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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 16"



( The Power of CeCe's Anger)

"Right! Let's get back to class-" she was interrupted.

Someone kicked the door opened.
He came in, looking like a mess. Everyone stared at him.

He was on a call talking to someone.
I looked at him closely.

Whoa, he was hot!

He had black messy but cute hair and I tried to look closely but couldn't see his eye colour. He was so handsome that I felt my cheeks go red.

"The guy told me to get lost and I was like, man you brought this to yourself." He said.
To my amazement, he didn't have a Scottish accent. He had an American accent that made him hotter. He continued talking on the phone like it was a normal day. I looked at Miss Lili and saw her red face. She looked so angry that I thought she was about to explode.

He still continues. "I told him that what I said, I would have told to anyone who kicks me. I told him to fu-"

"Mr Matt Rhodes!" Miss Lisa shouted angrily. I winced in shock. Whoa, I smell a drama...

He looked at her and rolled his eyes.
"Mate, I've got to go." He said. He put his phone in his pocket and smiled.

'Hi Miss Lisa Lopez, it's been a long time-" 
Even though he was already insulting Miss Lili walking into the middle of the class shamelessly, he called her full name and that too in an arrogant tone, he is definitely dead.

"Matt, what kind of behaviour is this! You come into class, 10 minutes late-" she was interrupted.

"Actually it's 5-" He said, not helping at all.
"No, you disturb my class, use swearing and foul language that-" she was again interrupted!

"I didn't say it actually. You stopped me before I could say fuc-" he was smugly continuing to talk back at her.

"STOP IT!" She said angrily fuming at him.
Her face was crazy. He must be the bad boy that every teacher hates. Specially Miss Lisa.

"Just see me after the lesson for your detention."

He frowned like he didn't deserve it.
Whoa, he was even worse than me. And I didn't know if that was possible. But that wasn't the thing that was bothering me.

There was only one seat left in the class and that was next to me. Oh man, he has to sit next to me. I was going to avoid myself from bad boys but nope! One is going to sit next to me. Sitting with the teacher didn't seem that bad now...why the fuck did I had to decline Miss Lili to sit near her.

I looked down. I had to act distant from him. He turned to go to his seat and froze.
I looked up to see him staring at me. Blue. 
His eye colour was blue. There was something in his eyes that made me stare. 
I quickly put my head down and opened the book to the page. I forgot the page, but I tried to look busy.

"Hold up!" He called out to me. I looked up. He frowned at me. "Why the f-"
"Matt!" Miss Lili called out to him, angrily.
"Sorry." He put his hands up like he was surrendering.

"I meant, why the fish is there a girl in this classroom?" He said pointing at me.

I bit my lip.

Shall I say something?

"Matt, didn't you come to assembly?" Miss Lili asked.

I looked around. Everyone was quiet.
Why were they quiet? It looked like they were afraid of him.

Hmm, maybe they were. I looked at Hans, he somehow looked uncomfortable. Why?
"Nope, I never came. I was late. But what the hell?" He said.

He looked around. "Guys! There's a freaking girl in this room! In school!" He shouted at everyone.

Miss Lili tried to stop him but he kept on shouting.

She looked tired. She massaged her head.
She looked like my mum when she's fed up with me.

He quickly walked to me and sat in his seat next to me. Everyone stared at both of us except Hans for some reason. His head was on the table and he was banging himself.

But Matt wasn't done. "Well?" He asked as he stared at me, waiting for an answer.
I sighed.

He's turning into a pain in the neck.
"I'm here to study like the rest of you. Now if you won't mind-"

"But you're a girl." He said.
"Really?!" I said sarcastically.
Oh God, I was angry now.

You see, I get angry easily. That was the main reason in my case for getting expelled from lots of schools. I thought my anger was finished. But I was so wrong.
"Listen, why are you making such a big deal about it! I'm a girl in a boy's school. 

Big whoop! If you really have a problem about it, then talk to a teacher, not me, also don't you dare to meddle in my problems! Just leave me alone!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Everyone stared at me.
Hans looked too. His face, shocked and surprised.

I bit my lip. I pushed it far. I looked at 
Matt. He was smiling. What the hell!?
"Miss Lisa, can we just continue with the lesson?" I asked while turning my attention away from him, getting back to my work.

Miss Lili looked shocked but then, cleared her throat before continuing with the lesson. Everyone looked at us two for a while, before turning back to their work. 
Something was wrong with Hans. He was acting weird.

"So? You are the angry kind of girl?" Matt whispered.

I rolled my eyes and said nothing, openly ignoring his bullshit talks. He can think whatever he wants. I don't give a damn.
He nudged me on my arm. "Well? Are you? 
Because if you are, then you are not going to survive in this school." He whispered. I could sense him staring at me.

He came closer to me. So close that if I looked at him, our noses would touch.
"You won't survive. Especially that you've caught my eye." He whispered. He went back to his work.

My hands tightened. How dare he speak to me like that? I sneakily took a pen and snapped the pen in two halves inside my bag, hiding my anger.

He didn't say anything throughout the lesson. But his words were annoying the hell out of me. What does he mean that I've caught his eye? Of course, I did, I'm a girl surrounded by boys!

I looked at him. He was gorgeous. His black hair was messy but it made him look sexy. Whoa, his eyes made me tingle with excitement. I knew that he was going to make my life a misery.

But for some reason, I wasn't worried.

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