when she came to know that I am the headmaster's daughter.

I looked at my feet. I could hear all the other students in the cafeteria were escaping as soon as they started talking.
Miss Lili and Mr. Henry soon arrived at the cafeteria too. They saw how Mr. Rupert's suit was messed up with food stains.
My dad glared at me, I could feel it.

"Mr. Cecil, I want to recommend you to expel her from this school as soon as possible! She is not suitable for such a prestigious school in the whole town! Also, 
I have searched her previous year's records, she was expelled seven times from different schools which we weren't informed about!!" he raised his voice.

Everyone was shocked as f*ck! Even I was shocked! How does he get the right to investigate me like this!

Miss Lisa made a worried expression and intervened, "Mr. Rupert, I can understand your anger but she is just a child, this incident must have a story behind it. .why don't we ask few students and her friends what exactly happened?"

"Miss Lisa will you stop helping and supporting--" Mr. Rupert was interrupted.
"No she is right, we should know what exactly happened." Mr. Henry supported Miss Lisa's suggestion.

My friends and a few other students who aren't our classmates explained what happened.

"Still she has no right to raise her hand on anyone!" Mr. Rupert after hearing what happened could clarify that it was Amber's fault but he must have been my enemy in my past life, so why would he support me?
My dad was very silent, but he answered Mr. Rupert this time.

"Yes you are right Mr. Rupert," he said which made everyone including Mr. Rupert shocked.

"We will definitely punish both of them, also it's not good that CeCe has bad records of previous years but I think many of you noticed her improvement in attention towards studies?" He added,  "Also, let me ask you one question Mr. Rupert, boys also have fights right? They hit and kick each other, girls don't have that much strength to do so...so how can a girl defend herself if someone is openly insulting and harassing her? Of course, she will definitely slap him or her or use any other defensive techniques, right? So I would suggest this matter be left here itself.

About your suit, I am ready to compensate and I promise you as CeCe's dad not as headmaster that this won't happen again.

About the punishment, you both will have to clean the whole class after dispersal,  CeCe for one week, and Amber for two weeks. Am I clear enough?" He ended calmly, making everyone shut their mouths and nod accepting his fairness in solving the matter.

When everyone left, only Amber, me, and my friends were there in the whole cafeteria.

Amber glared at me and said, "Watch out sweetie, this is not the end. 
Because of you, I am also getting punished, that too more than you, so I suggest you to not cross your line and stay away from me."

I smirked and said, "It was and is you who is creating problems and crossing the lines. I didn't do anything then also you are again and again poking me. Why so? 
What did I really do? Have I done something wrong?" I asked.

"Yes dear, you have done something wrong, actually very wrong. That is, snatching my limelight. Stay away from everyone and don't dare to meddle with anyone." she warned me and left. I was dumbfounded. I don't need any kind of limelight at all? It isn't my fault if many of my classmates talk to me and give me their attention...is it my fault? Nope right?

Ugh, she is so weird. Such a small thing  and she created such a big ruckus.
I nearly got expelled again because of her. I also won't forget this Amber.

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