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(Arrival Of Storm)

**CeCe's pov**

I was thinking about random things while taking out my books from my bag. I kept the books on the desk and took out my pencil-pouch. I moved to keep it under the desk when I felt something already there. It started moving on my hand.Oh no god, please no don't tell me...

It again started moving in my hand.
Shit! This must be done by those motherf*ckers. Ugh, I am getting really disgusted!!

The thing started moving in my hand, it started coming upwards. I wasn't able to control my shriek.

"Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!" I screamed as loudly as I could, I started flinging my hand vigorously and started moving away from the bench.

I noticed Colby's shocked expression, this isn't done by him. I then saw Max, Jack and Rudy snickering silently. I was right!!!
I went near the teacher's desk and sat on it folding my legs, waiting for Mr Rupert's arrival so that I can complain about this to him.

Mr Rupert entered the classroom but was shocked at the sight.

He glared at me as I was sitting on teacher's desk.

"What are you doing Cerina!?" Mr Rupert said in rage.

"S-Sir--" I tried to explain but he interrupted me.

"Don't you have any manners!? Sitting on teacher's desk! Are you not scared of getting punished!?" he roared in anger.
"Sir but there are insects under my desk!!" 
I tried to explain but only in vain.

"Do you think you can fool me Cerina!? I am warning you, get down this instant or else you will have to bear consequences!!" he shouted at me.

"B-But s-sir--"

"Get down now!!" he shouted to the top of his voice.

Everyone was silently watching the free show, I can even imagine a few already holding a popcorn bag and enjoy.
"Alright sir, but you will have to hear me out, I am not at fault sir." I tried to stand up for myself again.

"Are you getting down Cerina or should I pull you? I don't want to use force, please get down this instant."

I gave up and tried to move a bit, but then I realized that my skirt was stuck. I looked down a bit and saw a chewing-gun stuck on my skirt, which is now stuck with the table too.

I glared at Max, Jack and Rudy. They noticed my stare and smirked towards me.
Mr Rupert was still staring daggers towards me. I don't have any choice now...
Here goes nothing...

I pulled myself from the table, a clear ripping sound ringed all over the class. I couldn't control my tears anymore, being humiliated like this in front of the whole class.

Colby, Hans, Matt, Ryan and many other friends which I made since I got here stared at me in shock.

I grabbed my jacket which I luckily brought today and while I was sobbing, I tied the jacket's arms to my waist hiding the ripped portion. I couldn't control my anger so I spat a few words towards Max, Jack and Rudy.

"YOU BASTARDS!! I WON'T FORGET ABOUT THIS!!" I glared dangerously towards them.

I could even hear a few gulping at my rage.
I turned around and walked out of the class, stomping my foot while walking. I briefly glared at Mr Rupert too while I was on my way out of the class.

After I left the class, I ran in full speed towards the washroom. Thankfully this school had female washrooms for female teachers so I was allowed to use that.
I sat on the corner of the wash room's floor and cried my all anger out. I continuously sobbed because I haven't faced such humiliation until now.

I searched for my phone in my pocket and called my mum. She picked up my call after three rings.

"Hello? Sweetheart?"

"Sweetie, what happened? Why is your voice cracking?"

I couldn't talk anymore, I felt like I lost my voice.

"Sweetie, are you crying?"

I let out a sob again when she realized that I was crying.

"Why? What happened sweetheart? Can you please tell me? Or else I won't be able to figure out what has happened." she tried to convince me to spill the whole situation.

But I couldn't gather much strength to explain to her and I wiped my tears away.
"M-Mum it's nothing, I-I just missed you a lot." I tried to cover up.

"Aww sweetie, it's alright, I am planning to 
visit you next week. It has been soo many days since I saw you and--" I interrupted her.

"N-No mum you can't come now!""Huh!?" she was shocked by my loud voice.
"Uhm I-I mean, we have exams from next week so I don't want to get distracted." I again tried to cover up what happened today.

"Ohh, it's alright sweetie, I will plan after some time, okay? Concentrate on your exams and perform well. Good luck sweetheart."

She hung up the call.

I sat there crying until it was noon, no one tried to come to search for me and I was also happy about it because I don't want to face anyone! It was so humiliating, my image in this school is now stained too.

I don't want to stay in this school anymore, after the exams I will request mom to take me back to the US. I really, really miss my home. I don't want to stay even for a second here, but I can't do anything about it, I have to attend the exams.

Because of those bastards, I wasn't able to attend all the classes. I won't forgive them!
I even hate my classmates now! No one dared to stand up for me! Even Hans and Matt, my close friends were watching the show.

I noticed Ryan trying to get up and speak something but his friends held him and told him to sit down. I guess they told him not to interfere as Mr Rupert was already there and he could have got punished too.
In short, all are jerks!!

I hate everyone! Freaking jerks! Ugh!

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