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(Stay Over At Miss Lili's Place)

**CeCe's pov**

I was a bit surprised when I saw Miss Lili suddenly barging in the washroom and caressing my head and back to make me calm down and I actually became calm. I looked in her eyes and could see tears forming. I hugged her tightly when I noticed a shadow near the entrance. I learned a bit forward and saw Hans hiding there and looking towards us.

I felt very sad shouting at him like that. Miss Lili helped me out of the washroom and called my dad to explained everything to him.

Heh, funny right? I couldn't find Hans at all after exiting from the washroom. Well, he must be hiding somewhere nearby, I will talk with him when everything cools down.

"CeCe, I have got permission from your dad, you can stay with me for today or even for a few days if you want.""T-Thank you, Miss Lisa."

"Hey hey, don't call me that, Miss Lili sounds cute coming from you."

I let out a short giggle and left with her towards her dorm apartment.

The students had dorm rooms, but teachers were provided with dorm apartments, that's the reason why dad had an extra room especially for me.

I was surprised, the place was so clean and neat. Also, the complexion of colours was of light pink with light blue furniture and curtains.

It was so like a young girl's room.
"CeCe stays here for a while, I will go and get your things from your dad's dorm apartment."

"Okay, Miss Lili."

I silently sat on the couch in the living room, patiently waiting for Miss Lili.

**Lisa's pov**

I feel very sad for CeCe, she is so sweet, strong and kind girl. She had to face all this mess because of those brats.

It was a well-laid plan, I have to talk to headmaster before she receives punishment.

I knocked on the door of headmaster's dorm apartment.

He opened the door,
"Oh, Miss Lisa what happened?" "Sir I am here to collect a few clothes and necessities for CeCe."

"Oh sure, please come inside, will you have coffee or tea or juice?"

"Oh, I think tea will be fine with me," I said.
I have to grab this opportunity to talk with him and start investigating what actually had happened.

CeCe's dad was making tea, "Uhm, Sir do you know what happened today regarding CeCe?"

"Yes Miss Lisa, I got informed of what had happened, that little brat always makes troubles. Now I also don't have much say in this matter as the complaint from Mr Rupert has reached till the ears of directors of this school."

"Oh god, isn't there any way we can solve this?" I asked in my curiosity.

"Yes, there is, the only way is to submit evidence that CeCe didn't do anything purposely."

I thought, 'This is going to be hard.'"Sir if possible can I get permission to investigate this?" I stared into his eyes sincerely while saying.

"I can give you the permission but it's not worth, as in two days directors are going to announce their decision. Creating such kind of hassle in the class is strictly not allowed but CeCe not only created hassle, she even cursed few in front of Mr Rupert, which made this case worse."

"Yes I agree with you sir but the thing is CeCe didn't do anything purposely, she had her reasons."

"I know Miss Lisa, she is also my daughter and I can understand your feelings but I don't have any say about this, we will just have to wait. But rest assured, you are given permission to investigate this."

"Thank you so much sir, I hope that CeCe is forgiven and provided with justice."
I collected CeCe's clothes and a few necessities after having the tea and left for there.

When I reached, I saw CeCe looking outside the windows towards mountains nearby without any clue of my presence behind her.

**CeCe's pov**

I felt a tap on my shoulder when I was staring at the scenery in front of me from the window.

I turned around and saw Miss Lili smiling brightly towards me showing me my clothes, hairdryer, makeup set and shoes.
I slightly smiled when I realized that Miss Lili is a very caring person.

She pushed me towards the bathroom to have a shower and get changed in comfortable clothes.

I took shower and wore elephant print top with short soft-touch jersey pyjama.
"Oh my god, CeCe you look soo cute! Can I pinch your cheeks?"

I giggled in laughter, Miss Lili pinched my cheeks and brought me towards the dining table.

"While you were in the shower, I prepared dinner for you, sweetie."

On the dinner table, I saw many dishes and I was stunned, all were my favourites.
Apple pie, Tater tots, chicken fried steak and grits. I loved these a lot!! Oh man, Miss Lili is really a goddess present in this school to help me out every time I am in need.

"Wow Miss Lili, this is amazing!! I expected you to cook Scottish food but you showered me with my favourite hometown dishes!"

"Hehehe dear I just randomly made them, thank you for appreciating. Please enjoy, you have to sleep early as you have school tomorrow."

When Miss Lili stated school, my sadness returned back. I started thinking about what happened today.

I really want to take revenge on those jerks. Suddenly Miss Lili tapped the table to bring my attention back to the food in front of me.

I chatted with Miss Lili while having dinner and went to bed early. I saw the lights were still on in the living room. Miss Lili might be working, I shouldn't disturb her.

I am really scared, what will happen now? 
Will I be expelled again? Not that I care but mum and dad will be sad again because of me.

I just can't think of anything, I am really confused. CeCe slowly drifted in sleep.


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