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 Season 4

Episode 87

(Flying (1)

The Phoenix Crystal in Zen's right arm was a special kind of crystal. The Phoenix Crystal was said to be a feather that a phoenix once dropped as it streaked across the sky in ancient times.     

When the feather fell to the earth, it was enveloped by the resin of a pine tree. After thousands of years of evolvement, the tiny piece of essence that had been concealed in the feather spread through the resin and eventually formed the crystal.     

That was the legend. No one knew exactly how the Phoenix Crystal came into being.    

 But a weapon refiner from the Eastern Region discovered the unique features of the Phoenix Crystal. He then inlaid the Phoenix Crystal into a weapon and found that it could reduce the weight of the weapon.     

For instance, when the Phoenix Crystal was embedded into a ghostly machete that weighed 1000 pounds, its weight reduced to less than 200 pounds.   

Although the Phoenix Crystal was pretty rare, there were still quite a number of weapons equipped with one. However, no one had ever tried to inset a Phoenix Crystal into a man's flesh!     

After all, a human body was very different from a weapon. But due to the peculiar weapon refining method Zen had been practicing, he had managed to convert his body into a weapon. This was why he was able to embed the Phoenix Crystal into his arm.     

When faced with Cecil's Twins Chaos Cyclone, Zen activated the Phoenix Crystal in his right arm. A smile appeared on Zen's face when he felt the energy from the Phoenix Crystal spread through his body.     

As the energy of the Phoenix Crystal poured into his body, Zen felt his weight decrease sharply...     


With a whirl of wild wind, Zen began to move.     

Zen was surprised that he didn't need to use any strength. Since he was as light as a feather, the wind simply picked him up. Now, he was flying over the arena in the wind, following the route of the wind and spiraling up.   

"Gee, Zen is flying!"   

 "Only practitioners at the Illuminating Soul Realm can fly. But can he do it?"  

  "Something is not right. It looks like the wind has caught him. He is merely at the second grade of the nature level. It's impossible for him to fly."    

"Nonsense! Caught by the wind? How can that be? Does he look like a kite to you? Even if the cyclone summoned by Cecil can carry people, it can't lift them like that!"   

 Disciples of Drizzle Peak burst into excited whispers. They were clueless about how Zen was able to fly.    

Right now, Zen was circling over the arena along with the wind. Since he kept flying downwind, he was soaring in the same direction and at the same speed as the wind blades generated by the whirlwind. This direction kept him safe from those sharp wind blades.    
Cecil, who was standing in the middle of the arena, was shocked. His mouth fell open in disbelief.   

For a combatant like him who had entered the Illuminating Soul Realm, flying was not a difficult task. More specifically, since Cecil had been practicing using his life vitality like the wind, he was knowledgeable about airflows and wind momentum. He never thought that Zen would fly.     

After hearing the discussions of the other disciples, Cecil was at a loss as well. 'Can this guy fly with the wind like a kite?    

 If Zen keeps heading in the direction of the whirlwind that I summoned, then there is no way for me to hurt him.     

He is flying downwind, right?' Cecil's brows furrowed. Once more, he held up the feather fan. But this time, he fanned frantically in the opposite direction.     

The Twins Chaos Cyclone was devised to cause a colossal whirlwind by letting the life vitality released from the Twins Fan in his hand disrupt the direction of airflow. Cecil could also control the wind blades inside the tornado.   

It could be said that he was able to cut everything within the scope of the whirlwind into pieces with the wind blades.    

 However, since Zen was heading along the direction of the wind, he was able to dodge the numerous wind blades.    

 Having noticed that the Twins Chaos Cyclone had failed to harm Zen, Cecil began fanning in the opposite direction...     

His actions generated a second Twins Chaos Cyclones. Never had Cecil done such a thing before, and so he had no idea what would happen.     


 The two powerful but opposite direction cyclones crashed into each other. The clashing of the wind blades produced an ear-piercing noise. After that, the bigger turbulences that were caused by the collision hammered into one another at varied angles. The whole arena was in chaos and looked quite appalling.   

Many disciples seemed horror-stricken. They all gasped.     

In previous battles, practitioners at the Illuminating Soul Realm fighting against cultivators at the peak of the nature level did not go all out. Even during the battle between Rocher and Kim, they stopped attacking at an appropriate time. 

Although it was quite an excellent battle, it was less fierce than this one.     

Now, as Cecil had demonstrated such intimidating power in an instant, several disciples imagined what they would do if they were sucked into the cyclone—'I'm afraid I'll be sliced within a second...'    

Even Cecil himself looked rather tense. He was rooted to the center of the arena.     

Since Cecil did not have complete control of the cyclone after he summoned it, the word "Chaos" had been used in the title of his attack method. In fact, the power of the Twins Chaos Cyclone was so horrid that everything within a 100-foot radius would be torn apart by the wind blades.   

However, at the eye of the cyclone, the power of the wind was not as destructive.     

This, however, changed since the two cyclones had collided with each other. When the two cyclones, which were equally powerful but headed in opposite directions, smashed together, they disturbed the airflow in the arena. Even being near the eye of cyclone was not as safe as before.

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