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 Season 4

Episode 89

(Indestructible Physical body)

"Zen, just throw in the towel!"    Master Wen and the other disciples were silently praying for Zen to cave in. At that very moment, they didn't care about winning in the competition, but Zen's life.    

 However, Zen didn't listen and kept on rushing towards the wind blades.     

The irregular-shaped thick blades attacked Zen from all directions.    


Then the blades finally hit and stabbed Zen's body, creating sickening sounds.     The robe that Zen was wearing was still new, but it was instantly cut into pieces when the blades fell on it.     

He looked like a firecracker from an angle bursting in an instant as the tiny pieces of his clothes scattered in all directions.   

"It's too late. I'm afraid that he's been cut into pieces," a disciple murmured as he watched the pieces of Zen's clothes fly around. But to his surprise, when the view started to be clear, he saw a naked body in the air.    

 It was a nearly perfect body–smooth skin with a healthy metallic shine, physically attractive, well-proportioned, and full of power. The body didn't have any visible physical damage.     

But as they looked closely, they saw some tiny marks on his body left by the blades that hit him.     

"I can't believe it! How can he survive the attack from the blades without any damage?" a disciple said with disbelief in his eyes.     

He wasn't the only one who couldn't believe what he was seeing. All the other disciples were also shocked.     

Even Kenneth who showed no care for anything suddenly stood up and stared at Zen's body.   

The disciples from Lady Peak who were silently staring at the naked Zen suddenly moved their eyes to Zen's lower torso. Their faces suddenly turned red and they let out a scream. They had to turn their faces away to hide their blushing cheeks and covered their eyes with their hands even though they still couldn't help peeping at him.    

 But there was one female disciple who just kept staring at the naked Zen. She pursed her lips into a smile and her eyes were filled with excitement. She said, "Patrick, it seems that you have boasted. I am afraid that even your King Kong Cover cannot match with his flesh skin."    
Patrick Pei cultivated himself according to Buddhist doctrine and the nature of his mind was his vital asset. His creed in life was "not to be pleased by external gains, and not saddened by personal losses". In the past, he could always maintain his inner peace and let his mind be calm and stable no matter what the circumstances. However, at this moment, the surprise in his eyes was hard to conceal. Hearing the words from Tracy Mo's mouth, he replied with self-mockery, "You're right. I guess I have underestimated him. This guy's body is far stronger than I have imagined, and I wonder how he did it."  

The martial artists in Eastern Region commonly practiced their life vitality after they stepped into the level of nature creatures, suspending the practice of the flesh body. And people seldom practiced both life vitality and flesh body. 

Therefore, both the Illuminating Soul Realm masters and Marrow Refining level practitioners were equal in terms of their body strength. The only essential difference between the two realms was their life vitality.     

So it was uncommon to see Zen's strong body.    

 "Things are really getting exciting! I really want to make a hole in his body and hear him beg for his life." Tracy Mo said with her face showing uncontrolled excitement.     

Patrick Pei smiled faintly and said, "His flesh is as hard as diamond and I'm afraid you can't cut it."    

Tracy quirked her lips contemptuously, "I haven't fought with him yet. What makes you think I can't? I'm not a jerk like Cecil and it's easy to knock down someone like Cecil."  

Patrick just shook his head and made no further comment. He continued to focus on the competition.     

All the disciples who participated in the All Peaks Competition were extremely surprised with Zen's excellent performance.    

 But the person who was more surprised by the turn of events was Zen's opponent–Cecil. He was certain that Zen would die after he was hit by the cyclone of blades.   

  The Zhuge Clan had promised Cecil that if he could kill Zen, he would be rewarded with the White Jade Pill. Its value was beyond dispute because of the difficulty in obtaining one. For a person at Illuminating Soul Realm, this pill could greatly enhance his practice.   

  He had witnessed Zen dashed into the cyclone of blades and his clothes shattered into pieces. But he didn't expect to see him survive the attack without any wound or physical damage.   

Cecil stammered. 'What else can I do? I can't believe the blades didn't kill him.    

 Am I going to break that taboo? Is that the only way?' he thought to himself. Cecil gritted his teeth and hesitated for a moment.     

He knew very well that he couldn't cut through Zen's body unless he used a forbidden martial art at the expense of his blood essence.    

