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( A Gift)

**CeCe's pov**

We were sitting quietly and having water to calm our breath. After so much running and skateboarding, I feel quite tired.
I noticed Hans's gaze and turned towards him.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Nothing, just wondering...I didn't know you can do skateboarding."

"Oh yes, back in my hometown I used to spend a lot of my free time with my friend circle. Many were boys and only a few girls were there. They used to do skateboarding, ice-skating, skating, cycling, etc. So I kind of learned from them." I explained. He nodded his head slowly.

'How should I tell you Hans...it's not just this...I am not like what you think I am.. I have killed someone nearly and also had drugs once.'*

I sighed.

I was about to get up when Hans caught hold of my wrist and urged me to sit on the bench again beside him.
He took out a small blue velvet box from his jacket's inside pocket.

"CeCe I want to give this small gift to you. 
You will accept it right?" he said while opening the box.

Inside the box laid a beautiful artificial rose-gold plated brooch with red crystal in the shape of a red rose. It was so beautiful, I was actually gobsmacked! shocked! surprised! astonished!

"Ahem," he cleared his throat and continued.

"I actually want you to keep this safe CeCe. When the right day comes, I will tell you to wear it, until then keep this safe with you. If that day doesn't come...then also keep this as a remembrance gift from me. Promise me about this CeCe." he explained and I sat there confused.
What did he mean the right day? Can anyone tell me?

Oh man only Hans can but he isn't.
I finally smiled brightly giving up thinking about the 'right day' and accepted the gift from him saying 'Thank you'. He just smiled back in return and suddenly gave me a hug.

Oh god, I can feel blush climbing the stairs of my cheeks again.

I hugged him back giggling softly and heard his heartbeat racing. I can feel my heartbeat catching the race too.

Oops, he might also notice it, better if this hug finishes soon...hmm...or no it continues, I am enjoying it.

Ugh! Forget it! My head is really a mess.
We soon after a while had our evening snacks as it was nearly night.

We decided to return back to the school before the main gate closes or else we will get into trouble.

We reached the school and started running towards the main gate when I saw two shadows waiting there for us.
Oh no, why am I getting a bad feeling about this?

No! No! Stop! Whenever I get a bad feeling...that's it!!! I'm done now for god sake!!

I whispered, "Hans can we not sneak in? 

Why go from the main gate?"

Hans said, "We can but now we can't, they have already seen us. You didn't tell anyone we were going out today?" he asked.

"N-No..." Ugh what did I do...now we will be in trouble.

We reached near the gate and saw Miss Lisa and my dad waiting for us.
Fuck! Can I run away?

No, argh, I can't.

Miss Lili caught hold of my ear and my dad caught hold of Han's ear.

We both started wincing in pain.
"M-Miss Lili I-I am sorry, I won't do anything like this again," I said.
"Do you both even know how much time is it now!?" Miss Lili shouted at me for the first time.

Ugh, I really hate this.
My dad just stared at me. He knows I don't like to be shouted at.

"You both come to my office now." my dad said in a low husky and chilly voice. 
Sending a chill down my spine.

God, now everything is in your hands, please, please save us. I will do anything! 
Study more! Eat less! No pranks! No blabber...uhh no I mean less blabbering.


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