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(Zhixin Finally Got Engaged (8)

“Mom, why are you bringing this up again?” Huo Mian was speechless.

“I’m saying this for your benefit. If Su Yu was married, people wouldn’t gossip as much, but he’s not dating anyone. He cares about you so much, even Pudding and Little Bean are aware of it. This can’t go on. Qin Chu may be a man of few words but he keeps a lot inside. You have to be careful.”

“Alright, Mom, I know, I know. I’ve known Su Yu for how many years now? I know what kind of guy he is. And Qin Chu and I? We’ve been together since high school. I know him too well. Stop believing and spreading all the gossip…”

“I don’t know what to do with you…”

“Oh? Sis, you’re back.” Zhixin returned to his mother and sister sitting in the living room.

“You’re just in time. Your sister wouldn’t eat before you came home.”

“Sis loves me that much?”

“I’ve always loved you this much!” Huo Mian laughed.

“Mwah mwah!” Zhixin blew kisses towards his sister.

“In such a good mood, eh? Did something good happen?” Huo Mian could tell that there was something different about her little brother.

“Oh, right, I forgot that our Doctor Huo’s a genius.”

“I’m actually Vice Director Huo now,” Huo Mian corrected him.

“Haha, alright, our Vice Director Huo’s intelligent and bright. Everyone loves her and all flowers bloom in front of her.”

“Stop sucking up. Hurry up and tell me what happened.”

“I’ll tell you later,” Zhixin said mysteriously.

He took off his jacket as he hummed a tune.

Seeing that the kids were back, Yang Meirong brought out the dishes.

“Sis, where’s Pudding and Little Bean?”

“They’re still at piano class.”

“Oh. Why are you back suddenly? You didn’t even send me a message.”

“What, I have to get your permission to come home now?” Huo Mian laughed.

“That’s not what I mean. I miss you! If I knew you were coming, I would’ve bought more fruit. Mom’s really frugal normally. She doesn’t buy expensive fruits even if I give her the money. She always buys me grapes… that are on sale.”

“You’re lucky to have anything to eat! When I was a child, we didn’t even have radishes to eat.” Yang Meirong chimed in.

“Alright, let’s stop here, haha.” To prevent his mother from going on and on about her difficult childhood, Zhixin decided to stop the topic there and then.

“Alright, let’s eat!” Zhixin washed his hands and sat down next to Huo Mian.

“Sis, eat more meat. Have a big chubby boy, haha.”

“Did you coat your mouth with sugar today?” Huo Mian looked at her little brother.

“I’ve always been sweet. Don’t you think that I’m a big, warm-hearted man?”

“I don’t know about the warm-hearted part but you’re definitely big. You grew quite a lot,” Huo Mian teased.

“Haha, Sis, can you be serious?”

“What good thing happened? Hurry up and tell us. We’re waiting.” Huo Mian wanted to know what Zhixin was so happy about. Actually, she already had an idea of what it could be.

Zhixin was a simple man with a simple life.

He had a couple of good friends, a good relationship with his co-workers, and a stable girlfriend.

There were actually many girls interested in him in GK. After all, popularity was expected as he was the brother-in-law of the president.

Zhixin kept his love life simple… and Huo Mian really appreciated him for that.

“Mom, Sis, Bella and I… we’ve discussed it… We want to get engaged soon.”

“Engaged?” Yang Meirong was startled.

“Why engagement? Why not marriage?” Zhixin and Bella weren’t getting any younger so Huo Mian thought that it was only natural.


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