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(Then to meet her)

Deep inside Tyron, there was a new sense of fear that something might happen to Emily again after what happened, so he immediately arranged for trusted and dependable people to watch over Emily’s ward rigorously.

As for Emily, she still hadn’t woken up due to the strong drug that Poppi had given to her, and in addition to the great effect of the drug, the trauma quite held on to Emily heavily.

Two consecutive days had passed since, and it was then when Tyron was called back by his family. He was hesitant to leave Emily at first, but he started to feel the exhaustion sink through him as he had been guarding Emily without rest, so he decided that without energy, he wouldn’t be able to guard and fight back.

As soon as he arrived at the Fang residence, Tyron rubbed his temples, feeling the tiredness and ache for lack of sleep. He was just about to go upstairs to his room and have a rest when he was stopped by a beautiful woman walking down the stairs happily that she was almost bouncing.

“Tyron! You’re back!” Carol welcomed with delight as soon as she saw her nephew. She stopped in front of Tyron with a smile on her face.

“How are you? Are you hungry? Do you want me to ask someone prepare you something to eat?”

Daring not to look at her and meet her eyes, Tyron looked anywhere but her as he waved his hand and replied, “No, aunt. Just go upstairs and have a rest. I’ll be fine.”

The smile dropped on Carol’s face, and a trace of loss flashed in her eyes. “Oh, well…”

“Aunt, I’ll go ahead upstairs first. If you and uncle need anything, just call for the housekeeper, and I am sure that they will be able to provide what you need.” Tyron interrupted, and all he wanted now was to leave the woman’s fiery sight and escape into the comforts of his own bed.

As soon as Tyron took a step to leave, Carol immediately stopped him. “Tyron, wait!” she called out, making Tyron turn around to face his body to her.

Carol hesitated for a moment, and after gaining the courage back again, she spoke hurriedly afraid that Tyron might leave because of her silence. “When can you arrange for us to meet Emily? Please, don’t say…”

Carol stopped and swallowed the bile on her throat, afraid that Tyron might get angry if she continued her sentence.

She remembered how Tyron promised to take them to meet Emily the next day when they returned home, but that promise wasn’t fulfilled as Tyron changed his mind and told them they could not meet her for a while due to an inappropriate time. She didn’t know why or what happened, nor how Tyron decided what was inappropriate or not.

Ever since then she and her husband had been here for a long while now, and they were starting to feel more and more anxious as each day passed without having to see Emily. The longer they waited, the more urgent and scared Carol was feeling.

Still not looking into Carol’s eyes, Tyron replied elusively, “I’m really sorry, aunt. It’s my fault that I haven’t arranged it properly. Recently, there occurred a problem with Emily’s injuries, so her family are watching her closely. That’s why I still haven’t found a chance to let you see her just yet. I really apologize for the inconvenience and the wait.”

Tyron took a quick glance of Carol and saw how full it was of anxiety and eagerness. As a good person his aunt was as well as how well she had treated him ever since he was a child, Tyron didn’t really want to deceive her, but he knew he had to, and he struggled more because of it.

As a matter of fact, he had deeply regretted it after finding out that he indeed had feelings for Emily, and that he was afraid that the Lus would take Emily away and turn her into Cloris.

‘Emily can’t become Cloris. She is Emily and always will be Emily, who belongs to me, ‘ he thought.

Tyron groaned and reached for the telephone beside the bed. As soon as the call was connected, without waiting for Tyron to greet, the caller said with urgency, “Mr. Fang, Poppi has ran away.”
The sleep in Tyron’s peach blossom eyes was immediately taken away as he sat up straight in a blink of an eye. “What did you say?”

The man on the other end of the line heard the rise of anger and somber inquiry in Tyron’s voice. He looked around the empty room and trembled as he repeated, “Miss… Miss Ye has… escaped…”

“Then, what are you still waiting for? Go and find her! Catch her back! I promise you, if she goes to hurt Emily again, I will make sure to wring your neck, do you hear me?”

With his eyes narrowed and nose flaring, Tyron immediately hung up the phone, dropping it angrily on his bed.

