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(New Classmates! )

**Matt's pov**

Oh man, I really have fun teasing CeCe, well it's true that she is ignoring me a lot and she spends a lot of time with Hans these days.

Oh well maybe I still have a chance, I won't give up as long as she herself declines. this just a crush?

Or is it love? Well seems like I myself haven't figured out my own feelings.
I looked at CeCe running behind Ryan and entering the class. Heh, she's too childish.
Mr. Rupert soon entered the class and everyone greeted him.

"Good morning students." he greeted back.

He continued, "Students, many of you might have heard about the newcomers this week. We are welcoming them today. 

We have allotted their classes and three students will be in this class, so I request everyone to be friendly with them, and please share your notes with them. I will appreciate it if you can also help them in studies as we have exams nearby." he explained.

One student raised his hand and asked him. "Sir, only a few days are left for the exams, won't it be impossible for them to cope up?"

"Yes a good question, this exam scores won't affect their results, as we are going to keep another exam especially for them, this exam will be just like a practice exam for them. Any other questions?" he exclaimed.

Everyone went silent, which means no further queries. Why does he even care if the newcomers will be able to cope up or not? Cheh stupids.

Soon the three newcomers entered. Two girls and one boy. Wow, this school will soon turn into a Boys-Girls school instead of only boys.

Mr. Rupert told them to introduce themselves, they nodded.

One girl in the middle stepped ahead with a confident smirk, and said,
"Hi guys, I am Amber, I am good at socializing, so if any boy wants my assistance in any matter come in contact with me," she said showing a call sign with her hand and smirked like an sl*t.

I saw everyone's shocked eyes. All were stunned by her behavior. I was inwardly smirking at her stupidity.

Mr. Rupert cleared his throat and silently urged Amber to back off.

The boy on the left side spoke up, "Hello everyone, I am Jimmy, you all can call me Jim or whatever you like, I hope I get along well with everyone especially the few girls I see here." he chuckled mischievously making Mr. Rupert glare at him. He stuck his tongue out and scratched his hair.

The girl on the right side of Amber was clutching her hands together. Hmm...she might be hesitating.

I looked towards CeCe, she was showing some signs towards the girl. I was very confused. What is this stupid girl doing?
The new girl nodded her head looking at CeCe and spoke up.

" am Luna, Thank you." she bowed a bit and backed off.

That's it? Such a weird girl but still amusing.

Mr. Rupert told Amber and Jim to sit on the new first bench which was directly in front of the teacher. Amber furrowed her brow and while sulking walked and sat on the bench. Well, no other bench was empty, Luna was still standing in the front of the class.

Oh god, not again.

Nope, I don't want this again.
Since CeCe is in the front sitting with Colby, the place beside me on the bench is the only empty seat.

Mr. Rupert told Luna to go and sit beside me.

Awesome. Now I am again stuck with a girl. Who is strangely so silent. I would prefer to sit with CeCe but not her man.

She was walking towards my bench, I observed her carefully, she had long Ash brown hair with long curls, her eyebrows were so in shape making her eyes look attractive with those hazel colored pupils. 
She silently sat beside me and I stared at her. She noticed my gaze and turned towards me.

She tilted her head slightly, silently asking me the reason for staring at her. I smirked and shook my head saying, "It's nothing, here I can share the book with you." I said making her smile a bit.

Ugh, why am I doing this? When CeCe sat beside me I argued with her and made her angry but here I am being polite with this aloof girl?

I feel like I have gone nuts.
Am I a stupid duck?
Quack quack?

Oh god, what the heck am I even thinking.  I have really gone insane. This girl is making me go insane! She must be insane! 
Yes, that's right.

Cooldown Matt, cool yourself down, concentrate on what Mr. Rupert is teaching.

Oh man, let's just initiate the talk with her."Hey, I am Matt," I whispered.
"Oh. Okay. Matt." she whispered back in a very very low voice which was barely audible.

Is she a robot or what? Luna the bot? or Lulu bot? Heh funny.

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