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(Zhixin Finally Got Engaged (9)

“Bella still thinks that I’m not mature enough so we’re still giving each other some time. I brought up the engagement many times before she finally agreed. The people at GK have been gossiping about our relationship for such a long time. I just think that it’s time to give our relationship a proper title.”

“Yes, not bad. I’m very happy that you’re so thoughtful. You’re really becoming more and more responsible.” Huo Mian laughed.

“Son, did Bella’s family give you any requirements? According to the local tradition, we should give them 88,000 yuan for an engagement. Back when your sister got engaged, the Qin Family gave us a lot. We can’t cheat Bella.”

Yang Meirong had met Bella many times and was very satisfied with the girl.

Although the latter was slightly older than her son, it was her mature attitude that guided Zhixin into becoming a real man.

Plus, even Mian had nothing but great things to say about Bella and that had to count for something.

Bella was a seasoned employee at GK and they were a match made in heaven. After they got together, Zhixin and Bella would handle all sorts of things in and out of the company. When Qin Chu and Huo Mian were out of town, they felt absolutely comfortable passing on the responsibilities to the young couple.

“Mom, Bella’s not with me for the money. Can you not be so old-fashioned?” Zhixin laughed.

“This has nothing to do with being old-fashioned. This is a tradition here… Forget the fact that we’re richer now, we can’t cheat Bella even if we’re poor. Her parents worked hard to raise her! Although you’re not getting married yet, engagement means that she’s willing to marry you.”

“Wow, Mom, you’re so reasonable now.” Zhixin squinted his eyes.

“Go away. Don’t try to talk me up. Mian, what do you think?” Yang Meirong turned to her daughter.

“I’m not opposed to it. Whatever makes them happy. What did Bella say? Did she say how she wanted it?” Huo Mian asked.

“Bella wants it as low-key as possible. She doesn’t want the world to know.”

“That sounds like her style.”

“So, Sis, I want to have a simple ceremony in GK’s hotel. I’ll just invite some people from the company.”

“That’s good.”

“Qin Chu would agree, right?” Zhixin asked.

“You’re brother-in-law has always been generous. It’s just that… shouldn’t we do more for Bella?” Huo Mian said.

“Sis, I bought her a ring that’s one carat. Although it’s not big or fancy, I earned the money with my own hands. I didn’t ask for money from you or Qin Chu. Since I want to have a wife, I have to have the ability to take care of a family. Plus, you and Qin Chu have helped me out too much throughout the years. I can’t keep relying on you. Look at Ni Yang, he’s close to my age but he’s already capable of taking care of such a big family. I also have a lot of responsibilities at work. I can’t act like a petulant, irresponsible child anymore.”

“Oh? My little brother’s all grown up! Not bad, Mr. Jing Zhixin.” Huo Mian looked at her little brother appreciatively.

“Actually, I’ve always been living by the book. I’ve just never done anything too impressive. Honestly, I know that I wouldn’t be able to get into GK without being your younger brother. After your incident, I reflected on a lot of things. I even thought about how I would take care of Mom, Little Bean, and Pudding if something really did happen to you…”

“Don’t say that!” Yang Meirong furrowed her brows.

“Mom, I’m only giving you an example. I learned only recently that Sis had taken care of me so much throughout the years. I can’t let her carry all the weight anymore. I’m a man. I should get my career on track and get married. Then, I can help Sis and Qin Chu even more. I’d be able to handle more work.”

“Not bad. It’s good that you’ve thought of these things. Have you chosen a date for the engagement?” Huo Mian took a sip of the juice and looked at Zhixin and asked.


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