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(You are Like a Piece of Gum (3)

“No.” Huo Mian waved her hand with difficulty. She didn’t want to stay here but still hoped Huo Siqian could have the surgery.

Seeing Huo Mian had no intention of leaving, Huo Siqian finally agreed to have the operation.

The surgery was finished in two hours.

Since he wasn’t under a general anesthetic, Huo Siqian was conscious throughout the operation.

Before he was pushed out of the OR, he said to Huo Mian, “Mian, I’m very happy that you decided to stay with me.”

Huo Mian didn’t know what to say to him because he had a distorted personality, no matter if it was himself or Jack.

No one had multiple personality disorder for no reason. They usually experienced an unpleasant childhood which forced another personality to form.

The two personalities were totally different.

For example, a person with a stutter and a cowardly character might have an alternate personality which made him into a psychopathic killer.

A person who loved fun and joking might become a cruel demon.

Huo Siqian wouldn’t have formed the alternate personality Jack for no reason.

Huo Mian began to feel that other than his adopted mother’s mistreatment in his childhood, he had gone through some very unpleasant things when he studied in Germany

After Huo Siqian was pushed out of the OR, Huo Mian walked out of the room with help and saw Gao Ran was waiting for her outside of the door.

“How was his surgery, Huo Mian?”

“He’s out of danger. He’ll be fine except that the wounded ear will have hearing problems. You guys must be more careful with him.”

“Yeah. We were careless this time and didn’t expect that he could use a small stick on the lawn to hurt himself. Anyway, Huo Siqian truly doesn’t care if he lives or not; he went to the extreme.”

“He’s always like this. Anyway, you must be more careful.”

“Okay, we will.”

“Does my husband know about it?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell him while I was busy handling Huo Siqian’s emergency.”

“It’s fine. I’ll tell him later since I’ll be going to GK headquarters in a moment.”

“Okay. You tell him about it. I’ll go back to the bureau; lots of things are waiting for me to handle. I’ll call him tonight.”


Saying goodbye to Gao Ran in the First Hospital, she went back to GK under the escort of her bodyguards and chauffeur.

After telling An to drive Pudding home, Su Yu returned to his office and logged onto Weibo to sent a PM to Zeng Rou.

Su Yu: “Come out.”

Zeng Rou: “What’s up?”

Su Yu: “You don’t have to go to this degree even if you want clout, right? You even dare to call yourself the Woman that Spent the Night with Su Yu? Shame on you!”

Zeng Rou: “I don’t care about my reputation. Why do you care so much?”

Su Yu: “…”

Zeng Rou: “I found you’re quite strange. You’re in the entertainment business and must have seen lots of women hyping themselves, right? If you are not happy, you can sue me and ask your public relations team to send me a lawyer’s letter. As the president of a company, you lower yourself to send me a PM. Do you think it’s fun?”

Su Yu: “Get out of the city now. If you continue the drama, I’ll deal with you, even though my aunt sent you.”

Zeng Rou: “Whoa. Do you think I’m afraid of you? If you are not happy with what I did, why don’t you come and sleep with me?” (TL Note: in Chinese, sleep with someone and come and get me sounds very similar)

Su Yu: “…”

Zeng Rou’s unusual responses always infuriated Su Yu; he just didn’t understand how such an outrageous woman could exist in the world.


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