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(Zhixin Finally Got Engaged (1)

“Pudding… You won’t listen to your mom now?” Huo Mian felt hurt.

“Dad… Please help me.” Pudding glanced at Qin Chu, looking hurt.

Qin Chu turned his head and threw his arm around Huo Mian’s shoulders.

“Honey, listen to me… I already knew that Pudding bought a company.”

“You knew about it? And you didn’t tell me?” Huo Mian looked piqued.

“Calm down and listen to me. Huo Siqian’s company is indeed a shell. Pudding took it over for three reasons. One is that her acquisition will save jobs for many employees; the second is that she feels that since the Huo Corporation bears your name, she is reluctant to see it go down; the third is that Pudding decided to put our mother as the legal representative of the company since Pudding is too young to be the legal representative.”

“Our mother?” Huo Mian frowned slightly.

“My mother-in-law, your mother.”

“My mother? Why?” Huo Mian didn’t understand why Pudding did it.

“Pudding, tell your mom why you used Grandma’s name.” Qin Chu glanced at his daughter meaningfully.

Immediately, Pudding stood up and answered feelingly, “I think the Huo Corporation owes it to my grandma who had been let down by Huo Zhenghai when she was young. I did it to do justice for my grandma.”

Huo Mian was truly happy to hear these words from Pudding.

She was only three years old but could consider so many things; her IQ was obviously much higher than ordinary children.

“Pudding, I know your intentions are good, but you’re still young; how can you manage the company by yourself?”

“I’m not managing it by myself. Dad and Handsome Su can help me.”

“Honey, we said we’d never force the children to learn anything and would support them to study whatever they like. Little Bean hasn’t shown interest in anything yet, but our Pudding is interested in finance. She’s been making money from investing and accumulated lots of funds with her unique eye for stocks. It’s probably the so-called talent. If she likes it, why should we suppress her?”

“But…” Huo Mian was still worried.

“Mom, I won’t do bad things. Don’t worry, I bought the company not only for making money; I truly like managing a company and want to test my abilities.”

“Mian, do you remember how obsessed you were with becoming a doctor?” Qin Chu asked her.

Huo Mian lowered her head, convinced by the father and daughter.

Pudding glanced at her dad gratefully and cupped her hands at him for helping her convince her mom.

Then she continued, “Now that the thing about the company is over, I’ll tell you the second issue.”

“Another issue?” Huo Mian dreaded what was to come.

She was afraid her daughter would say some wild things, such as making a rocket.

She felt she couldn’t manage the kid now.

“Dad…” Pudding looked at Qin Chu again for some help.

“Go ahead. I’m listening.”

“Today I went to Imperial Star and talked about a cooperation project with Handsome Su,” Pudding said cheerfully.

“What cooperation project?” Qin Chu asked.

“I want to invest in a new movie starring a new actress in Handsome Su’s company. I watched her web series and found her acting skills are excellent. I think she’ll become a star.”

“Go on…” Qin Chu took out a packet of cigarettes; he was about to light one when he remembered that his wife was pregnant.

So he put the cigarette back reluctantly.

“I’m fine. I won’t be bothered by the smoke,” Huo Mian said with a smile.

“Mom, don’t flatter yourself. Dad’s afraid the smoke will impact his son, not you…” Pudding smirked.


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