‘Damn you, Poppi! You better not hurt Emily again, or I will not be considerate of your feelings anymore.

As for the entire Ye clan? Tsk. I don’t even care about Jacob, so how much more the Ye’s?’

Meanwhile, Poppi still couldn’t believe how stupid the guard was for she was able to seduce him into releasing her. As soon as she was able to escape, she immediately found out that Tyron had locked her up and kept her hostage in a small abandoned factory in the countryside.

For sure, she estimated that it took at least an hour back to the city from the outskirts of Jingshi City, but that was if she had a car. If she only tried to go back with just her own feet, surely she would once more be caught again and grabbed back for a good beating.

“Hurry! That woman would have no other way but to run, so she can’t be that far. Split up and look around! Make sure she doesn’t leave the premises!”

At the same time, Poppi stopped after hearing sounds and noises of footsteps and shouts. She knew that the shouts was coming from the leader, who came after his men found out she was gone.

She was also sure that Tyron had just threatened him, or else he wouldn’t be this desperate to find her.

Since Poppi was afraid to be caught back, she immediately hid herself inside an abandoned cement pipe she was relieved to see on the way.

After hearing no more sounds or footsteps nearby, she climbed out of the pipe slowly and careful not to make a noise.

Looking around, she frowned at the wilderness and moved to find the main road with vigilance. ‘Damn it. Tyron was smart enough to place me far back. I should probably just hitch a ride back to the city, ‘ she thought.

As she walked the trail of twigs and fallen branches, she suddenly stopped as soon as she heard a car stopping and its door being opened and closed nearby. Poppi’s eyes widened in delight, turning her head towards the direction of the sound. She immediately walked towards it.

She saw a middle-aged man with messy and ruffled hair walking towards her direction, so on instinct she moved away and hid herself behind a tree trunk beside her, quietly observing the man’s intentions before she made her move.

It wasn’t long after the man stopped on the grass when Poppi heard a rustling sound, making her eyes flash of disgust.
The man was peeing.

As a matter of fact, the middle-aged man was a long-distance driver who just finished work and intended to go back downtown. After drinking so much water on the road, he couldn’t help but stop to release his fluid wastes.

After he finished doing his business, he pulled up his pants and closed his zipper before walking towards his car. Then he heard footsteps behind him, making him turn around alarmed.

“Who’s there?” he asked.

The middle-aged man caught sight of Poppi, who was looking at him with pity in her eyes. “Sir, I’m sorry to surprise you, but I came here with my classmates and now lost my way in the countryside. Would you be so kind to give me a ride back to the city?”

Poppi fluttered her eyes, but deep inside, she felt full of disgust for this man.

The middle-aged man looked at her and wondered how a beautiful girl was such in a deserted place. Although she looked messy and somewhat awkward with those smudges of dirt on her face, her face once cleaned could still prove how good looking she was.

Then he thought about how the girl just came behind him right after he finished peeing, and so maybe she was peeping at him just now. An idea struck him immediately. He looked around the area and after finding no other signs of human life, he faced the girl again.

“That’s such a pity. A girl like you shouldn’t be wandering off alone in this place. Lucky for you, I stopped by, and I’m actually on my way back to Jingshi City. Where are your classmates? Should we go look for them, so we could all go back together?”

Poppi’s ears lit up as soon as he mentioned that he was going back the same way as hers, making her oblivious of the temptation in the man’s eyes.

“Really? You are? Well, that’s great! It’s okay. Just take me with you back to the city, and I will get in touch with them. For all I know they might have been back there already.”

Hearing that she was alone made the man relieved. “Oh, is that so? Well, that’s okay. I can take you back with me but only in one condition.”

“What is it?” Poppi asked, stunned. Her heart started to race, and her eyebrows furrowed into a frown as she started to feel bad about this man.

“Oh, it’s just simple, little girl. Uncle always feels lonely, since I’m driving alone. Will you accompany me?” Before Poppi could react, the man immediately held Poppi in his arms and rubbed his greasy hand around her chest.

“Let go of me!”

Frightened by the sudden invasion, Poppi struggled and was able to push the man away.



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