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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 16

"A Girl In A Boy's School"

Episode 16


The forest got darker from every step I took.

Okay, Matt said the footballs were going to be near the left. Okay, Lets see. I looked around. Nothing.I looked behind the trees and under the bushes.

I even moved moved chunks of mud to look.I kept on remembering the aims that I did. 'Be friends with Matt even if it kills you.' I repeated to myself.

All my clothes were wet with mud and I still hadn't found any footballs. I sighed,Then I heard something from behind. I looked back to see a football floating on some mud.

I smiled to myself. Finally. Without thinking, I ran to get the ball and I slipped, landing in a big pile of mud. I screamed.All my clothes were covered in mud. And even my hair.

Tears built up in myeyes. No, its just mud CeCe. It's just mud.

10 minutes later, I found the rest of the footballs and made my way to the field to show them.I could see them playing. When they saw me, everyone laughed. Even Finn.I felt hurt but when I looked at Matt and how happy he looked, I couldn't help but smile.

'Be friends with Matt even if it kills you.' I whispered to myself.

'CeCe, what happened?' Finn said, looking at me from head to toe.

I sighed. 'You don't want to know.'

I looked at Matt. 'Here are your precious footballs.' I said. I couldn't help but get a bit mad. He smiled.

'Thanks.' He took the bag of footballs and gave them to Finn.'Come on. We're done.' Finn said.

I nodded. Everyone went. I went to pick my bag up from the side of the fence.

'Why did you do that for me?'I looked back to see Matt looking at me weirdly.

I shrugged. 'I deserved it for the way I treated you.'

Matt raised an eyebrow. 'Really?'I smiled.

'Really.'I was about to go when Matt stopped me.

'The things I say to you.... I don't understand why you would-'

'Matt, to be honest, you've been a massive ass since I met you.'

Matt frowned.

I smiled. 'But your Finn's cousin so I don't hate you.'I walked away. He quickly walked and catched up to me. 'So if I wasn't Finn's cousin you would hate me?'

'Yep.' I smiled. He stopped. I looked back. He looked stressed and was looking down. Oh, Shoot! What am i saying? I'm supposed to be making him feel good.

Be friends with Matt even if it kills you, I thought.

I sighed. 'I was kidding.'He looked up.

It took him a while to understand and then he smiled.

'Come on, lets go.' I said.

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