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"A Girl In A Boy's School" Episode 17

"A Girl In A Boy's School"

Episode 17


Its been nearly 3 weeks since me and Matt have been friends.

It was great.I never got angry and he never made me. We were doing a practice exam in Maths. Matt nudged me.

'CeCe, whats the answer to number 23?' He whispered.I rolled my eyes.

'I'm not telling you.

''Oh come on, its just one question.' He whispered back, annoying me.

'Matt, I can't just keep on telling you. You've asked me 4 times now.'I looked at the front. Miss Rain wasn't here today. We had another teacher called Mr Dennis who was very strict. And I didn't want to get caught. I promised myself I would not cause any trouble and I'm sticking to that promise.

'CeCe, please. I really need to know.' Matt said. I looked at him and he looked so desperate.I sighed. 'Okay, the answer is-''Celia Celhart! Matt Damon!' I looked to the front to see Mr Dennis staring at us.I bit my lip. I looked at Matt who didn't seem bothered at all.'Sorry, sir.'

I said.'No, CeCe. This is the 3rd time I heard you two talking in class!'

He shouted.'Sorry, sir. It won't happen again.' I said.

'Of course it won't. Both of you. Get Out!'

My eyes widened. 'But Sir-'

'Don't talk back to me!' He shouted. He pointed at the door. Matt got up and walked out like nothing was wrong. Everyone stared at us. Finn looked at me and bit his lip. I sighed. I got up and walked out of the class.

He shut the door behind us with a bang.

Matt was leaning on the wall, laughing. 'Did you see his face? It was worse than Miss Rain's!'

I ignored him and walked to the bench. How dare he act like that? I was trying to be on my best behaviour and he ruined it for me.

'CeCe!' Matt shouted behind me. I ignored him and sat on the bench.He sat with me on the other side of the bench. 'Are you mad?'

'Of course I am, Matt!' I shouted at him. 'Your ruined it. You ruined it all!'

'What?' Matt said, surprised by my reaction.

I looked at him. 'Did you expect me to laugh with you? Because what you did might have ruined it for me.'Matt came closer to me.

'CeCe, its not your fault.'

I laughed coldly. 'I know that, you idiot.' I walked away. He followed behind me.

'Chill out, he won't do anything.'

I rolled my eyes. 'I promised myself that this school would be a fresh start. I would not get in trouble. But look what happened.'

'I'm sorry, Cece.' He said, putting his hand in his pockets. I looked at him. I was so angry.

'I just hate it, okay?' I said, feeling annoyed. He looked at my closely.

'What do you hate?'

I sighed. 'I hate it when people shout at me. It gets me so angry.

'He smiled. 'I get that.'

'How can you? You get shouted at all the time! And whenever you do, you just shrug it off!' I shouted at him. 'But I can't. I can't let a guy raise his voice at me.'

He tried to put his hand on my shoulder but i just shrugged it off. I was angry right now. I knew it. I haven't been angry for weeks and now it all just builded up inside me. I tried my best, I really did but I just can't seem to let my anger go.

'CeCe, I'm sorry.' He said, putting his hand through his hair. I didn't want to look at him, I just feel so angry and annoyed. He came closer to me. 'Look, CeCe I-'

'Just go away!' I screamed at him. He moved back, scared at my voice.I looked down. Oh no, he's scared of me. A tear fell down my cheek. I can't believe this. I quickly hid my face in shame and ran away. He really thought I was going to hurt him. I wouldn't... would I?

He didn't run after me this time and for some reason, I wasn't happy about that at all.


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