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 Season 22

(Bully being bullied)

As Nicole shook above him in ecstasy, Mike hugged her and rolled them over, bringing Nicole beneath him.

 Then he turned to face her flushed, ravishing beauty. Her lips were slightly swollen from her excessive biting when she reached her climax a while ago.  

"You look so lovely." Mike cannot help himself telling her just how enchanting she looked right after a glorifying orgasm. He is never a sweet talker. He didn't have to lure the girls he had in his bed before, so he never learned how to placate them with candy-coated words. But he was honest to say his compliments towards this girl whom he just met today. 

 "Mmmmm..." She moaned her answer. She was so engulfed and still drowning in ecstasy that she couldn't find her voice to speak. He spread her legs gently to intertwine one with his and gently rubbed his cock on her still sensitive clit. 

"Fuuuuuuck!" She groaned. Her groaning and moaning are prolonged as her flooding delight swallowed her up. Her body stiffens more, and she seems to jump at his every stroke.  

"Baby..?" He looked her in the eye to see if she wants him to keep going or not. She was all flushed and looking even more seductive with her panting, and she kept biting her lips to suppress her moans. He couldn't hold his tongue from cursing. 

" Good god, fuck me!" He was on the brink of his sanity if he should wait for her to say yes or just do it his way. He still wanted her to be into this together with him, so he gave her a pleading gaze. 


Nicole saw Mike’s pleading gaze. She lovingly caressed his face, and with her on the bottom of him, she lifted her head and pulled his face, slammed her lips to kiss him. Deep. Hard. As if she was expressing a compliment to what he has just done. They shared a passionate kiss where they can even taste each other with the few times she had a taste of his precum when she was blowing him off. 

She reached down between there burning in desire bodies and took his spectacular phallus, twitching length in her fondling, and led it to her entrance. Her wishing to be filled, aching core. She wants to feel all of him inside of her. She felt his tongue did wonders. Now, she wants to feel beyond what his tongue can barely offer. 

Mike took her leading as a definite yes, and so he slammed right into her. Making Nicole whimper. 

 "Ahhhhh! Mmmmm..." She muffled her scream. Mike froze. He could tell it was of pain. He knew she was tight, but he believed she was well stimulated. His excitement took the better of him, and instead of getting in slow, he deliberately slammed right into her pulsing honeypot. 

 "Ffff......" She couldn't hide her pained expressions. She even felt her tears rolled down. 

 “I’m sorry, did I hurt you? Do you want me to stop?”He panicked. He was horny, but he was more concerned of her looking in pain. “Just make it feel better, please." Nicole sounded pleading. She herself felt weird with how she sounded like so she cleared her throat and snapped at him. 

" You just popped my cherry. Of course, it hurt. But I believe you can make it feel better, can you?” She challenged him. Though in the midst of carnal pleasure, her sassy self isn’t totally gone. She just never thought there would actually be someone to bully her like this. She. Being bullied. No one would have ever imagined it. Yet here she is, lifted to the seventh heaven of pure bliss just to be dropped down like a hot potato falling into the eighteenth layer of hell in pain. But she knew, anatomically speaking, it was just because it was her first time. 

Yes, despite what rumors she allowed to spread, she never went all the way with a man because she just demanded them to please her by making them eat her out. Not even returning the pleasure to them. 

And Mike is the only one who got his dick licked and sucked by her lascivious mouth. What she just said shook his whole being. He never thought that with the way she made him feel heaven just a while ago, it was actually a skill of a virgin. Besides, she didn't mention anything about it being her first time. 

Girls usually do in fear of pain.“I wished I knew." Mike kissed her passionately as if he was conveying his sincere apology." I promise I will make you feel not just better but heaven.” He passionately kissed her, moving ever so sensually atop her. He ground his hips to create frictions on her clit while his girth deliciously rubs the walls of her tight, slippery core. He sat on his heels to make the friction of his cockhead more intense towards Nicole's upper wall. Feeling the rough spot inside her get rubbed through the in and out of his cock, he penetrated her with just his head sliding in and out of her hole. 

Nicole felt the unnerving sensation he’s pumping into her that she can’t help but release alternations of gasp, moan, groan, and mewls of delight. She forgot the pain, and as Mike promised, she felt heaven. An incomparable elation wraps, making her bounce back at his pounding. She wants more. 

 "Please... Faster... Deeper… just.. please...?” Nicole didn’t even know what she was asking for. She was incoherently uttering words that don't even form a sentence. But Mike knew well how to fulfill her wishes. 

He lifted her legs to wrap on his arms as the back of her knees hung on his shoulder, and with vigor, he pounced on her. His shaft was gripped tighter by her narrowed cunt as he bent down to her.

 Her inconvenient position estranged her core, grasping his throbbing hardness. He felt so amazing as her pussy kept massaging his dick with every movement he makes inside of her.  

"Yes, yes, oh fuck! Are you cumming?" He asked as he could tell by the way her insides seem to suck him in like a vacuum. He wanted her to come before him, so he spread her legs to lessen her tightness around his cock. He pinched on her tits, molding the firmness of her fleshy boobs on his hands before he dove in it suckle on them, one after the other. 

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