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 Episode 21

(A taste of each other)

"You're so hard," Nicole uttered in a soft voice as if informing him. She kept sliding her right hand on his bulging tool from the crotch of his pants to where she thinks is the tip, just to slide down again. It was as if she was reveling in his maleness and masculine beauty just like he did in her a while ago. 

 "Fuck! Hmmm...." Groaning in his curses, he let her do as she pleased. He can feel his arousal heightens in her every touch. In return, he made himself busy touching her in the exact same way, similar intensity, with one and the same passion. Nicole made sure she responded equally.  

"I wanna touch you..." She gave him a look that Mike thought she was almost pleading. He bit his lips in even more intensified excitement. His eyes followed the movements of her candle-shaped fingers, moving so elegantly to unbutton his pants and pulled his hard-on out of its confinement. Then, not letting her do all the work to please him,  she felt his hands slip inside her remaining underwear. 

"Ahhh," she moaned and hissed in his teasing fingers on her now so aroused and wet pussy. Nicole tried to give back the same sensation by letting her fingers run, skin to skin, with his now very hard and proudly endowed manhood. She could feel its head like a mushroom. As she cannot see it properly with their bodies' being too close to each other, she tried to follow the contour of his fat girth. Her fingers can’t reach their tips as she tries to caress him in a strangling way. His shaft was somehow curved towards his abdomen. 

 "You're impressively huge," Nicole praised. She couldn't avoid vocally expressing her fascination. 

"Ten-inch in length and around thirteen centimeters diameter." She almost sounded worried. But her touch did not change. She kept her soft and occasionally squeezings in agonizingly sweet intervals.  

“Ahhh baby, I love your touch,” Mike groaned as he felt her hand from the base to the tip of his shaft in a feather-like touch, just to squeeze its head playfully. "Ahhhh Fuckkkk!"  

“You like it?" She hesitatingly asked. And added, "I wanna have a taste of you.” She bravely declared. Mike isn't a saint, and he had a few women in his bed ever since he was sixteen, but she had never seen anyone as sexy as how she is in his eyes right now. 

 His charm to women had been popular ever since he was younger. He just indulged to all the way sex when a sexy and irresistible lady in her neighborhood lured him to drinking and taking his virginity. Ever since then, he became braver to bed any girl that would flirt with him, and he would count them as his joy ride in life. Some are from his swimming club, while some are from his Hapkido club. The rest are one-night stands from a drinking party that he would get invited to at times. 

“Fuck! And I wanna eat you, too,” Mike rolled to lie on his back, bringing Nicole above to straddle him. He guided her to turn her around atop him and tapped on her butt.“Move back a little baby. Sit on my face, just like that.  

You can have my cock while I ravish your sweet honeypot.”His excitement over-ruled his whole being and   She did as told. With her knees on both sides of his arms, her tits brushing on his abs as she supports her body weight with her left hand on the floor, her right hand held the base of his cock. 

Sniffing it and teasing him with soft and playful licks on its head. Mike could see the glistening arousal on her hairless, waxed snatch. He darted his tongue out to confirm how she thought her sweetness would be like. He felt his rod twitch as he licked on her most forbidden hole. 

Circling her clit with his hardened tongue, he tugged on it playfully.  Exploring more of her delectable paradise, his tongue dipped between her nether lips and licked from her clit to her tight hole. He could tell she liked it as she hungrily sucked and gripped his hardness in return. Her wetness was near to drown him if he didn’t slurp on them. He flicked his tongue on her aching clit as he prepared her for his huge girth.

 With long and slow licks of his devious tongue on her hole to her ever so sensitive bundle of nerves, he kept making her juices leak like nature’s spring. He licked, he lapped, playfully nibbled here and there around her burning mound. His fingers which kept making circles motions around her forbidden cave of sweetness, are now making their way of shallow in and out intrusion on her dripping pussy. He replaced his fingers on her snatch with his hot, stiffened tongue. He realized his tongue is too big to fit her tightness. It can only wiggle around, trying its best to get as deep as it can. His fingers made their circular movements on her now well-engorged clit. 

Nicole tried to move away as the pleasure he was giving her with his mastery and slavering touch, nibbling and suckling were too much for her to handle, but Mike locked his arms around her thighs and kept her in place, leaving her no option but to suck and take his shaft deeper into her throat. She wanted to make him feel the way he was making her feel right at the very moment. She took him deep in her mouth, so deep she felt its head collided with the back of her throat, making her gag, squeezing him inside her mouth.  

“Fuck! Mmmmm…” it drove him wilder to eat her pussy with ardent passion. With his hardened tongue, he flicked her clit and sucked on it till it reaches the roof of his mouth. 

Tossing her to an indescribable sensation of orgasm from her toes to every nerve in her stiffening body.  

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Nicole groaned in a pure euphoric end. 

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