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( Love Me Like I Do... )


Three days later, Golden Brains high**

The students are patiently waiting for the results of their project presentation since they must have it before the graduation party tommorow, the finalists can be seen laughing and chatting with each other in groups inside the class and it's more fun cos they'll soon be leaving so the excitement is top notch

"Highschool is too problematic I swear" Laurette said

" That's because you're lazy" Eros replied and Laurette hit his arm playfully

"Never knew I'll have a boyfriend before leaving highschool" Miley said

" You had that thought when you were still obsessed with Shane" Sydney replied 

" Shut up" Miley said and that made them laugh

" By the way where's the honey and the bee?" Warren asked

"Here we are" Shane replied, just coming in with Elena and their walking steps is even stylish, they're wearing same hoodie and same face cap which they wore backwards, then same sneakers and necklaces

"OMG!!!!!" Everyone screamed as they walked into the class with radiant smiles on their faces

"You guys look cute" Sydney said

"I swear" Laurette replied

Miley stood and went to Warren's laps to sit there

"Babe, we're in school" Warren said

"Who cares, the king and queen of oppression are here and I won't wanna be oppressed" Miley replied as Shane and Elena sat on a table together

"I love your perfume" Eros said

"It's called passion, I can order for you" Elena replied

"Why would you order perfume for another guy" Shane replied

" He has started again, Eros is your friend" Laurette laughed

"Ion care, I'll get it for Eros myself" Shane replied , smiling and winking at Elena

" So now, where do you plan on attending university?" Warren asked Miley, slipping his hand on her waist

" Anywhere you go for yours* she replied

" She's crazy" Sydney laughed

"Ion care, so far it's for him, I'll go Gaga" Miley replied

"I need air, I'm gonna die of blushing" Warren said

" Crazy guy, well I'll be going to any university that'll take me since I'm not that brilliant" Laurette replied

" Same here" Sydney added

" Oxford" Eros said

"Same here, I and my Princess will be going to Oxford" Shane replied

" Why?, Thought you guys will be going for the couple models thing" Warren replied

" Yes, Glow studios have have a branch in America so that gat us covered" Elena replied, holding Shane's hand

" Well I've always wanted to attend Havard" Warren said

"then we go together" Miley replied

"I gat you baby" Warren replied, kissing her neck

"We're in class you both!" Sydney said

"Just say you're jealous" Miley sticked out her tongue and they all laughed

"What is your brother gonna do about Mr Tannar?, Is he gonna continue locking him up?, He's his in-law and their wedding is on Friday" Warren asked

" he says he'll release him once he's ready to return the money the swindlers took away from das and Mr Tanner is ready to do that so I guess he'll be out soon" Miley replied

" Presentation results is out, check your results online" a student said and they all took their phones to check

" We got 79!" Laurette screamed first

"That's because Warren helped us, you weren't even concerned" Miley said

" Sorry baby , and I love you" Laurette replied and winked

"69, cool" Sydney smiled

"95" Warren and Eros said and stuck hands

They all faced Shane and Elena

"Aren't you both gonna talk?, Lemme guess, 90?" Eros said 

They both showed everyone their phones and everyone gasped


"One mark difference, how did you guys do it" Warren said

"Lovers cooperation baby, we cooperated and we love each other, that's why, the little secret of it" Shane said, pulling Elena into a tight hug

"Thanks for making this possible princess" he said

"You too, it wouldn't have been successful without you honeydrop" she replied

" Now let's prepare for the party tomorrow!" Sydney screamed

" I love parties!!!" Laurette screamed and the whole class started jubilating.

Tara's house**

"What are these?" She asked immediately Dre entered

The house has been equipped with housewares before she came back from work and when she found out it's him, she called for him and he came

"I got them, since I told you to allow me to get another house for you but you declined, at least let me buy these, you need it if you wanna live here comfortably" Dre replied

"But they're all expensive, I mean it costs a lot and...." 

" Shut up and just start using them already" Dre interrupted

She smiled and came to hug him tightly. " Thanks, I don't know what I did to deserve you though" she said

He smiled and hugged her more tightly to himself

"I'm not perfect and I'm not romantic, but I promise to do my best" he said

She broke the hug and smiled at him. " Who told you you're not romantic?, You're overly and super romantic" she chuckled

" I love you" Dre said, holding her face in his palm

"Same here" she replied

"Not accepted" he replied

"I love you more" she smiled and stood on her toes to kiss him but he carried her and let her arms go round his neck before responding to the kiss.


