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(Your Daughter Opened Up a Company (5)

“After that experience, I no longer believed in love… until I heard about Su Yu’s story from Auntie Su.”

“The story about our President Su?” An was speechless.

“Yeah. The story about Young Master Su’s unrequited love for a female doctor that has spanned years.”

“Um-hum.” An finally understood what she was trying to say.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve heard tons of rumors about Su Yu, including those circulating in our circle, the posts on the internet, and the gossip circulating among his fans on Weibo… But I trust Auntie Su wouldn’t exaggerate such a thing. I was stunned when she told me that he had once pointed a gun at his own head to protect Huo Mian.”

“That was true; it wasn’t a rumor,” said An.

“I know. That’s why I was stunned. Compared with the guy who had dumped his girlfriends just for his future, Su Yu risking his life for a girl who doesn’t love him seemed stupid to me at first, but then I know he isn’t a stupid guy. It made me believe one saying.”

“What is it?”

“Every encounter in this world is a reunion after a long separation. Maybe, Su Yu had a love affair with her in their last lifetime, and that’s why he acts like this in this lifetime.”

“President Su has a bone-deep love for Dr. Huo. But he’s never tried to break up her family. He’s good friends with Dr. Huo and her husband,” An hurried to explain for his boss.

“I know. When I heard of the story, I wanted to meet this legendary besotted man.”

“President Su is not kind to women he doesn’t like. You’ll know it when you get to know him, and it doesn’t feel good when you see he is nice to no one but Dr. Huo. So, I advise you to retreat from the challenge no matter if you like him for his family background or his personality. I don’t think he’s your type.”

“You look dumb, but you make good sense when you talk…” Zeng Rou bit on her lip and smiled.

“I said it for your own good. Miss Zeng, you’re young and good looking and come from a powerful family. You can get any man you want; so, you’d better not waste your time on President Su.”

“How do you know I’m wasting my time. How do you know Su Yu won’t fall in love with me?” Zeng Rou said with a smile.

“From what I know about him after so many years of working for him, I think he won’t like another woman no matter if Dr. Huo is alive or dead. I’m not exaggerating.”

“So it turns out that Su Yu is such a single-minded man,” Zeng Rou exclaimed.

“Yeah. In the past couple of years, many rich girls, award-winning actresses, young models, TV hostesses, and internet celebrities have tried all kinds of ways to get close to him but they all failed. The few scheming bitches all ended pathetically. So I advise you to stop while you can.”

“But I like a challenge. Hearing your words, I’ve become even more interested in Su Yu.”

“Okay. I wish you good luck.” An sighed and didn’t say more about it.

He didn’t know Zeng Rou and couldn’t say she was good or not. It would take some time to determine her personality.

But would President Su like such a woman?

Su Yu had planned to go and drink with Tang Chuan or Wei Liao, but it turned out neither of them was available.

Wei Liao had a family gathering while Tang Chuan had driven to the neighboring city to see the lantern festival with Qin Ning.

Su Yu was frustrated. He was about to get some rich kids in the chat group to drink with him when he got a call from Shen Mingxi.

“Young Master Su, do you have time to come out and have a drink with me?” Shen Mingxi sounded a bit blue.


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