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  (The Farewell Letter!! )

**Lisa's pov**

I opened the envelope and saw it was CeCe's writing. Pretty clumsy but still beautiful in away.
Miss Lili

            If you are reading this note, then that means I have already left. Miss Lili, please don't be mad at me about the thing I am going to tell you. I have decided to go back to the US, back to my hometown. I know this decision is pretty idiotic but I know very well that what I have done I will get expelled again and I don't want to face the scoldings from my own dad. Miss Lili let me tell you one secret, I hate it when anyone shouts and scolds me, I know that I must have done something wrong but I still don't like it.

           Miss Lili, you were the first person I got close with until now, not even my mum, dad and friends are that close with me. Oops I mean I have made one close friend, Hans, he is very sweet and caring. 
Also, I am sure that I will miss you both the most. Miss Lili, please don't tell this to my dad about my escape until I reach back to my hometown. I will reach by tomorrow as I don't have a ticket for the direct flight. I am going fo nearby state in Scotland, till then my mum will make a ticket for me. Don't worry about me.

Please take care of yourself and I love you very much.

Your's dear student, Cerina Cecil

I was utterly shocked!
I couldn't say anything, my tears dropped slowly on the letter and I traced the old tear patches which seemed to be of CeCe.

No! She is innocent! Why is she so dumb and left like that!? I am not going to let her easily from here!

Such a bright and lovely child! How can I let my dear student escape like this?

If CeCe is this daring to take such a step, I am not less daring then her!
Look how I pull you back here!

I left the apartment and went towards headmaster's office.

I explained to him everything, he also looked very shocked!

I told him my plan and he gave me a thumbs up! CeCe you will come back here yourself!!

Alright! CeCe be ready to get pulled back here!

 By any force! I will get CeCe here may it be Van Der Waal force or Electromotive force or Inter-molecular force!!

Oops too much blabbering, hehehe.

**CeCe's pov**

Hmm...by now Miss Lili must have read that note. I think she must be very sad. I know I shouldn't do this but I don't want my mum to cry again because of my silliness.

I somewhat know that what happened was not my fault but I don't want mum to get sad when I get expelled from my dad's school. I mean, I should really change myself I think. Because of me, everything becomes a whole mass of mess.

"Ugh, I still have 2 hours for the flight," I said to myself lazily stretching my back.
I am getting bored, I should call mum and chat with her I think. I opened my phone and saw the message.
From Miss Lili.

"CeCe! Where are you!? Your dad suddenly got sick and is being taken to the hospital! I was in a rush so I didn't lock my apartment door, if you are nearby please lock the door and come fast to Kings Park Hospital which is near our school!"
Oh god! No no don't tell me this!

From the way, Miss Lili told me to lock the door means she didn't read my note!!
Oh god, what do I do now!? I will miss the flight like this and my pocket money!! Oh, fuck the pocket money!! Dad is sick!I went to cancel my ticket and rushed out of the airport.

I went near a cab and told him to take me to Stoneridge High School.

"Alright child, but can you wait for ten minutes?" asked the cab driver.
"Why?" I asked him.

"Oh, actually I have to call my darling wife and ask if she's doing fine or not."
Huh...what the hell..

"Is she sick or something?" I asked in a low voice.

"No no she isn't sick, I just want to talk with her," he said while smirking like a pervert.

"You are taking me there or I drive your cab away?" I asked in an angry low voice.
"Heh, child don't be so impatient. Wait for a few minutes please."

"Wait for a few minutes my foot! Okay if this is what you want!" I said while smirking.

I went near the cab's driving seat, I sat on the seat. To be honest I didn't know how to drive a car but teaching him a lesson is what I aim for.

Making customers wait for him for such a trashy reason isn't good.

I started the engine slowly and kept my hand on the gear.

He came rushing towards the driver's seat door and shouted.

"Wait! wait! I will take you there! God swear these days kids are so brave! I will take you there please get down and pass your luggage."

Heh, these jerks are so good sometimes.
I passed my luggage and sat on the back seat of the cab.

Soon he took me to school.
I got down and walked back timidly taking small steps. I feel so shameful leaving like that and coming back again.

Oh well just forget it and let's just go in. I will sneak in Miss Lili's apartment and throw the farewell letter in the dustbin, no one will come to know about it.
Hahaha, I am so smart.

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