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(The Decision)

**CeCe's pov**

Next day, I left Miss Lili's place to go to the class. In between, I met my dad, "Oh, CeCe comes here," he called out to me.

"Yes?" I asked blankly.
"CeCe you aren't allowed to attend class lessons for two days, you have to wait for our instructions then only we will be able to grant you the permission to attend lessons," he explained to me.

"Hmm, okay dad take care." I turned around and again reached Miss Lili's place.
I went into the guest room and drifted into sleep as I didn't have anything to do.

**Lisa's pov**

I entered the class and called out Max, Jack, Rudy and a few CeCe's friends including Matt and Hans.

They all lined up in front of me, outside the class and I stared at all of them.
I felt disgusted when I realized that Max, Jack and Rudy were smirking secretly. 
Anyways I can't blame them without any evidence.

"You all must know what happened yesterday right?" I asked sternly staring carefully at all of them. Few said, "Yes, we know."

"That's great, at least you all know what happened yesterday. Now I want a confession from you all, who was the one that played a prank on CeCe?"

Many shook their head as they didn't know who was it. Max, Jack, Rudy, Hans, Matt and Ryan stayed quiet.

Yesterday Hans did take names of Max, Jack and Rudy and I am also a little bit doubtful that it must be them only.

"Okay, tell me if anyone knows who might be the one?" I asked in a different way.
Suddenly I saw something cross in Matt's eyes, he looked away from my intense gaze at all of them.

"Alright if no one wants to confess then I have other methods. So be prepared. 
There's still a chance, confess your mistake or else it will be too late. Get back to your class." I instructed them and was about to turn to go away but then I remembered.

"Oh, Matt! Stay here I want to talk to you." I called out to him.

Everyone left, only Matt stayed here. He didn't say anything so I urged him to talk.
"Matt, to be honest, I feel that you are hiding something. What is it?"

Matt looked startled at my direct question but he didn't answer, he just stayed silent.
"Matt, you perfectly know that after what happened yesterday, CeCe has chances of getting expelled. If you think of her as your friend so tell me if you know anything."

Matt looked stunned when I told him about CeCe's expelling news.

"M-Miss I-I am sorry that I didn't tell you sooner. Yesterday when CeCe was sitting on the second bench, I saw Max drawing his hand near CeCe back, he leaned down and must have placed that chewing-gum on her skirt. But when he leaned back on his bench I saw a pencil in his hand so I ignored him." Matt explained everything to me and I was placing the broken puzzle.

I thanked him and left for camera surveillance room. Our school was very big in the town and well-known as many students came here from prestigious families who want their children to be educated under the best facilities of dorm and education. So we had cameras in every classrooms, lobbies, cafeteria, library etc except in washroom. Still, there was always janitors around to keep eye on everyone's behaviour.

I have got full access and permission to go through what happened yesterday.
I took out yesterday's recordings and saw everyone sitting and chatting or roaming here and there in the class. CeCe still wasn't there. The recording continued for a few minutes when I noticed Jack and Max getting up from their seats and going out.

After a while, Jack came and sat on his seat while chewing something continuously, must be a gum. Suddenly Rudy came towards the camera and draped a small cloth on it. What they didn't know was, there was another camera at the backside corner of the classroom. I saw Max coming into the class and he sat on the second bench. He was having something in his hand and he put it in below the desk sneakily.

He got up and went back to his seat beside Jack and they started talking. Rudy sneakily took the cloth from camera off and went back to his seat showing thumbs up to Max and Jack.

Heh, well-planned prank idiotic brats. I copied everything in the recording and left for headmaster's office.

After showing him everything he was very mad as his daughter had to face because of their so-called prank.

The headmaster immediately emailed the recording to the director and called him.
They discussed after some while and I looked at headmaster as he hung up the call.

He showed me a slight smile, I got very happy as I realized that CeCe is safe and was proved innocent! I instantly left from headmaster's office to look for CeCe, it was already noon and has been hours since I saw her as I was busy solving the issue.

I reached my apartment dorm and unlocked the entrance door. I was surprised by how silent the living room was. CeCe wasn't there.

I looked in the kitchen, she was not there.
I looked in the room, I again couldn't find her.

Bathroom, nope she wasn't there too.
Ahh..last option, balcony, nope she is not there too!!

Ugh!! What happened!? Where is she!? 
Has she gone somewhere!?

I was pacing back and forth in the living room, thinking about the possibilities.

Suddenly I saw something lying on the dining table, I went near and saw an envelope.

The envelope was neatly placed with a raspberry-flavoured candy on top of it. I remember she loved icecreams and raspberry candies of 'Hermann The German'.

I was very scared to open the envelope...
Finally, I gathered strength and opened it,
Miss Lili,

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