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(Your Daughter Opened Up a Company (7)

“What are you talking about? Of course, it’s not true,” Su Yu denied without hesitation.

“I knew it. You’ve been single-minded for years and won’t change all of a sudden…” Shen Mingxi said with a smile.

“That crazy woman is not my type.”

“I know.”

“Then why did you ask?” Su Yu chuckled.

“Let’s drink.”

Young Master Shen had a lot on his mind tonight. He had wanted to talk about more things with Su Yu but didn’t know how to begin.

Not knowing his own thoughts, he felt frustrated.

– In South Hill Manor –

After work, Qin Chu drove his wife and daughter back home with bodyguards protecting them in the front and back.

Since Huo Mian returned, Qin Chu had taken extra measures to protect her.

He knew although Huo Siqian was in his control, he faced people more horrible than Huo Siqian.

Those people were a greater threat to Huo Mian and their family.

When they returned home, Qin Chu’s mother had prepared a bountiful supper.

“Whoa! It smells so good. What did you make, Grandma?” Little Bean asked the moment she entered the house.

“Little girl, you have a keen sense of smell.” Mrs. Qin chuckled and pinched her small cheek.

“Tell me, Grandma. I’m starving.”

“Dumplings. Are you happy?”

“Whoa! That’s my dad’s favorite food, especially those made by you. Grandma, you are showing favoritism to your son.”

“Little kiddo, you sound as if you don’t like them.”

“I like them. I’m not picky and eat everything delicious. Haha!”

Then she skipped to the living room and threw herself into her grandpa’s arms.

“You two, go wash your hands. Supper is ready.” Mrs. Qin glanced at her son and daughter-in-law.

“Mom, you made dumplings again.”

“Yeah. I heard from the cook that you wanted to eat dumplings with pickled cabbage,” Qin Chu’s mother said benignly.

“I just mentioned it in passing. Mom, I’m sorry to have troubled you.” Huo Mian felt guilty.

She didn’t want to get others busy just because she was pregnant.

Her mother-in-law was old, and it took her a long time to make the dough, filling, and the dumplings.

They had maids, but the old lady always made the dumplings herself to guarantee the original flavor.

Huo Mian felt guilty about it.

“Child, don’t mention it. We’re family and you are my child just like Chu. I’ll make whatever food you want to eat. Go and wash hands.”

The old lady urged them.

Full of happiness, Huo Mian held Qin Chu’s hand and walked toward the washroom on the first floor.

When they walked past Pudding, they saw she was doing something on her cellphone.

“Pudding, when did you come back home?”

“In the afternoon.”

“You stayed at Imperial Star for a whole day?” Huo Mian was surprised.

“Yeah. I was in Handsome Su’s office at noon and watched the company’s actors rehearse in the afternoon.”

“You had a busy day. What? Are you interested in making movies?” Huo Mian asked Pudding casually with a smile.

“Mom, I’ll talk to you about it later. Now you go and wash your hands; we’ll have supper first.”

“Um… You sound as if it’s a big deal.” Huo Mian smiled and didn’t take it seriously.

During the supper, Little Bean couldn’t control her mouth.

“Grandpa, Grandma, I have good news.”

“What good news?” Senior Mrs. Qin looked puzzled.

“You and Grandpa must each give me 1,000 yuan. Sis, you’re rich and must give me 10,000 yuan, or I won’t tell you,” Little Bean said with a smug smile.


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