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Episode 37  


**Lisa's pov**

I saw CeCe entering the school from the second floor and I smiled happily.
I called Hans,
"Dear is everything ready?" I asked in a low voice, more like whispering so that my happy squeal doesn't reach CeCe.
"Yes, Miss Lisa everything is ready, just waiting for your and CeCe's arrival."
"Hehe alright, let's go ahead with our plan."

"Aye aye!" Hans said in a funny tone.
"Hehe" I couldn't help but giggle a little.
I hung up the call and started running downstairs. I need to act like panting a lot 
and my tears should be at the corner of my eye that's the plan, for now, let's see if I am able to do it.

I ran downstairs and reached the lobby where I saw CeCe coming towards me. CeCe saw me and rushed towards me."Miss Lili! Miss Lili why are you here?? 
How is my dad? Is he alright? Where is he? 
Why aren't you in the hospital?"

Oh god...what is am I going to answer so many questions???

"Uhm CeCe-"I was interrupted.
"M-Miss Lili please take me to the hospital. *Woo woo*" CeCe said in a low voice and started weeping and crying like a baby.

Oh god, she is so cute. Why isn't she my daughter?? Ugh sorry, CeCe that I lied to you.

I apologized to CeCe through my heart and CeCe looked up at me.
"Miss?" she asked as I wasn't saying anything.

"O-oh CeCe I know, I know, please don't cry. Stop crying first alright?"
I hugged her and rubbed her back gently. 
She soon stopped crying and looked up at me again, waiting for an answer.

"CeCe, before going anywhere I want you to come with me somewhere."
"Huh? Where?" she asked with a confused look.

"Just come with me and please close your eyes till we reach there," I said while trying to look away from her beautiful green eyes which were so mesmerizing and enchanting me to blurt out the truth.
"H-Huh? What's this? Why I have to close my eyes? Where are you going to take me Miss Lili?" she asked in confusion.
"You ask so many questions, why don't you ask these many questions when I teach?" I asked playfully while keeping a straight face.

"S-Sorry Miss Lili," she said looking down at her feet like she is embarrassed.
She closed her eyes and I checked by waving my hand in front of her if she's able to see or not.

I started leading her towards her classroom.


**CeCe's pov**

I don't know why but Miss Lili is acting so suspicious...

Did I do something again?

Am I going to be taken to the director or headmaster's office to be punished?
Where is Miss Lili taking me to?
Ugh, I am getting so impatient and worried. I shouldn't have come back. Also, why isn't she in the hospital?

Is this some kind of kidnapping? Huh? No! 
No! Miss Lili won't kidnap me, she is so sweet and caring teacher. She won't do anything like that..

I just followed Miss Lili silently.
Suddenly she stopped, I think we have reached the place where she was taking me.

CeCe all the best! Calm down! Just face it, I know it will be hard-
I was interrupted while I was thinking about and encouraging myself in my mind.


I got scared of sudden loud popping sounds and opened my eyes to find everyone in my class holding party poppers, balloons, and tags "Welcome Back CeCe".

I was shocked as fuck.

What the fuck is this?

Did I come back from a war or hell or what?

I expected to get scolded or something, but....what the heck!?

Everyone was smiling brightly and few had a welcoming smile, Miss Lili was giggling mischievously behind me.

I slowly turned towards her.

"Miss Lili...."

Everyone went silent. Heh, this is what you all deserve for betraying and fooling me!

"I have to go now, I have a flight in one hour," I said with a straight face without showing any expression.

Suddenly I felt a tug from behind on my sleeve, I knew it was Hans, he is the only one who likes to tug at my sleeve.
"What is it, Hans?"

"CeCe....please don't leave us.." he said in a low sad voice.

Suddenly I heard Max's voices from behind too.

"Yes CeCe please don't leave, we really apologize for what we did to you."
I looked back and saw Max, Jack, and Rudy standing with their heads down in an apologetic manner.

"Yes dear, we planned this to bring you back. I apologize for lying with you." Miss Lili said to me.

I started giggling, "It's alright, I was just joking and trying to poke everyone by acting like leave again hehe." I continued giggling and everyone started laughing with me too.

"Kids let's cut the cake now." Miss Lili said to everyone.

"CeCe, I specially ordered this cake for you when I came to know that you like chocolate cakes." Max timidly told me.
Everyone came near the center table where the cake was kept but everyone was in distance, Max was standing beside me, a mischievous thought came to my mind.

I suddenly held Max from his neck and pushed him down. Hahaha savage!

He slowly stood up and said, "You...."

I started giggling again but then he picked up the whole cake and was going to slap on my face when I stuck out my tongue and started running around.

We ran around like Tom and Jerry and everyone was laughing and enjoying the show.

When we both got tired we sat on the bench and he offered me a little cake, I started eating the piece.
Suddenly, *Boop*

I felt cream, a lot of creams, and cake on my right side cheek.

I looked beside me and saw Max grinning victoriously, I smacked him on his back and this time I started chasing him.
Oh god so much happened today, I can say it was a very wonderful day.

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