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(CeCe's Day Out)

**Han's pov**

I thought that going out with CeCe would be fun, well I did have fun but I thought we will get close with each other, but...who would have thought that such a beautiful looking girl can create such chaos?

Want to know what happened?
I don't even want to repeat, so let me take you all back to nine hours ago.

——Nine Hours Ago——

"CeCe? Where would you like to go first?" 
I took initiative and asked about her preferences.

"Hm...Hans, I want to go to the amusement park, then we will have breakfast what do you say?" CeCe asked for confirmation. I nodded.

"Yay! Let's go to the amusement park!" she excitedly squealed and I chuckled seeing her enthusiasm.

In the Amusement Park-- 

"Hans, let's go to the Roller coaster ride first!" I nodded hesitantly.

We bought tickets and went to our seats. 
We tightened our belts and held the support arm on our shoulders carefully.

After the whole ride, CeCe was excitedly jumping whereas I wasn't feeling that well, we rested for a while on the bench and I asked her after I saw how happy she seemed.

"C-CeCe you w-want to ride t-that again?" 
I asked while shivering a bit which wasn't visible that much. My stomach wasn't feeling that good but for CeCe's happiness, this much is nothing..

"No no Hans, we will go to some other rides c'mon." saying that she pulled me by holding my hand and I followed her. If anyone saw us, they can easily say we are in a relationship as we were acting so close.

"Hey, CeCe do you want to go there?" I pointed towards the horror mansion zone.
"U-uh..yeah sure, but please be with m-me okay?" she started stuttering but accepted.

"Yes I will be with you all the way don't be scared," I assured her by gripping our hands a little bit more tightly.

We entered, the first thing we saw, was a makeup corpse came towards us flying suddenly in surprise.

"AAAAAHHHH!!!!!" CeCe shouted like anything and kicked the corpse so badly that he fell on the ground and started groaning in pain.

W-What did you do CeCe, you actually kicked an innocent man so badly like that.
He slowly got up and we apologized to him and went ahead.

I wasn't that afraid of these things but CeCe was shivering like anything. I asked her if she wants to return back but she just simply shook her head and urged to go further.

While walking ahead one scary doll dropped from the roof and started making sounds of evil laughing.
That's it.

CeCe pulled the doll's hairs from the head and the hairs got torn away. Thankfully it was artificial or else...

She threw the doll-like trash as far as possible.

I held her back and pushed her a bit to go further. We saw another alive girl's makeup dead body raising from a coffin and rushing towards us..

I tried to keep CeCe in one place and not do anything to the artist. But...

CeCe picked up a rod that was nearby and was going to hit the artist with it but the artist dodged the attack and startled running, surprisingly CeCe also started running behind her and I started running behind CeCe, all the artist were standing with a shocked expression.

Dead Body Artist: "What the fuck!? Stop here!! Is she insane!? You idiot stop, I won't harm you, I was just doing my job!!"
The artist shouted while running, soon I caught CeCe and forced her to come out of there.

She was shivering! Okay, so she is scared of horrible things. I noted in my head. She was about to cry when I hugged her.
"Shhh..shh, it's fine, everything is alright now, breath in, breath out, follow me." I tried to soothe her and made her follow my instructions.

She calmed down after a while and hugged me tightly.

"T-Thank you," she said with a soft voice.
"You're welcome." I patted and rubbed her back softly.

Afterward, we had an ice cream, which is her favorite and ridden other rides like the merry-go-round, car-crashing, hit the balloons and win the game, Monkey jumping, etc.

It was nearly evening by then.
We were strolling peacefully towards the exit. I asked if she wants to ride the Ferris wheel but she denied and said some other day.

We were silently walking, holding our hands. It was like our hearts were having a conversation instead of us.

But suddenly...oh yes here comes 'but'.
Suddenly, someone or I can say a thief snatched the small purse CeCe was carrying and started running ahead of us. 
CeCe spared no time and also started chasing him.

I don't even know, from where does she bring this much energy? I also started following her. She was way faster than me. 
Suddenly she snatched a skateboard from a guy who was passing by us and started skateboarding like a professional!!
I was so shocked!

Oh god, look at her stunts of flipping the skateboard! How can a cute and beautiful girl be like this?

No no, I should change my sentence, can a girl be like her as she is?

Now I realize, I really don't know her at all!
She brought the skateboard near the thief and snatched her purse back from him. He instantly ran away.

She came wheeling the skateboard back to me, I was also panting a lot as she was.
She gave the skateboard back to the guy and thanked him.

She then bought two bottles of water and we sat on one shop's bench.

I chugged the water hurriedly as her and we both looked at each other.
We started laughing.

This definitely wasn't a date kind of thing at all. It was more like Adventure Time!!
Heh, I would definitely name this as "CeCe's Day Out".

I chuckled at the thought and she stared at me seeming confused.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun today. Oops I mean "we" had a lot of fun today!

If I get the chance, I would like to do this again!

SURPRISE!! Hehehe the theme "CeCe's Day Out" is based on the movie called "Baby Day Out" it's an old movie but it's very amazing if you haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for? Grab a bag of popcorn and hit yourself in the movie lmao!

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  1. Authoress Holar 💞 Mhi19 April 2021 at 00:02

    Interesting and who won't have watched baby day out maybe the person is still a kid


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