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(Zhixin Finally Got Engaged (3)

“What’s wrong, Mian?” Seeing the sudden change in Huo Mian’s expression, Qin Chu became scared.

“He… just… kicked me hard,” Huo Mian stammered.

“Who?” Qin Chu didn’t know what was going on initially.

“Your son…”

Qin Chu: “…”

Understanding dawned on him after a long while and then he laughed.

“When the fellow comes out, I’ll give him a good lesson for kicking his mom…”

“The baby is so naughty at such an early stage. I wonder what he will become.” Huo Mian held her belly and chuckled.

She remembered Little Bean and Pudding had not been so naughty.

They showered and went to bed.

At midnight, Huo Mian woke up due to the dryness in her mouth. Her mother-in-law’s dumplings were delicious but a bit salty.

She wanted to get up to get a glass of water. When she opened her eyes, she saw groggily that Mr. Qin was sitting on the sofa beside the window.


“You’re awake?” Qin Chu looked back in surprise.

“I’m thirsty.”

“Don’t get up. I’ll get you water.”

“I want iced water.”

“It’s too cold. You’re pregnant and the iced water will disturb your stomach. Drink some warm water, okay?”

“Okay.” Seeing his worry, Huo Mian gave in.

Qin Chu stood up and poured a glass of water from an insulated bottle and handed it to her.

“Honey, why didn’t you sleep?” Draining the water, Huo Mian put down the glass and asked Qin Chu curiously.

She had checked her cellphone and saw it was 1:30 AM, but her husband was still sitting on the sofa beside the window.

“Oh. I’m not sleepy, so I just took the time to consider the business in the company.”

“No matter how important the business is, your health is more important. Come to the bed and sleep. We have medical training, so you should know how unhealthy staying up late is to your body. It will hinder the liver from removing wastes.”

“Yeah. I know, Honey.”

Obediently, Qin Chu returned to the bed and gathered Huo Mian into his arms.

Sleepily, Huo Mian turned around and fell asleep again in his arms.

However, Qin Chu still couldn’t sleep.

After the surgery, he couldn’t use the medicine to help him sleep; so, the insomnia continued stubbornly.

Although Huo Mian had returned safe, he still couldn’t relax.

Feeling he could lose her any moment, he was afraid and anxious; as the anxiety forced his brain to work continuously, he couldn’t relax enough to fall asleep.

In fact, he hadn’t slept well in the past days and could only gain a moment’s rest at dawn.

Without enough sleep, his eyes felt dry and gritty.

But Huo Mian knew nothing about it since he told everyone not to tell Huo Mian about the cause of his previous illness.

– It was midnight –

After his drink with Shen Mingxi, Su Yu didn’t want to disturb An, so he hired a designated driver from the bar to drive him home.

Parking the car in the garage, he went toward the gate of his house.

When he passed the tent, Su Yu glanced at it curiously.

Suddenly, the tent opened; Zeng Rou walked out with blood flowing from her nose…

“What the…?”

“Su Yu, drive me to the hospital. My nose is bleeding…” She pinched her nose, but blood was still oozing out.

Immediately, Su Yu became quite startled.


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