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(Your Daughter Opened Up a Company (6)

“Yeah. Just wait for me in a booth on the top floor of Primeval Bar.”

Su Yu told him about the meeting place and drove to the bar.

As he grew older, he has been going to night clubs less and less often.

When he went out with Wei Liao or his other friends, they’d go to a hot pot restaurant or a tea house.

Tonight, he wanted to have a drink and chose the low-keyed Primeval Bar.

After he sat down and ordered the liquor, Shen Mingxi arrived.

Dressed in a white shirt as Su Yu did, they looked different from others in the dark night.

“How come you’re in the mood to drink with me today?” Su Yu asked with a smile.

“My mood is just a bit low.”

“You feel low because of Wei Ying?”

“Let’s not talk about it. Come, let’s drink.” Shen Mingxi lifted his glass and began drinking with Su Yu.

As they talked, Su Yu found that Shen Mingxi had sent Huo Yanyan’s daughter abroad.

“Isn’t it a good thing? That kid isn’t likable and it’s good that she’s living abroad. After all, you’re a single young man and it wouldn’t be appropriate to just live with a child.”

Shen Mingxi nodded. “You’re right. But I feel it’s selfish of me to send her away. I thought she’d cry and throw a tantrum before she went, but surprisingly, she was calm and didn’t say a word or shed a tear.”

“The kid has a personality,” Su Yu said with a chuckle.

“She must be mad at me. After she left, she never called me. When I called her, she sounded cold.”

“Hehe. She’s a typical ungrateful child after you took care of her for so long.”

“I don’t regret taking care of her since I stayed with Huo Yanyan for some time. But Tiantian’s character is a bit twisted and I don’t want her to end up like her mom when she grows up. It’s a horrible mode of thinking that everyone should be good to her and that if not, they deserve to die.”

“Yeah. It’s just like the story circulating on Wechat Moments lately; I give you one candy and give another guy two, and then you hate me for that, not knowing that the other guy once gave me candy before but you gave nothing to me. So, it’s hard to get along with people who don’t know gratitude.”

“Yeah. But she’s still a child. I hope she can learn to be a good person when she’s in school abroad.”

“Is she staying in a boarding school? She has someone to take care of her?”

“Yeah. Wei Ying found the school for me; she even got one of her friends there to be the child’s guardian, so we don’t have to worry about her safety.”

“Wei Ying is very gracious. If it was me, I’d never help Huo Yanyan’s daughter.”

“Yeah. Ying seems to have changed into a new person now. Sometimes I feel a lifetime has passed when I see her.”

“Do you regret divorcing her?” Su Yu asked nosily.

“I’d lie if I said I didn’t regret it. But I have no right to regret; I must take the consequences for my mistake… It’s no big deal.”

“You sound pretty chill.”

“Enough about me. How about you? I heard you’ve got a girlfriend and she even moved in with you?”

“Even you read gossip?” Su Yu glanced at Shen Mingxi with disdain.

“Everyone knows it, how can I not know it? I heard my employees talk about it during lunch at the cafeteria.”

“Your employees are lame to talk about their boss’s pal.” Su Yu chuckled.

“No nonsense. Are you serious this time? Are you really ready to forget Huo Mian?” Shen Mingxi asked him.


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