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Episode 41

(Bunch Of Lies (edited)

CeCe and Hans went to the headmaster's office following CeCe's dad and Miss Lisa.
Miss Lisa glanced a few times towards CeCe and Hans and slowly shook her head in thought.

'I don't know CeCe if I can save you this time.' Miss Lisa thought.

'Oh god, can you save me this time too? I don't want to get shouted at.' CeCe thought.

'I need to think of a way to avoid CeCe and myself getting into trouble.' Hans thought.
'This brat!! I warned her earlier not to date any boy! She doesn't listen to me at all!'
CeCe's dad thought furiously.



CeCe's dad loudly banged on his table.
Headmaster: "Where were you two!?"
CeCe: "Uhh dad I--" CeCe was interrupted.
Headmaster: "Don't call me dad! You can do so when we are alone!"
Hearing this CeCe shuddered. She felt a slight hurt hearing this. Hans spoke up.

Hans: "Sir, I know you must be angry, but let me clear this, we weren't together the whole time."

Everyone's eyes shot at Hans. They looked at him in confusion.

Even CeCe was bewildered Headmaster: "What do you mean?" Hans explained.

Hans: "Sir I went to my friend's house and we both met each other while coming back here."

Hans knew CeCe would get his hint.
CeCe: "Y-yes! I went to do some shopping but it got late as I stopped on the way to see a street performing group! They danced so well, I couldn't bring myself to leave from there." CeCe explained.

Headmaster: "Oh? You both think I am a fool? Then tell me, Cece, why don't I see any shopping bag in your hands?" Oops nearly caught.

CeCe: "Dad what do you mean by this?
You don't believe us? It's just that I didn't have much money in my hands so I didn't buy much but I did shopping!" CeCe said defending herself by taking out a small soft toy which she and Hans won in a balloon shooting game and a small blue velvet box which Hans gifted to her.

Hans smiled in his mind thinking, 'She actually got my hint, she is very smart.'
Miss Lisa and CeCe's dad looked at the stuff she took out and glanced at each other.

They were left speechless. They couldn't come up with what to say now.

Headmaster: "Well I don't think, I have any choice now, I can let this time slip, but you both be careful! Don't be this late in the future, or else no another chance will be awarded!"

CeCe and Hans looked down on the ground, feeling a bit guilty about lying with the headmaster and Miss Lisa.
They both left the office after apologizing and went towards their respective rooms.


**CeCe's pov*

I have shifted back to my dad's apartment so I guess, I will have to sneak in fast or else...

I sneaked into the apartment and was going towards my bedroom when I heard the entrance door opening.

"Ahem CeCe sits on the couch, I want to talk a few words with you."

I nodded my head and slowly sat on the couch in the living room.

"CeCe tell me honestly you two were lying right?" Dad asked me.

I looked up and stared in his eyes but then again looked towards the floor.
"I-I am sorry." I apologized instead of explaining because I know, by now he knows everything.

"CeCe I know when you are lying and when you are not, your eyes start drifting around and I know this that you are bad at lying. The things you showed me as proof can be bought together with him too right?" Dad asked in a low voice. I nodded.
"We went to the amusement park and won that toy in balloon shooting and that brooch box was gifted by him. B-But I swear dad! It wasn't a date!" I explained. He nodded after listening to my words.

"CeCe it's not like I am against you to date with anyone, it's just that...every student in this school comes from a wealthy and prestigious family background, we aren't allowed to meddle with them. When their parents come for admission, they strictly warn us to keep the teachers and staff quiet and not ask about any information or meddle in any personal matters. You understand what I am trying to tell you right?" I nodded my head dejectedly.

"Only a few children are here with scholarship, they won after giving scholarship tests." He explained.

So this means I am not suitable to date any boy in this school? Bah! What a rubbish warning. I definitely won't listen to this. If I can't meddle in their matters I won't, but what if they meddle in my matters? Hehehe I am so smart.

"Alright CeCe, the dinner is ready. Have it and go to bed early, you have school tomorrow." Dad said and I nodded.

"Oh! In a few days your exams are starting have you completed your preparations?" Dad asked me.

OH GOD!!! WHAT THE F*CK!!! HOW CAN I FORGET ABOUT THAT (O_O)! I thought and nodded a little quickly and rushed to have dinner.

I have prepared somewhat everything but a little bit of learning and practice of maths is left! I have to speed up! Forget about dating b*llshit!


And there goes CeCe chomping the food down like a monkey.


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