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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 17"



( Hans Has A Cousin!?)

The bell rang.

"Right, class, bring your worksheets here and then you can go." Miss Lili said.
I looked next to me, to see Matt staring at me. His eyes filled with amusement.
"What," I said in an annoyed tone because I was annoyed as hell!

He was now and then staring at me like I am wearing a Thanos Costume and entertaining his sight.

I hate it when people stare at me like I am from another planet!! Ugh!!

He smiled. "Nothing." He said, before getting his books and leaving the room. I frowned, why the fuck was he even staring at me then!?

What was all that about?
Everyone went one by one out of the classroom except for Hans.

"Hey," I called out to him while grabbing my books. I smiled when I thought he was risking his reputation in this school by wandering around with a girl.

"Hi." He looked uncomfortable for some reason.

We went out of the class and were walking about the next lesson.

"Is everything okay?" I asked in a low voice, worried about him behaving weirdly.

"Yeah." He said smiling. And then he frowned again and took a deep breath planning to continue. "Actually no. The guy you were sitting next to. Matt-"
"Don't get me started on him! He thinks he's some big bully who can boss people around." I said, too angry to hide my words.

"Who does he think he is? And guess what he said to me."

I didn't even stop for him to guess and just continued. "He said that I wouldn't survive in this school! How dare he? Does he even know who I am?"

"He's not that bad," Hans said. My eyes opened.

"Not that bad? He's the worst!" I said, in an outraged tone. We climbed up the stairs. 
Boy's looked at me but I was too mad to get nervous. If that's impossible...

"He's a pain sometimes but he's okay when you get to know him." He said like he wasn't even there when Matt came.

I was going to answer back but I knew there was no point. "So, how come you are defending him?" I said, trying to not shout it while staring at him suspiciously.

Hans looked at me and after a while said in a low voice, "He's my cousin."
"What!?" I said, in a shocked manner.
I can't believe this!

That guy, that weird guy is related to Hans.

I seriously can't believe this.
Hans is so nice, sweet and cool and then there's Matt.

He nodded, feeling kind of embarrassed. I should be the one who should feel embarrassed. I was the one complaining about him for so long.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" I was interrupted.

"It's fine. I would do the same." He smiled, making me smile too. I like Hans, he takes everything so positively and is so sweet.
"Anyways, let's go to class. Race you there!" 
He shouted, before running.

I ran behind him and then I went faster and this time, he was behind me. The door to the next lesson was a few seconds away.

"I win!" I said, breathlessly taking deep breaths. I looked back to see him still running. He looked exhausted. I laughed.
Finally, he came and smiled. 

"I....let....you....win....this time...."He said, breathlessly.

I rolled my eyes before opening the door to the lesson.

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