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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 25

"A Girl In A Boy's School"

Episode 25

I looked out the window where some boys were playing football.

I didn't understand what was going on but my eyes were fixed on one boy.


He was playing too with a straight face. Not even cheering when their team scored.

There was something about him that made me want to know more about him. Maybe because he's always been mysterious. Ever since i've met him, he's never talked about himself.

I remember he told me that my 'craziness' was relatable. That means, he must have gone through some shit that made him crazy too. And then it was so clear. I jumped with excitement.

I know what's wrong. He's missing his dad. That's why he got angry when i was close to Finn. He wanted to Finn to be by his side. I need to do something. Something that will help him feel better.

But first i had to talk to Matt's friends to find out more about his problem. I went down to where they were playing. I sat on the bench and watched the game. Who were Matt's friends? I have seen them but i can't remember which ones are the closest to him. Matt kicked the ball into the net which scored their team another goal.

A guy with ginger hair gave Matt a fist bump while smiling. Oh yeah, it was him. I think his name was Terry. I guess i should talk to him.

Finn was playing too. I waved when he saw me. Finn smiled brightly when he saw me and just walked toward me. No i don't think you understand, he just walked out of a game.

Matt watched him go and then saw me. I didn't look at him for long and he didn't look at me for long either.'Hey, what you doing here?' Finn said, getting a drink from the bench. 'I wanted to see you guys play.' I said. He took a seat next to me.'Hey, are you okay?' He said, looking at me with concern.

'You've been really quiet lately.''Yeah, of course.' I said, smiling. 'I'm just stressed with the exams coming up.''Finn, you're turn to be the goal keeper. Terry, have a time out.'

One of the teachers said. This was my chance to find out more about Matt. Terry sat a few benches away from me. While all the guys were busy playing the game, I went to Terry and sat next to him. I didn't sit too close because it would have been obvious that i was talking to him.

'Hey, you're awesome at playing footie, ya know.' I said, casually. He looked at me. 'Yeah, i know.' He then looked back at the game.

Was he angry at me? or just didn't want to talk to me?

'So, have you done Mrs Raymond's homework for Geography?' I asked, after a few minutes of silence.

'No.' He said, not even looking at me.

'Look are you mad at me?'He didn't say anything.

'Can I atleast know why?'

He didn't say anything again.

I looked back at the field.

Matt did another score.I looked at Terry.

'Is it because of Matt?' Terry quickly looked at me when i mentioned him. It was obvious that it was because of Matt.

'Look, can you tell me why? I need to know.' I said. I looked into his eyes.He looked down at the grass. It looked like he was making decision. To tell me or not.

'Oh come on.' I said, getting impatient. 'Did he say anything about me?'

Terry got up and walked away. I was going to admit defeat but i was too angry. I needed to know why Matt was so angry at me when i was with Finn. Or why he was saying all them things.

I quickly followed Terry, trying to call him but he wouldn't stop. He kept on walking. I'm sure everyone including Matt had their eyes on me when we left but i needed an answer.


Sorry, a bit of a confusing chapter but comment me if you're not sure about something.

I know its a small chapter but it'll be ending soon.

You should know that i make really good beginnings of stories but then the ending kinda gets confusing. but hopefully not for this book

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