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( CeCe vs Amber )

**CeCe's pov**

I noticed the tensed behavior of Luna while introducing, I tried to cheer up her by showing thumbs up and fighting fist signs with my hands. She noticed my actions and smiled at me. Ooh, it feels nice, helping others, she might become my good friend.

The new guy Jimmy and that girl Amber sat just behind me and Colby. Whereas Luna sat with Matt three benches behind us.

Mr. Rupert was teaching and I was trying to concentrate when I felt someone kick badly on my leg. I turned around and saw Amber smiling sweetly at me. Is she intentionally playing an innocent card? I thought and glared at her. Suddenly I felt a knock on my head from the front, I turned towards the front and saw Mr. Rupert eyeing me.

"Cerina, I warn you, pay attention in the class," he said with a stern voice making me nod my head rapidly.

I was getting kicked a few times by her while the class.

——During a break——

Ugh! Who does she think she is!? She kicked me so many times without any reason! Did I do something wrong!? I thought furiously while going towards the cafeteria with Colby. I am having breakfast and lunch with my friends these few days just to spend more time with Hans *ahem* also with my other friends.

"Hi," Everyone greeted each other and sat on the corner large table. All of my friends were with us.

I saw Luna going to a single seat table to have her breakfast. Does she want to sit alone? Nah, with my presence here, sitting alone isn't allowed for a sweet girl like her. 
Am I right? Yes, I guess.

I stood up suddenly, everyone's eyes were on me, I strolled near her, took a chair from nearby and sat with her.

She was stunned by my abrupt behavior. I smiled at her. She realized I don't have any bad intentions.

"Hi Luna, I am Cerina Cecil, in short CeCe.  I guess that's enough for an introduction right?" I paused for her response. She looked down and nodded her head a bit. I noticed her red ears. "Hey Luna, come 
with me and join with others there, don't sit here alone, and please don't be shy or embarrassed with us," I exclaimed.

"Uhh, Cerina...I don't know the others in your group so is it okay for me to sit here? 
I will manage--" before she can complete her sentence CeCe said, "First, it's CeCe, I don't like being called by my name. 

Second, Did you know about me earlier?" I paused and she shook her head as no. 
"Then? Come with me, that's how you will get to know about them." I told her and held her hand. I pulled her along with her food tray and reached on the table. Ryan and Jimmy became friendly were fast as they were sitting together today so they both were chatting with each other, Hans and Matt were discussing something which I couldn't hear and Colby was sitting alone, staring at all four of them.

I gestured Luna to sit beside Colby, she hesitated a bit but went forward and sat beside him. Hans called me out to sit beside him, I went close to him and was about to sit when I was pushed by someone. I was nearly about to fall down but Max caught hold of me as he was passing by. I sighed in relief and turned to look who pushed me.

This b*tch is going to die someday if she does this again!!

I gave her a twitching smile of forgiveness and again moved ahead to sit beside Hans. 
She placed her hand on my shoulder and again made me back off.

"What the f*ck!? What's the problem with you!?" I barked furiously.

"Aww sweetie, please don't get mad, can you let me sit here with him, please? I am really interested in making new friends. So if you don't mind can you help yourself with a different table?" she said with her  "sweet" voice trying to act politely.

My foot politely!! Look at that evil smirk on her sh*tty face.

Alright, if that's what you want! Now it's time to test these "friends", do they really care about me or it's just acting and admiration towards me.

"Ohh is that so..? Then it's alright, you can have this seat for as "long" as you want. 
Please enjoy alright?" I told her calmly which made her twitch her eyebrows in suspension.

Everyone looked stunned at me. Instantly Hans stood up from his chair and caught hold of my hand when I was turning away.

"CeCe I don't care about making new friends, you are an important friend in our group, so I definitely won't allow you to behave like this!" It's the first time I saw anger in Han's eyes. He was gazing at me intently trying to convey his feelings to me and I nodded slightly.

Soon others supported me as well.

"Yes! If we want to have breakfast or lunch together, then CeCe should be with us, or else we are incomplete! said Ryan with a stern and cold voice glaring at Amber.
"What do you all mean by this? I can't even make new friends!?" said Amber.

"Heh, she must be really some kind of sl*t if you all are so attached to her. Isn't it right Hans and Matt?" she added.

I was stuck with a bolt of lightning when she used that word to describe me. How can she get the right to insult me in front of my friends!.

I step close to her and instantly raised my hand.


I landed a slap right on her cheek, not too hard but still formed a red mark. She gasped in shock and looked at me furiously.

"You b*tch do you even know who did you slapped just now!? My dad is the Chairman of a multinational company, just one word and he will piss you deep under the ground without even letting anyone know!" she barked at me with anger in her eyes and expression.

"Are you finished?" I asked her.
"You....!" she roared and picked up her food try to throw at me. I noticed it soon and instantly dodged her attack.

Strangely I didn't hear the sound of the tray falling on the ground. Instead, I heard a *thump* sound like someone got hit instead of me.

I turned around to see who was that  pitiful being...

It was none other... Ugh...
I am dead...

**To be continued...

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