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( The Reasonable Deciples of blackrock peak(1)

The competition continued.

The disciples with poor strength were weeded out, while those with distinguishable power moved on with the competition.
Zen was already halfway through the competition, but he hadn’t encountered a strong and remarkable competitor yet.

Meanwhile, there were two disciples who underestimated Zen when they first saw him. One was from Azure Peak, and the other from Blackrock Peak. Although the two of them were at nature level consummation, both had prominent and notable capabilities since they had been selected to participate in the famous All Peaks Competition.

At first, they were under the impression that Zen had defeated Cecil just because of luck, so they were confident that they could beat Zen easily on the field.

However, to their astonishment, the result of the competition was not what they thought it would be. The constant blow and strike of Zen’s hard fists gave them no chance to fight back at all. In the end, they ran out of power and spirit and lay on the floor exhausted.

There was only silence when the two fights were concluded. Everyone was astonished and amazed at how strong and powerful Zen was. They didn’t know yet which realm he belonged to, but they were certain that the only person who could match his strength was Rocher.

The remaining part of the competition went on smoothly for Zen. Most of his competitors would just show up to the stage and fight him for a short time then eventually give up. A few of them would instantly admit their defeat by not showing up to the stage at all. They all knew the gap of their strength with Zen and didn’t want to end up injured or wounded, so they wouldn’t dare try. As a result, the competition became more like an amusement to Zen.
As the competition continued, the strengths of the talented disciples from thirty-three peaks were gradually revealed.
So far, Zen had eleven consecutive wins without any defeat, which evidently was an extremely notable score among all the competitors. Some of his fights brought the interest and applause of the people like the ones with Mack and Cecil.

Like Zen, Rocher was also winning consecutively. But in contrast, Rocher’s strike was more definite and intense than Zen’s. Also, he had defeated some strong and competitive opponents that made his demonstration much more significant than Zen’s, no matter if it was the competition with Kim Yue from Jade Peak, the one with Shawn Xu from Ninety-foot Peak, or the one with the only one candidate of the Illuminating Soul Realm of Vulture Peak: Marvin Ma. None of those could easily be underestimated.
And what made Rocher even more dazzling and attractive was the fact that he did not pull out his sword in the whole competition.
A swordsman who didn’t use his sword but defeated his opponents with his bare fists was unbelievable and amazing.
Moreover, he gave everyone the fantasy of how quite powerful he must be if he used his sword.

People started to exchange their opinions enthusiastically about the result of the whole competition. Some even predicted that Rocher would get the final success in All Peaks Competition as a disciple of nature level consummation realm. The result would break the record of the whole Cloud Sect history.

As for Zen, much as he had displayed the remarkable outburst of his strength, he didn’t draw as much attention from the audience as Rocher did in his rounds. It wasn’t only because he was in a lower realm and was not sufficiently experienced, but because comparing to Rocher, he encountered some comparatively weaker competitors.
People assumed that if he had faced a strong competitor like a disciple of Illuminating Soul Realm from Skytop Peak or from Blackrock Peak, he wouldn’t have that consecutive wins.

Apart from Zen and Rocher who were maintaining the consecutive wins, Jill from Lady Peak was having exceptional performance as well. Like Zen, she was not even in the nature level consummation realm. She was currently in Grade 9 of nature level, so having taken down quite a few competitors of nature level consummation realm and one of Illuminating Soul Realm made her look extraordinary and notable among all the disciples.
As lots of the participants were ruled out and the competition was close to the next stage, only thirteen persons kept winning throughout the whole competition. Aside from Zen, Rocher, and Jill who were nature creatures, the remaining ten persons were: Wing and Sheeny from Skytop Peak, Even and Dick from Blackrock Peak, Jason from Azure Peak, Marshall from Daylily Peak, Hansel from Skyrain Peak and so on.

The audience got more excited and thrilled than ever. They were looking forward to seeing the competition take place between any two of these thirteen ever-victorious disciples.
The audience was expecting that the participants would demonstrate their best capabilities that would make the competition much more interesting than before. It would be unlikely to see some give-up scenario among these top participants.

As if hearing their hearts’ desire, Cloud Sect announced the groups for the next round.

Zen’s competitor was finally assigned.

“Zen from Drizzle Peak will compete against Dick from Blackrock Peak,” the referee announced.

The announcement instantly brought a din of hot discussions amongst the crowd.
“I don’t think Zen can hold onto his consecutive wins any longer now that he’s going to fight Dick. Dick is not only a top disciple of Blackrock Peak, but also on the top fifty Cloud Sect list.”

“The result is so predictable. I’m placing my bet on Dick. But it seems the compensation rate is low because many people have already placed theirs on Dick. What if I place mine on Zen? Any chance he can win?”

“There is no way Zen can defeat Dick. I guess Zen will just give up this time. To him, the consecutive wins is already a success. He has already earned the glamour and reputation from the competition. There is no point in confronting Dick and getting his ass kicked. Do you remember how hard Zen hit Blackrock Peak’s disciple Mack last time? If Zen doesn’t give up, then he is bound to be tortured badly. It will be more like a revenge than a competition to Dick.”

In spite of how well Zen had performed in the previous rounds, no one was confident that he could beat Dick Zhou in this round.

The impression became even clearer when the final compensation rate came out. In this match, if Zen defeated Dick, the compensation rate would be one to nine. But if Dick won, it would be one to one. People booed at the vivid contrast of the compensation rate because it was as if the result had been fixed in ahead.

Almost everyone bet on Dick.

After the referee’s announcement, Zen prepared to get onto the stage.

Master Wen, who had been sitting next to Zen, was upset and worried by the time the competition was about to begin. As he was ready to remind Zen, the latter stopped him by waving his hand and smiled awkwardly. “Master Wen, please stop smothering me,” he said.

Master Wen had always been protective of Zen. He was like a nagging mother, reminding and giving him advice all the time. But it was the same sermon that Zen would always receive. “You must learn to protect yourself. It does not matter if you lose. If you think you cannot defeat him, just give up. You have already been promoted into the next round anyway.”

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