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(Nearly photographed)

The maid turned pale with fright when she heard what Poppi said. Before she could respond, a tall and strong man approached her with a heinous smile. In one swift movement, he covered her mouth and tied her up.

“Hmm!” Flailing around, the maid tried hard to break free of the man’s grasp. She was terrified, and couldn’t help but burst into tears.

‘Why! Why is this happening? I helped her! I held my end of the bargain! Why would this happen to me? She promised to give me a million dollars!’
Meanwhile, Poppi was gently caressing Emily’s smooth cheek. The maid was still trying to struggle. “How annoying,” sighed Poppi. “Throw her out.”

With a nod, the man grabbed the maid and flung her over his shoulder, carrying her out of the room.

Silence dawned at the ward. Poppi looked down a Emily. She was sleeping like a peaceful angel. Seeing her like this made Poppi raged with jealousy.
‘I’ve been waiting for a moment like this to destroy this bitch! Let’s see how Tyron and Jacob will feel when they see how dirty and dissolute Emily really is! Not to mention how embarrassing it would be for her children…’
Thinking of this, Poppi’s slender fingers slid down and unfastened the buttons of Emily’s hospital gown.

“Damn it. She not even wearing anything underneath! She must really want to seduce Tyron!”

Poppi continued to unbutton Emily’s gown angrily. Because of the haphazard manner she was doing it, her long fingernails sometimes caught onto Emily’s skin.

Every once in a while, Emily would frown and give a light groan–probably from the pain.

Despite this, she never regained consciousness because of the drug given to her.
Seeing this, Poppi raised her head and laughed manically, “Oh, Emily! Aren’t you just like a little ant under my thumb?

Hahaha! Go ahead and stop me if you can!”

After that, Poppi backed away from the hospital bed and snapped her fingers.

“You know what to do,” she said coldly. “Enjoy yourselves. and do it quickly.”

“Alright!” With that, three tall men took off their clothes and approached Emily’s limp body.
Feeling triumphant, Poppi took out the camera and watched with a smirk on her face.

The three men stripped off their clothes at once. One man sat at the head of the bed and held Emily up. Another man sat beside the bed and held Emily’s hands to keep her from moving. The third one slowly unfastened Emily’s clothes.

“What are you doing? Get off me…” Emily slurred, feeling that someone was touching her body. She fought hard against the drug, and tried her best to regain full consciousness.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw several naked men taking off her clothes. Shocked, she began to kick around, trying to get the men off her.

“She woke up!” Poppi shouted. “Kiss her quickly! Cover her mouth! Don’t let her shout!”

‘Damn it! Where did that drug even come from! Such cheap, rubbish!’ No one had thought that Emily would be able to fight through the drug.
Afraid that her plan would fail, Poppi dashed towards the window and closed the shutters.

When Emily heard the woman’s words, she realized what was happening. Her face faded in horror and she shook her head crazily, hitting the man’s head.

“Damned woman!” exclaimed the man. He grabbed on to Emily’s chin in anger, his big, long fingers pinching her cheeks tightly.
The sharp pain made Emily scowl. “Bah!” she cried out, spitting on the man’s face, “Get off me!”

“You…” The man was stunned, and he wiped the saliva on his face. Suddenly, he smiled wickedly, “You’re quite a hot, little girl, aren’t ya? Save your energy. We’ll make you really happy…”

Bending forward, the man closed in on Emily’s face, coming in for a kiss.
Emily still couldn’t move, and the man’s hideous face got closer and closer. She burst into tears of despair, when suddenly, the door of the ward was kicked open.

Bang! Bang!

“Damn it!” “Ah!” “Fuck off!”
The three men were knocked down one by one on the ground and thrown over to Poppi.

“Damn it! Get up, you fools!” Tyron, accompanied by a number of guards, stormed the room. Mustering up all her strength, Poppi tried to wiggle out.
Seeing that the camera was a few feet away, she stretched out as much as she could to retrieve it.

On the other hand, Tyron tightly embraced quivering Emily. He took off his jacket and gently placed it over her torso. “Emily, it’s all right,” he crooned, “It’s all right. I’m here.”

“Camera…” she mumbled, still in a state of shock. With an unsteady hand, she pointed at Poppi, who was still currently struggling.
Those pictures must not get out! Thinking of this, Emily begged, more tears flowing down her face, “Tyron, help me destroy the camera quickly…”
“Don’t worry. They can’t run away,” Tyron comforted Emily as he patted her cold hand. Then, he stood up and walked to the camera with a sneer.

“No! Don’t! Tyron give it back to me!” Afraid that Tyron might get to it first, Poppi flailed around, trying to reach the camera desperately.
But the weight of the three, unconscious men was too heavy, making her unable to move a single inch.

“This? Do you want it?” Tyron spat out. He knelt down and picked it up. With a cold look, he dangled the camera in front of Poppi.

“Yes… You gave that to me when we were kids, remember?” Poppi stretched out her hand to snatch it back, but Tyron pulled his hand back.
“When we were kids, huh? Interesting!” Tyron stood up with the camera and looked through the photos.

As he scanned through the camera’s contents, he saw Emily’s panicked physique as she was at the mercy of those naked med. The sight of this made Tyron heart swell with fury.

Blam! The camera was smashed to the ground, breaking into countless, tiny pieces.

Poppi flinched–her last chance to destroy Emily had shattered into smithereens.
At the same time, Emily breathed heavily with relief.

“Guards, throw these three men out. I don’t care what you do with them. Just get them OUT!” Straightening himself up, he walked over to Poppi, his face twisted in disgust.

Then, he went over beside Emily’s bed. Tyron cupped her hands in his, trying his best to warm them up.

“Emily, what do you want to do with that woman?”

‘The Ye clan is difficult to deal with, but it does not mean that I’m afraid of them. Poppi really crossed the line this time.’

Feeling faint, Emily tried to look up at Tyron, her lashes wet with tears. She looked like a damaged doll–still beautiful, but perilously fragile.

“I don’t want to see her…” Emily trailed off, her voice hoarse and exhausted. Right after, she closed her eyes, and fell unconscious once more.
“Emily? Emily? Damn it Poppi, what on earth did you give her!”
Patting her on the cheek, Tyron let Emily’s slack hand fall onto the bed.
After doing a quick examination, Tyron was able to confirm that it was just a sleeping drug that had been given to her. Sighing in relief, he stroked her hair, staring at her now peaceful face.

“Emily. Don’t worry. I’ll give Poppi a taste of her own medicine…”




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