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(Your Daughter Opened Up a Company (9)

“Mom, according to the initial checkup at the hospital, we think it’s a boy. But it’s not 100 percent accurate, so please don’t get your hopes up just yet.”

Huo Mian didn’t want to get their hopes up. If Little Bean didn’t announce the news, she wouldn’t have told anyone.

She was a low-profiled person and it wasn’t her style to tell everyone she met that she’d give birth to a boy.

Despite her warning that the result wasn’t 100 percent accurate, Qin Chu’s parents were elated.

“Whoa, that’s excellent! Our Qin Family will have an heir.”

“Yeah. I’ve never dared to hope that I’d get a grandson. I’m happy with the twins, but the Heavens are kind to our Qin Family…”

Qin Chu’s parents couldn’t contain their excitement.

Looking embarrassed, Huo Mian leaned her head on Qin Chu’s shoulder.

“Honey, I’m embarrassed… Dad and Mom are so excited about the news.”

“Calm down. At their age, it’s natural for them to be happy about the news,” Qin Chu comforted her.

“Mom, does it mean that we’ll have a little brother?” Pudding asked.

“Yeah. But don’t worry, Pudding. Even if you have a brother, your dad and I will love you and your sister as much as before.”

Huo Mian comforted her, afraid she’d feel neglected.

“Mom, don’t worry. I’m happy to hear the news, I think it will be good for my sister and I that we’ll have a sibling to be the scapegoat in the future.”

Qin Chu: “…”

Huo Mian: “…”

“Haha! Sis, you’re right. I think so, too. I even thought of a nickname for little brother. Let’s call him Little Scapegoat, okay?”

“Wouldn’t Little Goat sound better?” Pudding said.

“No, no, no. It’s not cute enough. I think Little Goatie sounds more adorable, right?”

As the sisters talked about the nickname for their little brother, Qin Chu and Huo Mian didn’t know whether they should cry or laugh.

“Honey, I have a bad feeling,” Huo Mian whispered into Qin Chu’s ear.

“What is it?”

“I feel our little baby will have a hard time dealing with his two elder sisters…”

“Don’t worry. I trust our son with our genes can defend himself.”

“You’re right.” Huo Mian nodded her agreement.

“So, just let the three of them deal with each other…” Qin Chu looked calm.

“Hahaha! You’re bad, Mr. Qin.”

In the happy atmosphere, the family ate the dumplings made by Mrs. Qin.

Huo Mian had a good appetite and ate 15 dumplings, feeling stuffed.

Qin Chu put his arm around her waist and helped her upstairs carefully.

Little Bean stayed in the living room and watched TV with her grandpa.

Silently, Pudding followed her parents upstairs.

Entering the bedroom with Huo Mian, Qin Chu turned to close the door when he saw Pudding standing at the entrance.

“Pudding, what are you doing here?”

“Dad, I need to consult with you and Mom about something.”

“You look so serious.” With a chuckle, Qin Chu squatted and took his daughter into his arms.

Compared to Little Bean, Pudding acted more maturely most of the time, but no matter how smart and mature she was, she was always a child in Qin Chu’s eyes.

“Dad, I’m serious. It’s something big.”

“How big is it?” Qin Chu kissed his daughter’s cheek lovingly.


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