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Episode 42  

(Friends Time!!)

I woke up early today. Yes! I woke up freaking very early today just to study...

Oh man, I can't believe this..never until now, I have done this before.

But what can I do? Exams are very near I have to study or else my mom and dad...can't even think how much they are gonna lecture me and shout at me.

——At school——

I yawned sleepily. I was very bored.
Where the heck is that jerk teacher!? Mr. Rupert. Cheh I shouldn't even think of his name. He is late again.

Colby came towards me and sat beside me. I waved at him.

"Hi CeCe." he greeted me. I just nodded.
"CeCe I heard there are new admissions these few days," he said, look at him his gossip mode has turned on. Heh, I don't know why but since that leaving thing happened he has started talking to me like I am his idol or something. He tells me everything and gives me notes and helps me in studies too.

"Ohh I see, that's might be the reason why they have added few benches when I came here not even one bench was empty and I had to sit beside Matt," I said pretty clearly.

Matt patted my shoulder and I turned towards him behind me.

"What is it?" I asked him.
"You called me?" Matt asked me.

"Nope just was telling him how I had to sit beside you when I came here on my first day," I said rolling my eyes.

"Heh, so you didn't like sitting beside me? 
We can again replay that scene," he said mischievously smiling and teasing me.
I remember how I got angry on my first day and shouted at him.

"No thank you, this is not a movie that you will 'replay' that scene and even if you want to, I am not interested so look for someone else," I said with a mocking smile and turned ahead again, ignoring his stare.

After that kiss, we haven't talked with each other that much as I was ignoring him and was spending much time with Hans and other friends like Ryan, Colby, Max, Jack and Rudy, and others. Yes, it's true after that incident, Max, Jack, and Rudy are my close friends, well not best friends but yeah close friends.

Suddenly someone slapped on my back trying to get my freaking attention.

I turned angrily and saw Ryan grinning cheekily like a chick.

Uhh does chick even grins? Well, I don't know, but why did he have to slap on my back this hard.

I glared at him and shouted getting everyone's attention, "What the f*uck!? 
Why did you hit so hard on my back!?" I said while groaning in pain.

"Oh I wanted to teach you a lesson," he said grinning again sweetly. If any other girl saw him grinning like that she would definitely fall for that smile and grin but definitely not me!!

"What!? What lesson!?" I asked with a confused expression.

"You are this slim, you need to eat more.  Or else if anyone hits you, your bones will crack instantly!" he said teasingly laughing smugly.

I gritted my teeth. This jerk...

"You rascal!! Wait I will teach you how to crack someone's bones!! Get here!" I shouted running behind him and he sprinted out of the class.

What he doesn't know is my speed! I instantly came near him and smacked his head a little harder.

He lowered his hand and started shaking. Huh? Is he crying? Did I hit him too hard? 
Oh no, what do I do now?

"H-Hey, I-I am sorry, I didn't mean to hit you this hard, I really apologize. You wanna go to school infirmary?"

He was still shaking, I patted his shoulder and he looked up.

He was laughing silently.

He burst out laughing loudly. "Bahaha it's so easy to fool you, idiot."
I stifled a laugh and smacked his arm lightly.

"You scared me there Ryan," I said smiling.
"Hehe sorry. Oh do you know about the new admissions?" he asked me.

"Oh yes, Colby told me," I said.

"Oh so you must be very happy right?" he said, which made me confused.

Happy? Why would new admission students make me happy? Are they jokers or what?

"Oh, your look says you don't know, well our school got five admissions in these few weeks since re-opening. Two are boys and three girls in total." He said.

"So everyone is in our class?" I asked.

"Hahaha, are you really stupid? No girl, only three will be in our class and two are our seniors," he explained and I nodded my head looking down as I can feel the blush on my cheeks due to embarrassment.

"Hey CeCe, let's go back to class. I see Mr. Rupert coming from there," he said and I nodded.

He started running towards the class and said shouting, "Let's see who wins!" I gasped as he was already ahead of me, I picked up my pace and started running again chasing after him towards the class.
Oh man, he won this time. But I promise you silly, there won't be the next time.

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