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(Men Can“t be Shared (1)

“What’s with you guys? You’re all asking me about Su Yu?”

“What, I’m just asking a random question.”

“How is this random? There are no ifs in life and I’m not answering you,” Huo Mian replied vaguely, refusing to delve deeper into the question.

“Fine, fine.”

“It’s getting late. I’m going home.”

“I’ll drive you, Sis.”

“It’s okay, I brought a driver and a bodyguard.”

“Haha, Sis, you are more important than the mayor now…”

“Go away, don’t mock me. I’ll get you a suit for the event.”

“Alright, alright, Vice Director Huo, I’ll leave everything to you.” Zhixin looked at his older sister happily.

Huo Mian smiled. She grabbed her bag, waved goodbye to her mother, and left the house.

– Su Yu’s mansion –

“Zeng Rou…”

“Zeng Rou, get your ass out here,” Su Yu roared in front of the second-floor guest room.

“What?” Zeng Rou opened the door, still half asleep.

“Are these yours?” Su Yu gestured at the pile of underwear in his hand, furious.

“Of course they’re mine. I’m the only female in this house. What? Are you saying that they’re yours?”

“Who told you to leave your underwear on the balcony?”

“Where else am I supposed to hang them? Don’t you know that the sunlight kills germs?”

“You know how many paparazzi are surrounding my house and you’re still doing this. Don’t you know how this looks to others?”

“But we’re pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Who cares about what they say?”

“But you didn’t have to do something this disgusting.”

“I’m just drying my underwear. How is that disgusting? Do you wear your underwear directly after you wash them?” Zeng Rou clapped back.

Su Yu: “…”

“Or are you so rich that you never wash your underwear? Maybe you throw them away after you’re done with them? One per day? You never need to wash them?”

“What… the hell are you talking about?”

“What? That’s the truth. I’m not bothering you anymore. Could you please stop bothering me? Seriously, if you weren’t part of the Su Family, you would’ve been beaten up a long, long time ago!”

Su Yu: “…”

“An’s even better than you.” With that, Zeng Rou slammed the door.

“Hey! This woman…” Su Yu was just about to go off… when An chimed in.

“President Su, we need to leave now. Otherwise, we’ll be late.”

“Oh, you’re just in time! You’re here to help that vile woman out, aren’t you? Are you guys involved or something?” Su Yu looked at An.

“Boss, what did I do? I know you lost an argument against her but you can’t take it out on me.” An pouted.

Huffing and puffing, Su Yu left his house and went directly into his car.

“President Su, you’re going to Miss Huo’s brother’s engagement party, right?”

“Engagement party? Whose?” Su Yu was completely out of the loop.

“Huo Mian’s little brother, Mr. Jing Zhixin’s engagement party.”

“Zhixin’s getting married?”

“You didn’t know?” An looked at Su Yu, amazed.

“How am I supposed to know?”

“I saw it on his Wechat page.”

“When did you get his Wechat?” Su Yu was dumbfounded.

“Ugh… a long, long time ago.”

“Let me see.” Before An was done speaking, Su Yu grabbed his phone from his hand.

Sure enough, under Zhixin’s page…

Zhixin’s newest status was a picture of him and Bella, sweet as could be.

The caption said, “Our engagement party will be held next weekend at the GK headquarters’ hotel. Please join us and have a drink!”

“Wow, that kid is so low-key?”

“I thought you knew…” An said.

“Huo Mian didn’t tell me… that damned girl…” Su Yu was suddenly mad at Huo Mian.

“Maybe she wasn’t planning on inviting you,” An teased his boss.



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