Cheryl and Arie are sitting patiently in the living room when Gabby came in, he has just been released from the cops after he payed all the money the scammers scammed Alan of

Though it doesn't affect him much but it still left a scar on him

He fell on the couch and inhaled hard

"Now you know being greedy is harmful" Arie said

"Dad I'm glad it ended this way, at least you learnt your lesson, and most importantly, it made me meet my sweetheart" she replied

" It's ok to get hurt, if it brings out something cool, the cool thing is that you learnt your lesson" Arie said

Gabby looked up like a confused person before clearing his throat

"Maybe I was selfish, maybe I really deserve it, I'm just addicted with being the only one in the spotlight, I'm sorry" he said

" You just said sorry" Arie said

" Dad " Cheryl said surprisingly

"Will you pick up my suit for me tomorrow?, I mean for the wedding" Gabby said

" OMG!!" Cheryl screamed and went to hug him tight

Arie smiled at the union and wished it'll continue like that forever.


"Stop crying dad" Miley said to Alan who has been in tears since his arrival from the hospital

"He returned the money, nothing to cry about" Tanya said

" I'm just sorry, I've never been a good father, now I know" he sobbed

" Thank God you know" Louis replied

" I'm sorry, I take it as my big mistake" he replied soberly

"So far you'll start behaving like a human and break up with Euros, I've forgiven you" Miley said, sitting on his chair arm

" If you'd apologise to Louis, I'd forgive you and I'm sure he'll do that too" Tanya said

Alan looked at Alan direct in the eyes and smiled sadly

"I'm sorry son" he said and Louis smiled

"One more time dad" he said

"I'm sorry son" Alan said again

"Don't be late, the wedding will be 12pm prompt on Friday" Louis said and Alan smiled widely


Anticipate a new story tommorow



Daisy travelled out of the country right after she was discharged cos she recognized no one and doctor said there's a great possibility that she might not recover forever.

Friday, 12:55pm**

"I, Cheryl Tanner take Louis Diamond as my husband, to love, to care for, to stay with him in summer, winter, through autumn and spring, love him with all my heart for the rest of my life" Cheryl said, smiling as Louis made the vow too

Louis didn't wait for the MC to tell him to kiss the bride before raising up her veil and kissed the angel in front of her

They were applauded loudly and Alan looked at Gabby with a smile on his face

"Thanks for teaching me a lesson" Alan said

"I lost a lot of Euros though" Gabby replied

" Thanks for saving me" Alan smiled and they hugged tightly

" They're cute" Tanya giggled as they kept kissing for almost two minutes

"I know right?, I love them" Arie replied

"Let's hope this will bring a lot of blessings to both families" Tanya said

" Sure" Arie replied 

" Your sis is so cute" Miley said to Elena

" Your bro is adorable too, they're both compatible, their baby will be so cute" Elena replied and they hugged too

" Should we hug too?" Louis asked Warren and Eros

They smiled and had a group hug

"Mr Carl" Arie said when he suddenly appeared

"Dad you came" Elena said, going to cling to him immediately

"Thanks for coming" Arie said

"My pleasure" he replied, winking at Elena

"You're so cute" Elena gushed

"Thanks Amore" he replied and hugged her

"I'm jealous" Shane said 

Carl touched his hair and Shane smiled

"I love you sir" he said and hugged Carl who hugged him back 

"You're one freaking jealous dude" Carl said

*Thanks for the compliments" Shane replied

*It wasn't a compliment" Carl replied

" I take it as one" he replied, breaking the hug

"Meet the latest couple in town, Cheryl and Louis Diamond!" The MC announced 

"They finally finished kissing" Elena smiled

"Our kiss will be longer than theirs on our wedding day" Shane whispered into her ear

*I can't wait" she replied and he bit his lips before winking at her

" Honey" she blushed

"Princess" he smiled and kissed her hand as Louis and Cheryl kissed yet again!


Cheryl gave birth to a baby girl and truly, another Samantha with blue eyes came, Elena's look alike.

Love continued blooming and reigning...till forever.


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