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(She Is So Weird)

**Matt's pov**

I am really in a mess...CeCe and I were having a good company with each other but then because of my silliness we both got punished by Mr Henry and she got mad at me.

I didn't know what to do, I tried to approach her but headmaster I mean her dad would always say "She doesn't want to meet anyone right now." I wasn't able to even contact her mobile number, I guess she blacklisted my number.

Yeah, I know it's all my fault and I can't even do anything to come in contact with her to apologize.
After a few days--

I was playing football in the playground with my friends and Hans when I noticed a familiar silhouette sneaking inside the dorm door. I knew it was CeCe because she is the only girl in our school.

But the main question is, What the heck is she going to do after going inside? Why is she even going there, when all the boys are here.

I excused myself early and followed her to the dorm.

When I reached, I realized that my and Hans room door was open. So she's here to meet one of us. It must be Hans who else, she likes to spend a lot of time with him.

I reached the door and saw her looking at our childhood photo.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her with a hint of sternness in my voice.

I saw her shriek in surprise and she turned towards me with a guilty look in her eyes.
"I asked you something CeCe," I asked again in a low voice.

"I am here because.." she seemed like she was thinking of an excuse and I noticed her glancing here and there.

"Go on." I urged her to speak.

"I wanted to ask Hans something," she said while looking at the ground.

I frowned, yeah it's about Hans who else.

"Erm, Hans told me to come here to help him with school work... You know that he kind of struggles in Art and since I'm quite good at it, I thought why not help him?" she said while smiling. I smirked, 'Heh you think that excuse will work on me?' I thought staring at her.

"You are lying," I remarked.

After trying to evade my attacks she was trying to escape from there. I caught her hand but she glared and said, " I don't like being touched." I released her hand and apologized to her.

I didn't know what to do.

I urged her again to tell me the reason why she was here but she tried to run away again, I banged on the door and glared at her.

"I don't like being lied to," I said angrily with a groan in my voice.

She explained her excuse very smartly, I moved my head near her face which was only a few inches apart.

I stared in her beautiful eyes and rosy lips,  I realized she was staring at me too.

Suddenly she gave me a small peck of a kiss on my lips. Why did she kiss me? I felt a sudden desire to kiss her back which I couldn't control and I kissed her back deeply.

I couldn't control my emotions, I deepened the kiss more passionately, soon I realized she was out of breath.

I released her, we both were panting. I was surprised she was kissing me back and she seemed experienced at this whereas this was my first-time kiss.

I guess she had kissed a few guys before me. She was blushing and she turned away to leave when she and I heard noises from outside.

Heh, guess they are back. Now she's stuck here.

To save her from getting into an ugly position I helped her get out of the room and we sat on the bench, where she always likes to sit.

It was really awkward.

I came to know that she was there to apologize to me about her actions. It was my fault too.

But after a while, she said something which shocked me to the core.

"I think its better if we both forget about it," she said looking at me.
I was really shocked.

She turned away and left me there in a daze.

How can she say something like that?  Does she hate me that much?

She started ignoring me completely, I couldn't even talk to her because whenever I tried she would just turn and went towards Hans.

I guess this is it. She doesn't like me, she doesn't want to talk with me, I am very useless in every possible situation, may it be family or friends or studies or relationships.

It's better for me to forget about everything and move on.

I saw her getting into a fight with Max, Jack and Rudy in the cafeteria. She seemed like she will handle it perfectly. I silently stood up with my empty food tray, threw it in the trash and left from there.

It was Mr Rupert's class, I was sitting with Hans, he said he has to study some other subject so he came to backbenches to skip Mr Rupert's class indirectly.

I saw CeCe sitting on the second bench in front with Colby, one of our classmates. A nerd. Superb now she is spending time with a nerd. She's so weird.

Suddenly I noticed a hand coming from behind her, it was Max's hand. I glared at his hand and CeCe turned to look around as she noticed my glare. But nothing happened, he just picked up his pen and continued his talk with Rudy.

I again hurriedly started doing my homework for the last lesson which I forgot to complete.

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