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(You are Like a Piece of Gum (8)

Puzzled, Su Yu called An.

“President Su.”

“You drove the client home?”


“Then why the fack are you not back yet?” Su Yu suddenly felt a bit lonely when An wasn’t here helping him.

“I was on my way back when your mother called me and had me go to the old manor.”

“Why did she call you?” Su Yu was surprised.

“She said your grandpa’s old subordinates brought back some lychees from the south and they are very delicious. She told me to bring some to you.”

“I’m not a child and don’t need fruits. Hurry up and move your ass back.”

“Okay, President Su.”

“Hey. Wait… How many lychees do you have? Pack a few boxes and deliver them to South Hill Manor,” Su Yu instructed.

“Don’t worry. Your mother had delivered some lychees to them. Boss, do you think it’s right to think of Dr. Huo so much?” An reminded him in a friendly manner.

“Nonsense. I was thinking of my Pudding and Little Bean.” Su Yu didn’t want to admit that An was right.

“Fine. You win, President Su.”

Chuckling, An hung up.

Watching the madwoman dance and jump while she did the live stream in front of his house, Su Yu was at the end of his patience.

He decided to get An to toss her out when he came back; he didn’t want this mad woman to stay in front of his house.

Zeng Rou looked back and saw Su Yu was watching her from the window.

She waved at him and said to the camera on her cellphone, “Would you like to have a street dance with me? Come and dance with me! Let’s have some fun!”

Su Yu: “…”

Speechless, Su Yu directly shut the curtains.

The fans watching the live stream went wild as the girls flooded the screen with comments.

“Ahhh… My Young Master Su is so shy, he even closed the curtains. Haha! He’s adorable!”

“Whoa. I’ve never looked at Mr. Su at such a close range. He’s indeed handsome, and shy, too… Thank you, Rou, for giving us the opportunity to see him.”

A fan tipped her a virtual Porsche…

A fan tipped her a virtual plane…

Instantly, virtual gifts flooded the screen.

“Ha! Don’t tip me; I’m not doing the live stream to make money from you. I’m doing a good deed and showing you guys the daily life of the god-like rich man Su Yu,” Zeng Rou said with a chuckle.

At this moment, An came back in Su Yu’s black Audi A8; getting out of the car, he took out boxes of litchi from the trunk.

There were altogether four small exquisite-looking boxes.

“An, you’re back,” Zeng Rou greeted him as if she was his friend.

“Um… Hello.” An nodded.

“What’s in your arms?”

“They are lychees that President Su’s mother gave to him.”

“Wow! Lychees! My favorite fruit!”

“Um… Would you like to try some?” An felt he was obliged to be polite since the girl had asked.

Besides, he knew girls were all shy and she wouldn’t take his offer.

But he was in for a surprise.

“Okay, okay! Give me two boxes…”

“Um…” An had altogether four boxes and the girl asked for two of them. It was really…

“What? You don’t want to give them to me?” Zeng Rou looked at An.

“No. Not at all. Here you go.”

“Thank you. You’re so kind. I’ll treat you spicy hot pot in the future…” Then she took two boxes of lychees from An.

Feeling awkward, An walked in with the remaining two boxes.

The moment he entered the house, Su Yu asked him with a faint smile, “Very good. You used my stuff to gain favor from a girl. Nicely done.”

Startled, An shivered and almost dropped the boxes onto the floor.



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