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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 26"



(Face The Problem(2) 

Then I had the most amazing idea. I smiled cheekily before running to the drawer and took out a paper and a pen.

I bit my lip.

Okay, I'm going to write a letter and leave it under Matt's pillow.

This is a great idea!
Why such a weird idea? Because I guess, I won't have to say anything about it face to face. It was a great idea since everyone is in the field.

I could sneak into the dorm and go to his room.

I knew his door number was 26B because he told me a while back ago. He was sharing it with Hans. The problem was what was I going to write. I looked at the blank piece of paper.

After 10 minutes, I wrote everything that seemed to explain the incident that happened yesterday. I told dad that I was going to go help Miss Lisa in the staff room.

I know I shouldn't have lied but I can't really tell my dad that I'm going in the boy's dorm room, could I?

So I made my way to the dorm without getting caught from any teachers going past. When I got there, I checked to see if the dorm was open or not. When I knew it was, I sneaked inside.

The dorm was massive. There were 5 floors and on each floor, there were massive corridors with doors on each side. I made my way to Matt's dorm room.
I quietly moved towards the way to the room and stopped at every sound. But I didn't create much sound or noise.

I finally made my way to the door and stuck one of my ears on the wooden door to make sure there was no one behind this door, in the room.
Nothing. I heard nothing just only silence.

I opened the door surprisingly easily. I can't believe this! They don't lock their rooms. I mean, anyone could get in here. I sighed in relief seeing that no one was here.

The room was small but it looked spacious for two boys. There was a window in the opposite wall. The window was in the middle and there were two beds on each side. One side of the room was tidy. I walked up to the desk that was near the tidy bed.

It had a frame of two little boys who looked exactly like Hans and Matt. They looked so happy.

I smiled, looking at a boy who looked just like Matt. Matt looked so happy and carefree. This made him seem different from what he was now. Hans also looks so cute in the picture, I suddenly got a feeling, I really wanted to squeeze his cheeks.

I sighed.

There were a couple in the photo too. They were the couple I saw with Hans in the aeroplane. I smiled.
"What are you doing here?" I flinched as someone talked behind me, I turned back to see,

Matt standing there, staring at me. My eyes widened.
Oh Shit.

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