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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Louis heaped Cheryl In his arms and rushed out of the floor, he took the lift fearfully, calling Cheryl's name repeatedly but she's really unconscious till he got out of the company and placed her delicately in the car

He got in and without waiting for the driver, he drove them to the hospital and she was quickly taken from him and pushed into the hospital on a stretcher

Louis waited impatiently in the reception, pacing up and down restlessly and he almost entered the ward to check on her but he was obstructed and told to calm down

He decided to do that though with great difficulty till the doctor came out with a big smile on his face

"How's my baby doing?, She's fine sure?" He asked impatiently

" Mr Diamond, you need to breath, give your lungs some air" the doctor said

" What really happened?" He asked again, breathing heavily

"Congratulations, you'll soon be a father cos she's a month pregnant" the doctor said and Louis held him tight by the shoulders

"Are you serious right now?, Like my babygirl is carrying my baby?" He said, feeling loads of joy getting disposed to his stomach

" Yes Mr Diamond, and you should go see her, she's awake, she collapsed cos of stress and you know what that means, handle her with care from now on, no stress or work, no. ..."

Louis is already on his way to the ward before he could finish

He entered the ward and saw Cheryl sitting on the bed and when she saw him, she smiled widely

"My everything" she said fondly

Louis covered the distance between them and bent in front of her then lifted up her blouse from her stomach

"My baby is in here" he said, caressing the belly delicately

"Yes, our baby, our Samantha" she smiled

"Our Teddy" he pouted childishly

" No it's a girl so she's definitely Samantha" Cheryl insisted 

" Anyone is fine, so far it's our baby" Louis said, kissed her belly before covering it, then he gently pulled her up from the bed and hugged her tightly

"Thanks for doing this for me, I'm so over joyous, Cheryl I love you so much" he gushed 

" Love you more sweetheart, and thanks for planting the seed In me, your action brought this forward" she said and he kissed her hair gently

" I'll do everything to pamper you I swear, no work for you anymore, just stay home and eat for me" he said

" Then you'll be the only one doing everything in the company?" She asked, breaking the hug but he hugged her again and let his lips stay directly on her ear before talking

"Anything for my everything" he said

"I give in" she smiled and closed her eyes, embracing the moment but it was interrupted when Daisy was pushed in on a stretcher past the door to the next ward, it was Joanne who came with her

"I saw her at the coffee room by the door, she's unconscious so I decided to bring her" she explained

" She was planning to drug you so your sexual urge will rise and you know what happens if she enters the office that moment, I heard when she was discussing it with Jen but I kept quiet in the office and decided to pretend like I heard nothing, then you came back and I left for the staffs address but I never left, I came back to eavesdrop on what they were saying, Jen was about to come to your office to give you the coffee when I intervened, luckily I've got a metal pipe with me, I removed it from one of the chairs, I hit it on her head and she went unconscious, then I felt dizzy and fell too, that's all I know" Cheryl said

" What!, Drug me?, So she has not relented, well it's cool that she got caught in the act, after she wakes up, she'll be arrested and wherever Jen is, she'll be arrested too trust me" Louis said , holding her hand

" Never knew Jen could be so ridiculous" Joanne said

"Humans for you" Cheryl said

The doctor in charge of Daisy came out to them and with the way he's not smiling, it's sure something is wrong

"Did she hit her head somewhere?" He asked

"Something was actually hit on her head" Joanne replied

" I'm sorry but, she might take a while before waking up and the x-ray scan of her head shows her brain was affected" the doctor said

" Meaning?" Cheryl asked

" So many things result from such but the most common is maybe memory loss " the doctor replied

" That's even better in her situation but even if she ends up with memory loss, I'll still sue her" Louis said seriously.


A week later**

Golden Brains exams is over and project presentation is tommorow

Glam studio**

"Bend over a little bit" the photographer said to Elena who has her hands on her waist with her legs parted and that made her heels stand out on that jean

She's wearing a white backless singlet which revealed most of her fresh body

Yeah, now she can boast of a fresh body and her dream of becoming a model just got refined

She did as the photographer instructed and several photos were clicked, she changed several times and Shane won't stop smiling at the hotness she exudes

"Is that really my Princess?" He asked himself, blushing as he stared

" Well Shane, she's all yours, no f*cking enemy anywhere, you own her and she owns you, case closed" his subconscious told him and he chuckled as he went to the stage to snap his personal pictures after which they snapped together

"The feelings on your faces is something else, you guys are awesome to be couple models" the shooter said

" Couple models?" They chorused

" Yes, it's the new style we're trying out here, boyfriend and girlfriend who shares same dream of becoming models gets to work together" he replied

Elena looked at Shane and they winked at each other before facing the shooter again

"We're in" they said at a time




Getting home that night very happy for the dream they just achieved, Elena jumped on the bed happily

She's staying with her dad but she comes for sleepovers at Shane's almost everyday

Shane climbed the bed beside her after taking a cool shower

"You're so beautiful" he said, face palming himself and centering his stare on her

"You're handsome and hot" she chuckled, doing the same

"Now my baby is fresh, but trust me even if your body looks like that forever, I'll still love you" he smiled

" Sounds sweet, how did we even meet?" She asked

"At yummy yummy restaurant where I mistook you for Samantha" he replied

" Yes, now I remember, you know since that day you've been handsome, the first time I saw you, I thought you're the most handsome guy I've ever seen" she replied

" From the beginning, you've always been gorgeous, everywhere" Shane said naughtily

" Gorgeous everywhere?, I think that goes deeper than I think" she said

" Of course, but ion wanna scare you so it's better I keep shut" he smiled

*You haven't even seen me not to talk of going there and you've concluded already that I'm gorgeous down there?" Elena said

" I'm not saying that, but definitely you'll be gorgeous down there" Shane replied, still smiling

Elena swiftly climbed him and sat on his tummy

"Hey, I'm suffocating" Shane groaned.

" Aren't you a virgin?, Did you make out with Samantha?" Elena asked

"Trust me I never did" he replied

" Oh, then how do you know I'm sweet down there? " She asked naughtily

" You're being a pervert tonight" he said, holding her hips delicately

*Just feel like being a pervert" she smiled and bent over to kiss him shortly

" You taste sweeter" Shane said, licking his lips

"Well I'm always sweet" she replied and made to climb off him but he sat up and her butt slipped off his tummy to his laps, she felt his hardness immediately and smiled as he held her waist to himself

"Now I know how much I'm capable of" she said

" Now that you know, what are you gonna do Princess?" Shane asked, gently rubbing her butt

" Anything possible, let's make it tonight" Elena said and smiled

Shane grabbed her hair and pulled it backwards before attaching his lips to hers hardly, letting his hardness rub her delicate part.

Elena's breath became intensified as he sucked on her lower lip, he bit it fondly and that made a moan escape her lips as he explored her mouth like what he owns

"Of course he owns me" her mind told her

His hand attacked her boobs suddenly and that caused a gasp which fell in his mouth

"You're succulent Princess, moan my name" Shane said silently between the kiss

They've never kissed like this before and it seems like it's passing the normal level but they're both lost right now

"Shane...." Elena moaned over and over again 

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