 The power of the forbidden martial art was overwhelming that even Cecil himself could not fully control. And to use this forbidden martial art, he had to use his own blood essence. He was in the lower hand right now.     

When he was lost in his own thoughts, several blades of wind suddenly surrounded him.     

"This is no good! The two cyclones are intertwining with each other!" Cecil was not in a safe place right now, and all he could do was try to avoid the blades in the field.   

The Twins Chaos Cyclone was so powerful that even Cecil himself was unable to control it. As a result, the match turned out to be surviving the wind of blades, and whoever survived it would be the winner.     

Zen could easily dodge the blades with his strong body. But Cecil could not, and he could instantly die with just one hit from a blade.     

These blades were everywhere except in the eye of the cyclone. Although Cecil was at Illuminating Soul Realm and could fly, he just continuously jumped to avoid the blades, appearing to be slightly embarrassed.    

 It wasn't only the blades that Cecil needed to dodge but also Zen's attacks.    
Zen let himself be absorbed by the cyclone of blades but didn't pass a chance to attack Cecil. When the gust of blades wrapped Zen and pushed him towards Cecil, he took the opportunity to attack.     

Though he had many ways to beat Cecil, he still chose the simplest and most straightforward way: the fist.   

He knew that he would face more powerful disciples than Cecil in the following competitions, so he had to play all his cards well until he reached the final match. In fact, he didn't want anyone to find out about this physical body because this was one of his most powerful weapons.     

However, at that moment, he couldn't control himself and just dashed into the blades of wind, shattering his robe into pieces.    

 Zen felt uncomfortable fighting naked and wanted to end their match sooner.   

  Watching Zen head straight for him, Cecil tried to avoid him. He assumed that Zen's strength must be the same with his body, so if Zen hit him with that fist, he would certainly be defeated.   

  His judgment was right, but his fortune was running out. Just as he was about to step back, a blade of wind suddenly appeared behind him.   

Should he dodge it? But then he would be hit by Zen's fist.   

Dodge Zen's fist? But then the blade of wind would finish him off.     

After a moment, he chose to face Zen's fist. He quickly moved and successfully dodged the blade of wind behind him, and then Zen hit him head-on with his fist.     

After being punched by Zen, he instantly regretted his decision.     

If he could turn back time, he would choose to be cut by the blade of wind rather than be punched by Zen.    


Zen concentrated all his strength to his fist and slammed it onto Cecil's body. It was such a heavy blow that Cecil's body spun as he was catapulted like a sandbag.    

 Finally, his body hit on the light curtain of enchanted barrier and slowly slid down.     

Then he lost consciousness.    

 The referee saw what happened and hurriedly ran to the field. The chaos cyclone on the arena was soon suppressed down with just a wave of the referee's hand. Then he announced, "The winner of this match is Zen from Drizzle Peak."  

After he was announced as the winner, Zen stepped out of the field.     

When Master Wen saw Zen exit the field, he ran to him and handed him a robe. Zen quickly put it on.     

"Oh, Zen, you are a marvel! You defeated Cecil! Good job!" said Master Wen. He could no longer contain his excitement. 

    Although Zen had also beaten some strong opponents previously, Cecil was different. Unlike Cecil, his previous opponents were not on the high ranks in the Cloud Sect list. Cecil was at the level of Illuminating Soul Realm, and he ranked eighty-third on the Cloud Sect chart.     

And now that Zen had defeated Cecil, his rank on the top 100 disciples was set in stone.     

Just as Yehudi prophesied, Zen might make a remarkable difference for Drizzle Peak.    

 What made it more amazing was that Zen was only seventeen years old and at grade-two nature level.   

It was indeed a miracle that a person at grade-two nature level would be in the top 100 of the Cloud Sect chart. If Zen could break through nature level and reached Illuminating Soul Realm in the future, he could be in the top rank of the Cloud Sect list and might be the first place in the future All Peaks Competitions.    

 Master Wen thought it would not be a long way off. He believed that Zen could do it in the next All Peaks Competition.   

  But little did Master Wen know that Zen didn't want to wait for the next All Peaks Competition. He was aiming to take the first place in this year's competition with his current grade-two nature level!

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