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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 19



(Quarrel With Matt Again )

I went to the office while hesitating to go or not. Oh well, let's just do it and get this done. I went near the door of his office and knocked twice.

A low voice called from inside, "Come in."
I owned the door slowly and realized that dad was still working and looking over some papers, I silently sat on the sofa, waiting for him to finish his work.

On observing long silence, dad looked up and noticed that I am sitting on sofa idly staring at him while he was working. His expression became surprised and he instantly stood up and came near me and sat a little far beside me.

"I am sorry CeCe, I didn't notice you coming, or else I would have stopped working earlier," he said staring at me in guilt again. Now I am starting to feel irritated with that guilty expression he shows every now and then.

"It's alright, I just came here a while ago myself. I thought I will have lunch with you after you finish your work." I said making him somewhat relieved.

He went and picked a lunchbox which was placed on his table and sat beside me again. He opened the lunchbox and a delicious aroma spread all around the room.

All dishes originated from Scotland, Porridge, traditional Scottish Oatcakes, Cullen Skink soup which seemed likea thick soup made of smoked haddock, potato and onion, fruits like Raspberries and Strawberries.

"Oh, wow..this is true heaven! Why did you make this much?" I asked dad while staring at the dishes hungrily like a hungry lion ready to jump on his prey!

"Ermm..that...I didn't know what you would like and prefer to eat so I..-" he was going to continue but I interrupted him.

"Oh well don't mind if I finish this all, you also have your share fast or else it might disappear in a while pfft," I said while trying not to laugh at his stupid expression.

After having lunch with dad, I was casually looking at my phone updates, when he asked me,
"How was your first class today CeCe?"
I looked up at him and answered blankly, "It was okay. Miss Lisa teaches well."

"Oh that's great, did you meet your classmates? Who are you sitting next to?" he asked again trying to initiate a conversation with me.

"Uhh yeah, I guess I met with few classmates and I am sitting next to this Matt guy," I said looking at him.

"Huh? Did you sit with him? He didn't do anything right?" He asked in a concerned tone.

"Hm? Just made me angry and I shouted at him. That's all." I said.

"CeCe stay away from him. He is the notorious boy in our school." Dad said.
"I will try. Then am I the notorious girl too? I have been expelled 7 times by now." 
I asked him teasingly.

"You are way better then boys like Matt I 
would say," he said in hesitation.

"Heh, don't start having conclusions when you even don't know me well," I said mockingly while going out of the office room.

"See ya soon after school ends," I said before closing the door with a *bang* and sighed.

I went to the classroom where the next lesson was going to start in a while.

I was praying that I don't sit with Matt again but..to my disappointment he came and sat beside me while staring at me.
"Hi!" he called out to me.

Beep beep - ignoring mode on!
I started ignoring him like he never existed.

"Eh? Ignoring me? Are you scared of me?" 
he said while smirking mockingly and acting like a scared girl.

"Oh! I forgot, here." he suddenly took out something from his bag and placed it in front of me.

It was a pen.
Good grief.

Who gives a pen to someone!?
Is he trying to apologize to me by giving this pen?

"Heh, I thought after you snapped your pen, you wouldn't be having an extra pen. 
So I showed this gratitude by offering you with this new pen. You should say then-" 
He was interrupted.

I was boiling with anger...I thought he gave me a pen to apologize in a way, but he...! He is here insulting my actions.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? Did I ask you to give me a pen!? What's the problem with you huh!? You like meddling in my problems, heh, I didn't expect you to show me this so-called gratitude!" I said angrily fuming.

Everyone was watching us, even Miss Lili was present at the door of the classroom which no one noticed.

"You know what!? Give me! Give me that pen." I said and snapped the pen in two halves. Everyone was shocked by my behaviour!

"Take your pen back, I don't need it anymore. I don't use things which might insult me in any way." I said while taking my books and bag.

I went in the front and thankfully few seats were empty so I settled in the front first seat of the class.

Miss Lili came inside and stared at me and Matt for a while before starting the art lesson.

Apparently, Matt had already noticed Cerina getting near to Hans when everyone was going to another class and he looked at Cerina who was sitting at the first bench and gritted his teeth.

He found her behaviour amusing and was interested in her but she was around Hans since morning.

He smirked after a while and thought, 'Where will you run away from my claws...let's see how long you run, you will always find me in front of you. Heh.'


Miss Lili was also stunned at CeCe's anger, but well the one at fault was Matt why was he poking her again and again. She stared at Matt suspiciously and he winked at her, making her throw a chalk piece at his head.

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