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(Leave Me Alone)

**Hans pov**

I cannot even believe what was unveiled in front of me and everyone. Before a while ago, everything was perfectly fine.

I was feeling somewhat guilty not being able to help CeCe. Why is that? Why couldn't I move? I noticed the glare she showed to everyone here who didn't speak up for her. Being her best friend, I also couldn't manage to gather strength to support her.

She must be feeling very disgusted, she was scared by insects, scolded by Mr Rupert, her skirt also got ripped in front of everyone, but the most surprising thing was she shouted those three smug classmates who always create troubles for everyone. I think it was their work.

When the class got over, I left the classroom, Matt was still talking with his friends so I didn't tell him that I am going to find CeCe.

I went to the field, park, forest area, cafeteria, her apartment room, roof, attic, art room, storage room and so on.
CeCe was nowhere.

I couldn't find CeCe at all. She must be feeling very pathetic right now!

No no! I can't give up, I have to find her. 
The last place which crossed my mind was washroom! She must be there! I hope she's there...

When I reached washroom, I heard low sobbing voices coming from ladies washroom.

I knocked on the door. No response.

"CeCe? Are you there?" No response again.

"CeCe please tell me if you are inside, or else don't blame me for barging inside."
Again no response.

"Okay, if that's what you want." I got myself ready to push inside when the door started opening slowly.

I was shocked! Utterly shocked!

Her beautiful blonde hairs were dishevelled, her cheeks stained with old tears and new tears on the edge of her eyes, her skirt was still ripped and I noticed her jacket lying in the corner of the washroom. Her green eyes displayed expressions of confusion, hurt, annoyance and sadness.

"What?" Suddenly she asked me bringing me out of the daze.

"Erm...CeCe are you alright?" I was hesitant about what should I ask or tell her.

"Heh hahaha, yes I am definitely alright. 
See nothing has happened to me," she said sarcastically.


"Why the fuck are you here? To ask me that idiotic question?" she said in a low groaning voice.

"CeCe, I-I was worried about you." I tried to explain to her the reason I was searching for her.

"What?" she was shocked and I don't know why she was stunned like that. She continued.

"Why? You don't fucking care about me, why are you here? I don't believe that you were worried about me." she said and was turning around to go back at the corner of the washroom when I held her hand.

"I-I am sorry CeCe, I couldn't support you back there. Please don't be like this, come back to the class we will try to find a solution to this problem." I tried to convince her.

"You want me to go back to that shitty class in this form? You people don't really have shame right? You will convince a naked girl to go to the class too right?"

"CeCe please don't spout nonsense things, you can go back to your room and change and come along with me to the class."

"I will die but I won't go to that class! You heard!? Now get lost from here, I don't want to see anyone!!" she roared in anger.
"Okay okay don't come to the class, but please forgive me CeCe, can you?" I apologized to her and requested forgiveness.

"Hans Parker, this is the last time I am telling you, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!!" 
she shouted at me...which she never did before. I think my actions have hurt her even more.

I decided to go back, I turned around and slowly left from there. When I was leaving I heard soft crying sounds from the washroom. She must be very hurt.

Then suddenly I saw Miss Lisa coming towards my direction. I instantly ran towards her, she was stunned as I panted and stopped her.

"Hans? What happened to you? Why are you running? You could have called me to wait silly."

"M-Miss Lisa I want your help."
I explained everything to her and she was very shocked, even when I was telling her, her feet started moving automatically towards the washroom.

I told her this must have been done by Max, Rudy and Jack because I witnessed CeCe's fight with them in Cafeteria.

"Don't worry dear, I will handle this. She needs a woman to support her after facing such humiliation in front of the whole class." I nodded in approval.

I was still outside the washroom trying to hear Miss Lisa speak.

"Dear, what are you doing here?" Miss Lisa asked softly to CeCe.

*sob sob* "Miss Lili! *sob* I don't want to stay here anymore *sob sob*," she said while crying in sadness.

"CeCe you are a strong girl, why are you saying these kinds of things? Did I tell you earlier right? You shouldn't give up and solve every problem smartly like how you have started doing so in maths." Miss Lili tried to crack a joke but it didn't help, she started crying even more.

"Okay, okay it's alright, shhh, don't cry sweetheart, everything's alright." her sobs died slowly and she calmed down.

Miss Lisa looked at me, I was standing sneakily near the entrance of the washroom, she winked at me and I showed her thumbs-up sign.

"CeCe would you like to live in my room today?" she asked CeCe in soft voice trying to soothe her anger and heart. 
CeCe nodded slightly.

All the teachers were also given a separate unit for dorm rooms which was especially for teachers only.

Miss Lisa tied the jacket around her waist and held her hand. She slowly walked out. 
I hid behind a pillar in the corridor.

Miss Lisa called headmaster, CeCe's dad and explained everything to him and asked for permission if she can stay with her. I think he accepted because I saw her holding CeCe's hand and walking towards the teacher's unit dorm area.

I felt a sudden pain in my heart.

I wasn't able to support CeCe like I always did.

I wasn't able to treat her wounds in her heart like I always did.

I wasn't able to give her favourite icecream to make her giggle in happiness like I always did.

I feel so useless right now.

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