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(The Sensation Of Storm Approaching)

It was awkward after yesterday. Whenever he tried to talk to me or looked at me, I would just turn and run to Hans which would make Matt not willing to talk in front of him. Avoiding Matt made me spend more time with Hans which was perfect. It was never awkward or weird or crazy. It was just us being… us.

Few days passed, I started talking less and less as I wasn't feeling myself anymore. It was like my soul has left my body since I came here, I realized suddenly that I have changed a lot.

Well maybe not...

The bell rang, it was Miss Lili's class now, yes maths, which I have started liking as Miss Lili teaches very nicely.

But, today she was late and was yet to come to the class.

I saw from a distance, one of my classmate who has helped me before with notes, Colby. He was getting teased by three smug and arrogant boys who always throw a mocking smile at me.

Fuck! They are bullying innocents again. 

Calm down CeCe, calm down, I have to remember that I don't have to create troubles again or else I would get expelled again.

Soon Miss Lili arrived and started the lesson, those three boys went instantly back to their seats which were near Colby.
I chose to keep silence for now.

At lunchtime, I went to the cafeteria today to have lunch as dad was receiving a few guests in the school.

I silently took my food tray and sat on the corner table of the cafeteria. I noticed that many students come to the cafeteria for lunch.

Soon I observed a commotion started by those three boys Max, Jack and Rudy, they were again bullying Colby to give them today's notes and his textbooks where he used to mark important points.

I couldn't bear anymore, I stood up instantly and went towards them. They glanced at me and smirked.

"Why are you trying to disturb Colby? Leave him alone." I said glaring at them.
"Oh?" They again started snickering like they heard a joke.

"What's your relationship with him?" Jack eyed me while asking.

"What do you mean? He is my friend!" I said angrily.

"Heh...hahaha! Heard what this stinky girl said?" Max said to Rudy and all three started laughing like I was doing some kind of comedy show for them.

"I am telling you this one last time, don't you all dare to do anything to him!" I warned them with my finger pointing out towards their faces.

"And I am telling you this for the first and last time, don't meddle in our matters, get lost or you will have to face consequences," Jack said with a smug smirk on his face.

"Let's leave from here Colby, it's no use arguing with them," I said to Colby staring at him.

He silently nodded and started following me.

"Hey! We won't let you leave this easily! 
Remember this!" Max shouted from behind and I hurried my steps.

I don't know what will happen now, I am getting a feeling that this isn't going to be solved this easily.

It is Mr Rupert's class now, and I remember I have a bad history with him. I was punished by him because of Matt.
"Nothing should happen today or else he will complain about me to dad again," I whispered to myself.

I slowly reached towards the class when I felt a tug of my sleeve from behind. I turned behind and saw Colby still following me.

"Oh Colby, what happened? Do you need anything from me?" I asked him, staring at him in confusion.

"I-I am sorry! And t-thank you so much for standing up form-me." he stuttered a bit while looking down and speaking to me.

"Hehe, why are you apologizing? It wasn't your fault, alright? And I accept your thanks but let me tell you one thing, be brave and speak up for yourself, don't be timid and bear everything." I told him with a gentle tone.

He looked up at me with stars in his eyes, which stunned me.

'Lol, I feel like I have become a superhero for him.' I thought while smiling a bit and turning away to go for the class. Colby again followed me.

I sat at the second bench in the front as I was avoiding going near backbenches where Matt and his friends always sit.
Surprisingly Colby followed me and started staring at me and my empty seat beside me.

I smirked, he is so cute. He is embarrassed to ask me to sit beside me.

"Oh Colby, sit here with me, I don't mind having a company." I took initiative to invite him as I felt his nervousness.

"T-Thank you" he smiled warmly at me.
Suddenly I felt a deadly glare of someone from behind.

I turned around to look but found no one staring or looking towards me.

I realized that Hans was sitting with Matt today and they were talking about something which I wasn't able to hear.


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