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( Love Me Like I Do... )


He removed his lips from hers and placed it on her neck, sucking desperately on it as if she's some kind of juice

"Ah..." She gasped again, holding tightly unto him

He left a lot of hickeys before letting go of her neck then he slipped his hand under her blouse and attacked her b**bs directly

The feel of his soft hand on her is so good that her moans escalated and filled up the whole room but he decreased it by taking in her lips in his mouth again

She can feel her own wetness against her panties already and right now she knows she wants more, she broke the kiss and looked intently at his beautiful eyes.

"Let's do it" they both said at the same time

" Are you sure?, It'll be painful but I promise to go gentle" he said, caressing her cheeks as she continued breathing heavily

"I trust you" she said and he kissed her lightly again before bringing out something from his trousers pocket, it's protection and he kissed her again after taking it

"I love you" he said

"More more honey* she replied, closing her eyes as he flipped her clothes over her head



"You've been on the phone for almost an hour, who are you talking with?" Tanya said and Miley stood from the chair arm she has been sitting on

"No one" she smiled

"You have a boyfriend?" Tanya said and she only smiled

" Meaning I'm right?, Who's he?, Is he handsome?" Tanya teased

" Of course my boo is handsome, he's the most brilliant and he's cute, he tells me I'm beautiful and that no matter what, he'll always love me" Miley boasted

" Cute, so you had your first kiss yet?" Tanya continued teasing 

" Mum..." Miley said and ran upstairs while Tanya laughed

Her phone rang beside her and she picked quickly when she saw it's Louis

"Son" she smiled

"I'm suing Gabby Tanner to court tomorrow, I'm ready to let go of the evidence" he said

" Oh dear, thanks for taking pity on Mr Euros, I'm sure he'd have learnt his lessons by now" Tanya smiled before hanging up

" Alan you're so lucky you have a considerate son" she heaved.


"Can't believe we're still at work by this time, it's so tiring, why did the ingredients not arrive on time?" Tara complained, holding her arm as she returned to the SR department with Joanne

It's past 11 and they're still at work

"This happens sometimes, get used to it, but there are vacant rooms at the 3rd floor and you can rest there" Joanne replied

" Oh, thanks, have you seen Dre?" She asked

" Dre?" Joanne smiled

" Oh I mean... Mr Marcus" she replied quickly

Joanne bent closer and smiled. " I know you both are going out, don't try to hide it when it's so obvious" she said and left hurriedly

" That nose poker" Tara grimaced and left for Dre's office

She knocked but unusually, she heard nothing so she entered and met him sleeping on his chair

She smiled and closed the door before entering fully

She sat on the table in front of him and sighed

"Great Mr ugly" she said, bending to blow air on his face 

"He's handsome" she thought

"And now that I look at him very well, he has special facial features" she continued and made to touch his face when the urge came but he suddenly held her hand and she gasped when his eyes flew open

"What were you doing to me" he said

"I'm sorry Dre, I mean... Mr Marcus, I'm.." she stopped and looked at him

" I'm tired" she said and Dre smiled

"Want me to relieve your tiredness?" Dre said , pulling her to his laps which made her gasp again as his eyes quickly surveyed her lips

"How?" She asked 

"Like this" he said and attached his lips to hers, making her eyes widen in shock

She wanted to fight it at first but she found herself kissing him back and before she knew it, her hands are already in his shinny dark hair


Next day**

Louis smiled as he entered the cops station that morning, Gabby is seated already with his company executives 

"You uncircumcised b*stard!, How dare you file a case against me when I'm not the cause of your father's misfortune!* Gabby yelled

"Calm down Mr Gabby, I've got evidence, if not, I won't be so confident, don't be rash" Louis smiled, handing a memory card to the cops which was inserted into a flash drive and when the recording was played, Gabby went mute

"I was coming to see you in your office that day, I'm talking about 15th of last month, I eavesdropped you planning with the crooks you pushed my gullible father to, have any other thing to say?" Louis smiled

" No!, No he's an idiot!, Don't believe him!, Don't believe him!" Gabby kept shouting as he was apprehended by the cops

" I'm Gabby Tanner!, How dare you handcuff me!, How dare you!" He kept ranting

"You're just not fit to be Cheryl's father I swear it" Louis said.



Cheryl is standing behind Louis's bedroom door with only her shorts and white singlet, waiting for him to open the door cos she told her not to

He was pampering her before but since the pregnancy, the pampering increased and she can't ask for more, he comes back earlier from work just because of her and while at work, he calls her close to ten times before coming home

It took too long and she knocked again

"Just a minute baby!" Louis voice said from the inside

"I can't wait anymore!" She replied and went I'm but was shocked at what he's holding

A big frame on which "LET'S GET MARRIED NEXT WEEK BABYGIRL" was written

"OMG!" She almost screamed

" I was planning to write something on a cardboard and show you, that's what took so long, sorry for keeping you waiting" he smiled

" Louis" she smiled, feeling every single tingling feeling

He took the cardboard from the bed and showed her

"ANYTHING FOR MY EVERYTHING" was written on it

"You invented that line but I've come to love it, I know this proposal is not romantic but I also know only what we feel matters" he said

" Louis this is surprising" she smiled

" I know, what do you say?" Louis replied

Cheryl smiled like a Cheshire cat as she rushed to him and jumped into his arms, wrapped her legs on his waist

"When should it be?, Thursday or Friday?" She asked

"Friday will be better babygirl" he smiled, their breaths mixing with each other

" Then I'm all yours, you're getting married to me and our baby" Cheryl laughed

" Of course, polygamous family" Louis laughed too

" Kiss your babygirl Mr handsome" Cheryl said, leaning in

"My pleasure" Louis smiled and let his lips cover hers.

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