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(Your Daughter Opened Up a Company (2)

“Ahem! It’s not what you think, President Su.”

An almost choked on the drumstick when he scrambled to stand up.

“Su Yu, what are you doing? I invited you to join me and you refused; now you even forbid him to eat with me. Are you jealous?” Zeng Rou was indignant.

“I’m jealous? Ridiculous. Do you think I’d eat this junk food?” Su Yu pointed at the fried chicken and beer and said with dignity.

“President Su, don’t you always eat such food with Pudding and Little Bean? How come it’s junk food now?” An looked like he was wronged.

“Shut up. I’ll deal with you later.” Su Yu glared at An for exposing his lie.

“I thought Young Master Su was just bad-tempered. Now I know he’s also narrow-minded. Hmph…”

“Yeah. I’m narrow-minded. Then why are you still staying here like a piece of chewed gum? Why don’t you get your ass out of here?” Su Yu tried to kick her out.

“Why should I go? I’m not done playing yet. I’m here traveling and camping. Do you have a problem with that?”

“You can camp anywhere, why are you camping in front of my house?” Like a child, Su Yu bickered with Zeng Rou.

“I like An, okay?”

“Pu… Please leave me out of it.” An’s face paled in fright.

Knowing Zeng Rou’s extraordinary background, An knew she was more than he could handle so he had never imagined having a relationship with her.

Besides, he knew Zeng Rou had her eye on Su Yu.

“Good. If you marry our An, I’ll give you ten Lamborghinis as a wedding gift,” Su Yu said generously.

“Who wants your Lamborghinis? Pooh… You think only your Su Family is rich? Look at your arrogant face… Hmph! I don’t want to talk to you. An, let’s continue with our drinking.”

“Um. I can’t. President Su, would you sit with us and drink beer?” An felt the atmosphere was weird.

“I don’t eat junk food, thank you. Go on with your drinking.”

Then, Su Yu turned and entered the house.

“Miss Zeng, my boss seems angry. I’ve got to go and check on him…”

“He’s fine. Don’t worry.” Zeng Rou sounded as if she knew Su Yu well.

In less than five minutes, Su Yu had changed his clothes and came out again.

He opened the garage and drove his car out.

“President Su, where are you going? Let me drive, okay?” An stood up slowly.

Without replying, Su Yu stepped hard on the gas and the car surged out, leaving Zeng Rou and An coughing in the exhaust.

“Hahahaha! Su Yu is so fun. Is he angry?” Zeng Rou laughed wildly, looking nothing like a lady.

“I don’t know if he’s angry or not. But I know I’m in trouble…” An pursed his lips.

“Hey, don’t be afraid. I got your back. Aunt Su, who’s Su Yu’s aunt, likes me very much. Su Yu won’t be too harsh with you.”

“Miss Zeng, you’re an excellent woman, but why do you have to badger President Su like this? He’s pretty upset about it to be honest.” An thought this woman was indeed acting a bit out of line.

“An, now that Su Yu’s not here, I can tell you something.”

“What is it?” An was surprised when he noticed the hidden meaning of her words.

“I heard that he’s loved a woman for years, right?” Zeng Rou suddenly asked in a lowered voice.


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