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(You are Like a Piece of Gum (2)

“The subscriber you dialed cannot be connected at the moment…”

Hearing the mechanical female voice, Qin Chu was alarmed, afraid his pregnant wife got into trouble again.

He called Huo Mian’s chauffeur.

“Hello, President Qin.”

“Where’s my wife?”

“She let us escort her to the First Hospital. She’s now in the hospital and we’re waiting for her at the entrance.”

“First Hospital?” Qin Chu frowned, wondering why Mian went there.


“How long has she been in there?”

“Less than twenty minutes. Don’t worry, President Qin. The bodyguards went in there with her; she is fine.”

“Okay. I got it.”

Hearing that the bodyguards were with her, Qin Chu relaxed a bit.

Gao Ran was busy sending Huo Siqian to the emergency room in the First Hospital and forgot to call Qin Chu.

Dressed in scrubs, Huo Mian walked into the OR with the help of a young nurse.

“Vice Director, please walk slowly; it’s a bit slippery here.”

“I’m fine.”

Besides doctors and nurses, Gao Ren’s subordinates were also in the OR, just in case Huo Siqian played some tricks in here.

Huo Mian walked over slowly and saw Huo Siqan who had changed clothes but still refused to do the surgery.

“You’re finally here…” Seeing Huo Mian, Huo Siqian revealed a rare childlike smile.

“What are you doing?” Huo Mian was angry but had other unnamed feelings inside at the same time.

“I wanted to see you. I know… you won’t agree with my terms because you love Qin Chu and don’t want to displease him. I know you won’t come to see me once a month…”

Receiving no response from Huo Mian, he had guessed she wouldn’t agree to his proposal.

“What then? Qin Chu’s my husband; of course, I love him and care for his feelings. Huo Siqian, who do you think you are? You have no right to say this to me. You’re a nobody to me; why should I make you happy?” Huo Mian rarely lost her temper.

Every time she lost her control, it was because of Huo Siqian…

“I don’t blame you. Mian, no matter what you do to me, I’ve never blamed you.”

“What right do you have to blame me? All these years, you’ve been hurting me and my family…” Huo Mian said angrily.

“Vice Director, we need to do surgery on the patient now. We can’t delay anymore,” the doctor reminded Huo Mian.

Huo Mian suppressed her anger; for a moment, she thought selfishly that it would be better for Huo Siqian to die here, so he would never make trouble for her.

But she knew Qin Chu kept him alive for a purpose.

She inhaled deeply and walked over, looking at him coldly.

“I’m here. Can you have the surgery now?”

“Mian, can you stay here until the end of the surgery?”

“You… Huo Siqian, you’re asking too much…” Huo Mian frowned.

“It’s a small request. I know… I’ll be locked up after the surgery and you won’t come to see me.”

“We’ll talk about it after the surgery.”

“Please don’t go. This is my only request. Mian, please…”

As more blood oozed out from his ear, Huo Mian began to feel sick.

She turned her head and retched; probably due to her pregnancy, she couldn’t bear to see this sight.

“Vice Director, are you okay? Do you want to go out and rest for a while?” The young nurse immediately handed her a glass of water.


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