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(You are Like a Piece of Gum (10)

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“I want to use the washroom.”

Su Yu: “…”

An: “…”

“Open the door. I might have eaten something bad and need to use the toilet…”

An looked at Su Yu as if asking for his opinion.

“Open the door,” Su Yu said through his clenched teeth.

An immediately opened the door; Zeng Rou raced upstairs like the wind.

“Come back! There’s a washroom on the first floor,” Su Yu called out.

“The view upstairs is better,” Zeng Rou yelled without looking back.

Su Yu was exasperated. The woman was so pretentious that she had to go to a washroom with good views.

“President Su, you told me to open the door. It’s not my fault…” An said hurriedly, afraid that he would have to shoulder the blame.

Annoyed, Su Yu picked up his cellphone and dialed his aunt’s number.

“Nephew, I’m surprised that you called me.” Su Yumei was happy when she answered the call.

“Aunt, please take the sticky plaster out of here.”

“Sticky plaster? Who is it? The guy named An? I always thought it’s not a good idea for a chauffeur to stay with you in the house; he’d be the third wheel between you and Rou…”

“Aunt, be serious, okay? I meant Zeng Rou.”

“Haha! Rou is super cute, right? I tell you, she’s been naughty since she was little. Her mom told me many funny anecdotes about her, and I thought she was quite like my Yu when he was little.”

“Aunt, she’s not my type. Can you stay out of my love affair? Are you trying to kill me with frustration?” Su Yu couldn’t remain calm.

“You must get to know each other little by little. Don’t be so impatient, okay?”

“I’m afraid I’ll die if I get to know her better.”

“Haha! Don’t exaggerate. Rou’s personality is in fact very good. You’ll find out after you get to know her better…”

“I don’t care. You must get her out of here… as soon as possible…”

“Yu? Hello? Hello…?”

“I’m listening.”

“Hello? What’s wrong with the phone? No signal? Okay, I’ll talk to you later.”

Before Su Yu could reply, his aunt hung up.

No signal? What era was this, who was she trying to fool? Su Yu knew that his aunt did it on purpose.

Even if she was doing it for his sake, it was too much.

Without consulting with him, she had just sent him such an unthinkable woman.

Tossing his cellphone onto the sofa, Su Yu leaned back with a heavy sigh.

“President Su, do you want an Instant Cardio-Reliever Pill?” An asked.

“You should just deliver me to the crematorium.” Su Yu snorted.

An almost burst into laughter since he had never seen his boss so frustrated about someone.

About half an hour later, Zeng Rou walked down slowly from upstairs.

“Su Yu, I have a suggestion for you.”

Su Yu turned his head and ignored her…

“I suggest you block the wifi in your washrooms. My legs went to sleep after playing a few rounds of King of Glory while sitting on the toilet seat…” said Zeng Rou.

“Pu…” An couldn’t suppress his laughter.

Su Yu glanced at her gloomily. “So, you just criticize me after using my washroom?”

“No, I’d feel better if I won. But I lost several rounds in a row. I got a conclusion that I can’t play King of Glory when I sit on the toilet seat because the place is stinky and doesn’t have good Fengshui,” Zeng Rou said with a straight face.

“Hahaha! Miss Zeng, you’re funny.” An had never met such a funny girl before.

“I’ll give you three seconds to get out of my sight.” Su Yu was furious.


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