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(You are Like a Piece of Gum (7)

Without a word, Su Yu strode over and unzipped the tent.

Before he could say anything, he turned his head since he didn’t dare to look inside.

Why? Because Zeng Rou was wearing only a bra and panties… Black ones.

Without a cover, she lay on her belly playing on her cellphone. The tempting sight would draw blood from any man’s nose.

Su Yu was, after all, a man and was embarrassed by the sight.

“Oh, you’re back?” Seeing Su Yu, she sat up.

“What on earth do you want?”

“I want to keep your company. I have no relatives here, and Auntie Su allowed me to live in your house, which is why she gave me the key. But you’re so heartless and won’t let me in. So, I have to live in a tent… I wonder if I’ll die from mosquito bites tonight…”

“Don’t pull this shit on me. Zeng Rou, you’re a daughter of a high-level provincial official. Don’t you think your behavior is shameless?”

“No. I think it’s fun.” Zeng Rou smiled with her hands supporting her chin.

Su Yu: “…”

“Don’t worry. Since you don’t want me to live in your house, I’ll just live out here.”

“No. Get out of here. I don’t want to see you.” He disliked this woman intensely.

He ordered her out without mercy.

“I can’t live outside? Su Yu, you’re so mean.” Zeng Rou looked sulky.

“Am I mean? Zeng Rou, are you really that unreasonable. As an unmarried young woman, you come to a male stranger’s house dressed like this and even hyped yourself on the media. You are shameless. No man likes people who act like this. Don’t you think you are being pretentious and disgusting?”

“Really? Great! Do you know that my dream is to become a person who can make others sick with disgust? It seems my dream has come true.”

Su Yu: “…”

“I don’t want to waste my breath on you. If you don’t leave, I’ll get a trencher and dig you out of here.”

Tossing the threat at her, he turned and entered the house.

“Great. You’d better get a helicopter and hook me out of here, okay?” Zeng Rou retorted.

After Su Yu entered the house, she got up to put on a white long dress and smoothed back her hair.

In fact, she had good features and was the rare type that looked good without make-up.

She was young and her face was tender and soft.

Getting dressed, she picked up her cellphone and opened a streaming software.

“Come and look! Ha! Don’t miss this great show! I’m in front of the house of Young Master Su, the prince of the Su Family. It’s said the houses in this community are as expensive as 80,000 yuan per square meter, and his house is at least 500 square meters with a swimming pool and multiple gardens. I must say it’s a luxurious property with high-end decoration inside. I told you I didn’t bluff. But… it seems Su Yu doesn’t like me and refused to let me enter his house. So, I erected a tent here and plan to live out here… Heihei, I, Zeng Rou, am definitely a woman of her words.”

By now, about 50,000 people were watching her live stream; it wasn’t a big number but not a small one, either.

This woman wasn’t a professional streamer nor was she doing it for money. She did it to satisfy the curiosity of Su Yu’s fans, and she enjoyed the process very much.

“What’s she doing out there?” In his room, Su Yu murmured to himself as he watched Zeng Rou talk to her cellphone.


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