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(Zhixin Finally Got Engaged (6)

“Why are you doing this?” Su Yu watched her silently.

“Su Yu, I have an idea. Your mom and your aunt both want us together… they ship us as a couple. Plus, think about it, if you chase me away, your family will find other girls to bother you. Compared to that, why not have someone you’re already familiar with next to you? Hehe… we can make a pact. I’ll pretend to be your girlfriend. You can have your life and I’ll have mine. I’ll talk on Wechat, meet people over the internet, and you can’t interfere. You can bring women home and eat with Doctor Huo and I won’t ask any questions. I’ll be your girlfriend only in name and it’ll save you a lot of trouble. How about that?” Zeng Rou’s eyes lit up.

“Sounds good… for me. What about you? What are you after?” Su Yu stared at Zeng Rou.

“Honestly, my dad’s been pestering me about marriage recently. He introduced many boyfriends to me and all of them are such ass-kissers. Spoiled kids, high-achievers who studied abroad, domestic rich men, diplomat’s children… none of them appeal to me. I think we can use this cover to stay free for a couple more years. Isn’t that nice?”

Zeng Rou didn’t look like she was faking, making Su Yu waver…

“Relax, I won’t fall in love with you. You’re too mean and not at all gentlemanly, screaming and cursing at a woman… completely not my type,” Zeng Rou added.

Su Yu didn’t know what to say…

“Did you watch T.V.? You know Ni Yang, right? That’s my type. Handsome and kind… Unfortunately… he’s already married. I heard he married a nurse… Anyway, I’ll keep an eye out on the artists under your company. Haha, I honestly want to find a celebrity boyfriend.”

“Alright…” Su Yu thought that there was definitely something wrong with the girl’s mind. Probably a brainless fangirl.

Whatever the reason, Su Yu let out a sigh of relief

“So… you won’t stick to me like glue?” Su Yu asked.

“No, no. We won’t interfere with each other’s lives and I won’t spend a penny of your money.”

“Money isn’t important. I’ll agree as long as you don’t interfere with any of my business and leave my friends alone.”

“Of course.”

“And don’t talk to the press.”

“Haha, I’ll delete my Weibo account immediately,” Zeng Rou promised.

“And don’t cause Huo Mian any trouble.”

“Geez, you’re so annoying… didn’t you just say that? It’s not like I’m deaf…” Zeng Rou was beyond annoyed.

“Alright, remember what you said.”

“So… you’re agreeing?” Zeng Rou’s heart pounded from joy.

“Yes. You can stay here temporarily. However… if you cause me any trouble, I’ll kick you out immediately.”

“Alright, alright, thank you, President Su, for accepting me.” Zeng Rou smiled.

Zeng Rou took advantage of her sudden hospital visit to get closer to Su Yu. At least the latter was willing to take her suggestion.

After he left the room, An went up to him and asked, “President Su, how’s Miss Zeng?”

“You’re worried about her? Why don’t you ask her yourself?”

An: “…”

“President Su, I actually think Miss Zeng’s not a bad person… she’s not as evil as we think.” While An was drinking with Zeng Rou, he discovered that she was nothing more than a girl hurt by love; she really wasn’t that manipulative.

“I didn’t say she was evil,” Su Yu corrected.

“Does that mean you’re accepting her?” An thought that his boss’s heart was finally softening.


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