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(Is This A Date?)

**CeCe's pov**

Everyone enjoyed the 'Welcome Back 
Party', Miss Lili did a good job of planning everything at the last moment.
I am really surprised to know that I won't be punished, who would have thought a day like this will come when I won't be punished.

Hans is sitting beside me and we both are watching our classmates have fun.
Suddenly, I felt a gaze on me, I turned and saw Hans was staring intently at me.
"What is it?" I asked in a low voice. "Hm...I was thinking about something." 

Hans replied.

"Hey, CeCe? Will you go out with me tomorrow, as it is a holiday, we can go out and have some fun," he asked staring into my eyes.

I felt my face and ears getting warm.
Hans looked at me confusingly.

"Do you have a fever? Are you not feeling well CeCe?" he asked while staring at me and suddenly came near me. He touched his forehead with mine. I blushed harder, w-what is he doing?? Trying to kill me?
"Nope, you don't have a fever," he said while raising his brow.

"U-Uhm it's nothing just I am feeling kind of hot here, shall we go out and have a stroll?" I asked and he nodded.
After we went out, Hans asked me again about going out
"Yeah so..would you like to come with me tomorrow?" he asked.

W-what should I do? Should I accept it? 
Or should I ask dad first? No! No! No! He definitely will decline as he has already warned me to stay away from boys. But as I am surrounded by only boys, will I really be able to stay away from them?
No, right?

Oh well, let's just do this!! May it be a date or not! Hans is my best friend or maybe more than that and I trust him! So I definitely won't lose this chance to spend some quality time with him.

"Y-Yeah sure why not. Let's have fun tomorrow." I said with a hint of enthusiasm in my voice.

Oh God, I am so embarrassed. Is this a date or casual friend's day out to have fun? I really don't know.

But I know one thing for sure, we will absolutely have fun tomorrow!


**Han's pov**

I was waiting for CeCe near the school main gate. I came a little early as I didn't want CeCe to wait for me on our first day out to have fun.

Well, I would like to take this as a date but no I should take steps slowly and calmly.
Am I right?

I was wearing casual clothes which everyone prefers on holidays, a black t-shirt with black leather jackets, black pants, white-black sneakers and headphones around my neck.

I saw CeCe coming from a distance. I felt numb suddenly. Oh god, I have never seen her wear a girly dress before. She is wearing matching clothes like mine. Black one-piece dress which reached her knee with a brown slim belt around her slim waist, the hem of the dress was dancing with her moments, my breath is really stuck, heh, I nearly forgot to even breathe.
She looked so beautiful, with light makeup, her blonde hair curled up on her left side of shoulders. She had applied a nude red lipstick which made her lips very attractive.

Oh no, oh no, stop Hans calm down, breathe in, breathe out. Oh god, I have never been this much mesmerized by any girl.

"CeCe you look really beautiful." I complimented her looks and noticed she isn't wearing heel sandals.

Maybe she noticed my gaze, she said, "O-oh thank you, you look handsome too. 
I thought we might go to many places so Uhm I wore flat sandals hehe," she explained and I chuckled.

"Oh, CeCe it's alright, even if you wore heel sandals I can support you all the way," 
I said and I noticed her cheeks getting red shade. Heh, she's blushing, this is rare. Oh, wait, yesterday...yesterday also she was blushing!? I actually fell for her lie and believe her that it was hot inside the class, she was actually blushing! Oh god, so cute and beautiful.

And with that, we begin with our date.  Enough of chats and thoughts, now it's time for fun!

I know this chapter is short but I wanted to decide this date part into parts. Next part will be up soon.

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