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 Season 8

Episode 82

(Don't Exaggerate)

When the woman heard this, her heart trembled. What should she say? She could say the truth--that Mr. Wang was her father and that she asked him to allow her to seduce Jacob because she wanted to put herself under the patronage of a higher-up. But, of course, she didn't want to for a number of good reasons.    

Jacob said he wanted her father dead by tomorrow? Although she was deeply offended by his words, she scrambled through her head for a different approach towards him.    

The woman knew that Jacob was a man who was capable of doing anything he said he would do. The more she thought about it, the more she became desperate. In the end, she was determined to take a risk.   

 "Mr. Jacob... I have always admired you, and I would do anything to be your mistress or your lover. I really don't want anyone or anything but you,"  the woman said nervously. As she said this, she pulled herself up and rushed over to Jacob, tearing up her already revealing clothes.  

Acting quickly, Jacob shoved the woman away from him. Upon falling onto the ground, the woman recovered quickly and managed to hug onto Jacob's leg tightly.    

"Mr. Jacob, please! Just try me out! How can you know what's good about me if you don't try? I will serve you well, and I will make you feel very, very happy."  

  In the past, Jacob had encountered a lot of women like her, but he had never met such a shameless woman. He wanted to kick her off; meanwhile, he was also worried that Emily might hear something, or even misunderstand what was going on.    

"Get off! You disgusting, lowlife! Let go of me!" Jacob couldn't wait to tear up this woman, and have security throw her out onto the street.    

The ruckus was too loud, and the so-called 'Mr. Wang' quickly came out to check what was going on. Upon reaching the room, he instantly darted forward and tried to pull his daughter away from Jacob. "Mr. Jacob, my daughter is drunk and crazy. I am really sorry,"  he apologized as he tried to restrain his daughter.  

"She's drunk? Or perhaps she's really just a shameless woman? I believe you know the answer to that, don't you?" Jacob spat out, glancing at him coldly.   

 With that, Mr. Wang felt very uneasy. He mustered a small smile to mask his uneasiness. "Yes, yes... You are right. I understand,"  he responded.   

 In no time, he left with his daughter with a heart full of regret and embarrassment. They didn't have any idea what was going to happen to them after that incident. One thing was for sure, though--they were going to have a sleepless night.    

The commotion finally ended, and Jacob hurried back to the couch. Obviously, he didn't do anything wrong, but he still couldn't help but feel nervous when he looked into the eyes of his beloved wife.   
 "Emily,"  he said, almost out of breath.    "Yes?" Emily asked.    

There was a certain calm to her demeanor. In reality, she had heard bits and pieces of the farce just now, but mostly just the voices. Although she knew that Jacob could not betray her, she couldn't help but think of the possibility that there are women who coveted her husband. The thought of this made her very uncomfortable.  

Seeing Emily like this, Jacob felt even more guilty, as if he had done something wrong and had been caught red-handed.   
 "The.. The woman had no business here,"  he stammered, trying his best to explain. "She wanted to seduce me. But Emily, please believe me when I say that I'm a better man than you think I am. I do not get seduced by this kind of bitch."  

  "Okay,"  Emily replied causually. Pausing, Emily frowned. "This kind of bitch?" she repeated. "So you mean that if a more attractive woman seduced you, you're going to cheat on me. Is that right?"    

"Of course not! Please don't twist my words,"  explained Jacob, feeling very anxious. "You're the only woman I will ever lay my eyes on! Either way, the only woman who can successfully seduce me is you!"   

 "Humph!" scoffed Emily. "Those are all pretty words, but I'm still not buying it! Did you touch her just now when she hugged you?" said Emily, unable to resist the urge to ask.  

"Yes, I did. But, just a little and only by accident." Just then, Jacob came up with an idea to make Emily less angry at him. "I'm just going to take a bath,"  he said with a sly smile. "Don't hang up."    

At first, Emily thought that Jacob wanted her to wait for him to chat after showering... which was why she was utterly surprised when he took the phone with him to the bathroom and placed it vertically on a shelf.   

 "Jacob, what are you doing?" she asked in shock. "Are you going to live stream your bath to me?"    Jacob's lips arched up into a devious smile. "Yes. What else could I do, my dearest wife? I have to do this to make you feel better."    

"Please don't. Stop exaggerating!" protested Emily. She thought this behavior was too much, and that Jacob could really do something like this with no shame at all.    

Meanwhile, Jacob's smile got even more mischievous. The way Emily reacted greatly amused him. "Emily, you'll be able to see how I clean myself..." he crooned.  

"I don't want to!" she exclaimed, her hand flying to her face so she could cover her eyes. After a while, however, she couldn't help but peek in between her fingers.    

"Honey, your mind says no, but it looks like your body is so much more honest,"  Jacob said, raising an eyebrow at her. 

Then, he gave a small wink at her, "It's okay. Don't be embarrassed. Look at my body as it is your husband's. Both my body and heart belong to you and only you."    

The way Jacob said it was so hot and steamy that Emily's heart was vigorously racing in her chest. But after thinking about it, she couldn't help but agree with what Jacob said.    

Jacob and Emily were husband and wife after all. It didn't matter if she looked at his body in such an obscene way. He had nothing to lose if she looked at him like this.    

Thinking of this, Emily looked back at her phone, biting her lips as she tried not to smile.  

Nodding in approval, Jacob stepped back a few paces so that Emily could see everything that was going on. Slowly, Jacob started to unbutton his shirt. He let the fabric smoothly slide off his toned body. Every movement was so calculated and filled with ambiguity.    

In the high-definition screen, Emily clearly saw how his collarbones connected to his strong shoulders, his firm and solid chest. Looking down, his abs were so perfectly sculpted that it was as if God himself had chiseled them for him.    

For the entire time, Jacob had his eyes on Emily. He then unbuckled his belt and removed his pants, standing bare and exposed for his wife to see.    

"Honey, I'm going to start to shower."  

 "Okay,"  Emily muttered, her voice kind of shaky. Her face was searing hot, and her eyes did not leave the screen for a second. She was glued to Jacob, afraid that she might miss something.  

Jacob could clearly see Emily blushing heavily, and a triumphant smile crept up his face. "Honey, I didn't know you were capable of being so lustful,"  he teased.  

  "I'm lustful towards my husband. What's wrong about that?" Emily defended, her cheeks growing even redder.   

 "Nothing, it's okay,"  said Jacob as he licked his lips, his voice sultry. "Maybe you can do better in the future, huh? I mean, maybe you can return the favor instead of just watching and talking."    

Emily shook her head, feeling embarrassed. "Go take a shower quickly or else you might catch a cold,"  she urged.    

"Okay, if you say so,"  With that, Jacob stepped into the shower and turned on the faucet. He made sure Emily didn't miss a single thing he was doing.    

After a while, Emily felt much too flustered and hot. "You've been there long enough, Jacob. Enough. You're clean already."  

When Jacob heard the word "clean", Jacob stopped. "Well, it's not as if you don't like what you see, do you?"    

"I can't get too worked up like this,"  Emily replied firmly.    

"Can you even do something about it?"    Emily was confused with his words and blinked her big eyes, "What on earth do you mean?"    

Jacob didn't answer, but soon Emily understood and then her face turned red, her eyes hot and watery.    

"I want to eat you,"  Jacob said seductively as he stroked his erect manhood.   

 "You, you.." Emily was at a loss for words. But she couldn't look away.  

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