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(Your Daughter Opened Up a Company (3)

“Miss Zeng, um…” An didn’t seem to want to talk about Su Yu’s private affairs.

“Don’t worry. I already know everything I want to know about your boss. He’s loved the woman for years in a high-profiled way; everyone knows about it. It’s easy to get the information if I want to find it. But I want to know the true and complete Su Yu in your eyes, not the perfect Su Yu shown on the media and in the eyes of the senior members of his family. I don’t believe a person can be so perfect. So, don’t worry; just tell me the truth.”

“Miss Zeng, you want to know about our President Su so much, you must have some intentions for him, right?”

“Of course. If I didn’t, why did I come here to bicker with him and get insulted by him?” Zeng Rou chuckled.

“Miss Zeng, do you like him because of his family background, just like the other girls from rich families?” An asked tentatively.

“No. The Su Family is indeed powerful, but my Zeng Family isn’t far off. In fact, our ancestors were aristocrats; my great grandfather’s generation was in the noble class during the Qing Dynasty. All through the years, my family has never been short of money, even during wartime. So, I think you’re being ridiculous when you asked if I like him because of his family background.”

“Then why are you interested in President Su, Miss Zeng?”

An was not only Su Yu’s bodyguard and assistant but his pal as well.

Seeing the sudden appearance of the woman and her special attention to Su Yu, he was afraid it was a conspiracy or it was just another scheming bitch.

After all, the memories about Jian Tong and Zhao Qingya were still fresh on his mind.

Once, Su Yu got drunk and chatted with An.

When they talked about the topic of the girls from rich families, An said, “President Su, even though you don’t like them, it’s not such a bad thing that they like you.”

After all, it felt good to flirt with them. At least, it was something a rich second-generation heir normally enjoyed.

But Su Yu had told him earnestly that he had no interest in those women; if he showed any interest in any of them, she’d get her hopes up and think she’d soon be the young madam of the Su Family.

Sometimes, he didn’t care about their hyping but he was worried that they’d make trouble for Huo Mian.

Sudden understanding dawned on An.

Zhao Qingya and Jian Tong didn’t bring harm to Su Yu, but they held deep hostility toward Huo Mian because he loved Huo Mian deeply.

To avoid making the scheming bitches Huo Mian’s enemies, Su Yu had stopped having affairs with any women.

An felt his boss was truly a besotted and loyal man.

While An wasn’t sure about Zeng Rou’s intention, he wouldn’t believe her words so easily.

“Where should I begin? An, you might not believe me if I tell you why I came to pursue Su Yu.” Zeng Rou smiled and then took a swig of her beer.

An didn’t speak but listened quietly.

“I liked a boy when I was in university… He was the most popular guy in our school and he happened to be in my class. Handsome, a student with straight As and good at basketball, he was the target of love for many girls. I felt he was a man of depth who wouldn’t like the common and vulgar girls…”

“What happened?” An was interested in her story.

“I wrote love letters to him. Ever since I was little, I’ve been acting like a bandit as my mom says.” Zeng Rou chuckled.

“Did that popular guy agree to be your boyfriend?”

“Well, he didn’t agree but didn’t refuse me, either. I didn’t understand it at that time, but I knew it was an ambiguous state, which was a relationship between friends and lovers… Hehehe.” Zeng Rou laughed self-mockingly.

“Did you break up later?” An could see she was a bit sad and knew it was probably not a beautiful memory for her.


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